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Mark: UPDATE - May 22, 2009

Mark: UPDATE – May 22, 2009

Well, today started out like any other ’22’ day…calling for balance, alertness and groundedness.
As Rama was out talking to various ones several interesting events were starting to unfold.
On the big picture scene, most of you heard or heard about Obama’s speech on the Rule of Law and how Dick Cheney twisted that around, using Alberto […]

Mark: UPDATE & Comment on Fulford Post...

Mark: UPDATE & Comment on Fulford Post…

Update News: First, do not take all that is said below as ‘new’. In fact the first item is correct and things have changed, radically, as the Committee of 300 is now a ‘phantom regiment’ and most if not all the Old Dragons have been removed.
Mother specifically stated that David Rockyfeller is ‘nowhere on the […]



[Mark is responding to a person who has sent in a chart of judges on the International Court of Justice at The Hague, asking when Lady Master Nada’s name will appear.]
Just as with all secret organizations and organizational charts, the real story is what isn’t shown.
The top departments and agencies are not shown on […]

Mark Donation UPDATE - April 19, 2009

Mark Donation UPDATE – April 19, 2009

Tony, Please update the graph with the following:
Cumulative Net Total, from paypal and snail mail, through 7PM 4/19/09=$6112.88, and we are well on the way to reach our goal of $9999 by May 15th, which is about the time Rama will need to head South of the Border to take his next corrective dental step.
So […]

Mark: UPDATE and on Messages from Matthew...

Mark: UPDATE and on Messages from Matthew…

“Many civilizations’ evolutionary journey from third to fourth density spans thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of your calendar years. Earth’s starting point was only 70 years ago, and the myriad changes since then that are propelling her into fourth[& 5th] density will be completed by the end of your year [MarkH: 2009–] 2012. With everything […]

Mark UPDATE: Notes On Obama's Activities

Mark UPDATE: Notes On Obama’s Activities

April 5, 2009
The ‘exact’ transcripts are not available. They did play the first one on CNN at 11AM today. Obama gave a long speech in Prague on nuclear stockpile reductions by all holders of these and detailed the importance of this and non-proliferation of those weapons to all the nations on the planet.
Near the end […]

Mark Huber Teleconference - March 31, 2009

Mark Huber Teleconference – March 31, 2009

Mark Huber’s Teleconference
31 March 2009
Deborah: Welcome everybody.  I just want to introduce Mark briefly.  Mark Huber is a retired Naval Intelligence Commander who acts as a conduit for Faction 3 Intelligence.  Faction 3 in its widest context is the Galactic Federation, the Spiritual Hierarchy and their Earth Allies.
Most other commentators take their information from […]

Mark: UPDATE - March 13, 2009

Mark: UPDATE – March 13, 2009

Because we are getting very close to actions that can not be missed–starting with yesterday and continuing today’s roundup of top worldwide bankers by earth/galactic forces–you might get a sense of the speedup by scanning these messages.
Tuesday night’s message from Ashtar-on-the-Road was filled with details/actions and caused a collective Yippeee! from all of us!
Dennis Kucinich […]

Mark: UPDATE - March 10, 2009

Mark: UPDATE – March 10, 2009

There are many actions underway as the result of very important meetings over the weekend in Washington, D.C. We waited to post this update until we received confirmation that the actions are taking place, worldwide.
The Stock Market/Big Banks are in 300 Point Rally mode today after Ben Bernanke–who is actually in jail in the Hague–said […]

Mark UPDATE & info on no market close at 7200...

Mark UPDATE & info on no market close at 7200…

I’m back from vacation and actions can now resume. (Attempt at humor)
Rama received a call in the last half-hour from an unimpeachable senior US Treasury official who we’ve known for many years.
She said: “The worldwide stock markets are being taken down, now! They will be allowed to fall to 5000 and possibly a bit lower.
We […]

UPDATE: Mark on the DOW and Karl Rove...

UPDATE: Mark on the DOW and Karl Rove…

As you may or may not know, two things are happening as of late:
1.  The markets were to be shut down when the DOW dropped below 7200.  The market closed at 7,114.78.
2.  Karl Rove was supposed to appear before the House Judiciary committee to testify about the US Attorney firings.  This would open up all […]

Mark February 20th update...

Mark February 20th update…

1.  Have you anything to add to what Mother Sekhmet said last night in view of the number of things that are happening?

On balance, I suspect that they will opt to prop up the market tomorrow and then see how Rove’s testimony goes on Monday.
He is as slippery an eel as has ever been grasped…only […]

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