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Chemtrails Predict Peace?

Chemtrails Predict Peace?

Is even the “negative” technology that was supposed to be used against us, showing us something positive?

Mother Sekhmet Telecall - June 18, 2009

Mother Sekhmet Telecall – June 18, 2009

Mother’s Call
June 18, 2009

Transcribed by Your Transcription Team
Shirley, Jan, Annie and Jules
Edited by Andrew McManus

Part 1: Roundtable with the GRT
Cindy: Not long ago, Mark Huber made a reference to David Miller and his work with the Arcturians – I highly recommend that.  Many years ago in Sedona, I saw David’s photograph in […]

Mark on Ascension Clearing and Hillary

Mark on Ascension Clearing and Hillary

[The question for Mark was.  “You said: “Ones in 3-D levels that are not ready or spiritually prepared to do theascension clearing will be sent to what appears to be a continuation of things as they now exist on another mirror/alternative planet of old-Earth nature and will not be coming to Terra Nova”.
My question is: […]

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