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Mark on Obama's Decision to Send More Troops to Afghanistan

Mark on Obama’s Decision to Send More Troops to Afghanistan

Mother said on a conference call that President Obama would not send any more troops to Afghanastan. He did. Please clarify.
Thank you.
Mark’s Answer:
These ones are not scheduled to go until Christmas which is still 24 days away. While we cannot say absolutely, we do have internal advice that ‘other’ actions, between now and then, may […]

Mark on Why Chemtrails are Still Being Seeded

Mark on Why Chemtrails are Still Being Seeded

Question:  If so many of ‘the dark ones’ have left the bldg., then who is still continuously spraying the chemtrails?
Answer: Even though the ‘souls’ are gone, the vehicles still have all their programs and memories running and are unaware of their change in status. Like an old movie you have in a can and then–after […]

Mark on Alex Jones' "The Obama Deception"...

Mark on Alex Jones’ “The Obama Deception”…

Hi my name is XXX, I became a member of the Galatic Roundtable recently.  I have been on most of their calls. With Tara and Rama, (not sure about the spelling of his name, very sorry) On their call tonight, 3-13-09, Rama said that Alex Jones had to do a certain of this.  I think […]

Mark on dis-info RE: Palestinians...

Mark on dis-info RE: Palestinians…

A question asked to Mark today about some dis-info on Palestinians coming to the US.
Can you validate this in any way, yay or nay?  perhaps through Mother Sekhmet or Marks messages of late. This notice is circulating about Obama. Thank you, XXX.
News Obama OKs Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians to Resettle in the United States
President […]

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