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Jellyfish Crop Circle & Comic...

Jellyfish Crop Circle & Comic…

I just thought this was an interesting touch, as one of the comics that I read had a little blurb on the “intelligence” of jellyfish – all within 24 hours of that wondrous jellyfish crop circle at Waylands Smithy in the United Kingdom.
More pictures of this awesome crop circle can be found HERE.
The crop circle […]

Canadian Cabinet Minister & CRA Agents Arrested...

Canadian Cabinet Minister & CRA Agents Arrested…

Could this be the start of arrests?  Maybe these guys were part of the 75,000 indictments???
Former N.L. minister Byrne sentenced to 2-year jail term
Ed Byrne, a disgraced former Newfoundland and Labrador cabinet minister, was sentenced Friday to jail over a fraud case that has rocked provincial politics for almost three years.
Judge Mark Pike sentenced Byrne, […]

Rihanna - A cosmic black eye??

Rihanna – A cosmic black eye??

Ok.  I just have to get this off of my chest as it has been eating at me since I first saw Rihanna’s face on the news  a couple weeks back purported to have been beaten by her music artist boyfriend Chris Brown.
** The information that helped me garner my opinion for this piece was […]

A Lavender scarf and matching tie??

A Lavender scarf and matching tie??

I was watching Obama speak today on CNN during the question and answer session at the closing of the Fiscal Responsibility Summit.  I noticed that a gentleman stood up an talked with Obama and he was wearing a purple tie and a matching purple scarf! (Actually, my TV showed it as pinkish but I […]

Similar meteors falling out of the skies!

Similar meteors falling out of the skies!

Check out these links. These show THREE “meteors” that have just happened to come into our atmosphere.  Imagine the odds of a three meteors hitting the Earth three months apart, about the same size and speed, and all caught on camera!  Incredibly low!
And the craziest thing?  THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE.
The first was in Edmonton […]

DOW at 7,888.88 - Synchronicity!

DOW at 7,888.88 – Synchronicity!

So the Senate passes the Economic Stimulus Package by a vote of 61-37, as noted on CNN HERE.
As much as everyone decides to throw their arms up and complain about it, I think the biggest thing that people should have noticed would be the fact of how the DOW ended up today.

Man.  Could you put […]

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