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Mother Sekhmet Telecall - June 18, 2009

Mother Sekhmet Telecall – June 18, 2009

Mother’s Call
June 18, 2009

Transcribed by Your Transcription Team
Shirley, Jan, Annie and Jules
Edited by Andrew McManus

Part 1: Roundtable with the GRT
Cindy: Not long ago, Mark Huber made a reference to David Miller and his work with the Arcturians – I highly recommend that.  Many years ago in Sedona, I saw David’s photograph in […]

Mother Sekhmet Telecall - May 28, 2009

Mother Sekhmet Telecall – May 28, 2009

MOTHER SEKHMET’s Call, May 28, 2009
By your Transcription Team Patricia, Shirley, Annie, Jan, Katie and Jules
Edited by: Andrew McManus
Part 1: Mother Sekhmet’s Briefing
Mother – Greetings Wondrous Beings of Light, Love, Peace and Joy.
Indeed the joy is coming in with the reality of what is unfolding on your planet, the message of Cary Park. This is […]

Amazing Pyramids of Modern Times...

Amazing Pyramids of Modern Times…

Amazing Pyramids of Modern Times
croll down for a mesmerizing photo tour of some of the most amazing modern built pyramids. There seems to be an incredible influx of new structures being constructed in recent years across Europe, Japan, Russia and North America. The Golden Age of Atlantis is rising.  Enjoy !

And the greatest of all…the […]

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