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Mark on Obama's Second 100 Days...

Mark on Obama’s Second 100 Days…

Thank you for today’s conference call. Everything is becoming more and more amazing and very quickly!
I have been asked many times now, and I wonder myself, about the three phases of the Nesara announcement that began on October 1, 2008. It was said that the final phase was to end after Obama’s second 100 days […]

Obama W.H. Correspondent's Speech w/ Important Notes

Obama W.H. Correspondent’s Speech w/ Important Notes

It sounds like Obama just told us that just about EVERYTHING is going to happen in the 72 days following May 9, 2009.

Below you will find video of Obama’s White House Correspondent’s speech on May 9, 2009.  Next is VERY important information off Mark’s telecall (CLICK […]

Mark on Obama's W.H. Correspondent's Speech

Mark on Obama’s W.H. Correspondent’s Speech

[The question for Mark was.  ” I am somewhat connected to Archangel Metatron, and I had a vision where he met St. Germain, in the White House, and I guess Germain just finished talking to him, and Metatron shook Obama’s hand after a salutation, and then Metatron said: “you have 15 days.” So, naturally, I […]

Mark UPDATE: Notes On Obama's Activities

Mark UPDATE: Notes On Obama’s Activities

April 5, 2009
The ‘exact’ transcripts are not available. They did play the first one on CNN at 11AM today. Obama gave a long speech in Prague on nuclear stockpile reductions by all holders of these and detailed the importance of this and non-proliferation of those weapons to all the nations on the planet.
Near the end […]

Mark on Origins of Michelle Obama

Mark on Origins of Michelle Obama

Could you shed some light on Michelle Obama?  Is she a Sirian also or is she as enlightened as President Obama?  Is she aware of who her husband is?
Thank you,
Dear XXX,
Michelle is Barack’s Twin Flame. She came originally from America and was a Moor.
I originally came from Pleiades and landed during Lemuria. I was a […]

Mark on Alex Jones' "The Obama Deception"...

Mark on Alex Jones’ “The Obama Deception”…

Hi my name is XXX, I became a member of the Galatic Roundtable recently.  I have been on most of their calls. With Tara and Rama, (not sure about the spelling of his name, very sorry) On their call tonight, 3-13-09, Rama said that Alex Jones had to do a certain of this.  I think […]

Mark: UPDATE - March 10, 2009

Mark: UPDATE – March 10, 2009

There are many actions underway as the result of very important meetings over the weekend in Washington, D.C. We waited to post this update until we received confirmation that the actions are taking place, worldwide.
The Stock Market/Big Banks are in 300 Point Rally mode today after Ben Bernanke–who is actually in jail in the Hague–said […]

Mark: Success so far in the US Financial Battle...

Mark: Success so far in the US Financial Battle…

Can you described the concerted effort that is being used to drive the  criminal elements out of the American financial sector at the present time. How is the battle being fought?  What has been the success realized so far?
There are many levels and layers of toxins and activities, especially involved with the financial system. There […]

Mark on Obama & NWO dis-info & Afghanistan troops

Mark on Obama & NWO dis-info & Afghanistan troops

Here are a couple of questions for Mark in regards to the dis-information that is all over the internet and media about Obama and his ties to the NWO.  The second question is in regards to why Obama is sending troops to Afghanistan when he’s supposed to be stopping war.
1.  Would you please give me […]

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