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Question for Mark: "Amiable Contact Project". Deception?

Question for Mark: “Amiable Contact Project”. Deception?

Mark:  The most obvious errors involved:  The Sequential Order of events.
TRUE Sequential Order Facts:
Arrests, Decloaking of Ships, NESARA’s Enactment and…7-10 days later…Landings. The ‘sources wanting this project’ have been known disinformation agents for many years. Their objective is to identify and co-opt as many of us as possible. They also wish to stay out […]

Mark on Fulford June 25, 2009 Post

Mark on Fulford June 25, 2009 Post

[The question for Mark was.  “I just received this today.
I was wondering if you would ask Mark what he makes of this, as he has said that the GF sees Obama in for the duration.
Is this some kind of subterfuge by the dark side, or is there actually something going on behind the scenes we […]

Mark on Channels and the Times

Mark on Channels and the Times

I was a little taken aback when I read Tara’s comments about Sheldon Nidle during yesterdays conference call. They were surprisingly stern.
But then today I read Sheldon’s channeling from “April 14th” and I was dumbstruck by the following comments he made.
Excerpts as follows:
“This uncertainty is delaying the deliveries and causing some frustration among our delivery […]

Mark: No Calamity Today, Tomorrow, or Ever

Mark: No Calamity Today, Tomorrow, or Ever

Apparently Dr. Dan Burisch, through Project Camelot, has become worried that a date of catastrophe is at hand. His information comes from his private diary recordings of conversations with Chi’e’lah, a human-lineage extraterrestrial whom Dan cared for as part of his work with Majestic-12. The conversations were in symbols which Dan has only recently deciphered.
Mark […]

Mark: UPDATE - March 10, 2009

Mark: UPDATE – March 10, 2009

There are many actions underway as the result of very important meetings over the weekend in Washington, D.C. We waited to post this update until we received confirmation that the actions are taking place, worldwide.
The Stock Market/Big Banks are in 300 Point Rally mode today after Ben Bernanke–who is actually in jail in the Hague–said […]

Mark on dis-info RE: Palestinians...

Mark on dis-info RE: Palestinians…

A question asked to Mark today about some dis-info on Palestinians coming to the US.
Can you validate this in any way, yay or nay?  perhaps through Mother Sekhmet or Marks messages of late. This notice is circulating about Obama. Thank you, XXX.
News Obama OKs Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians to Resettle in the United States
President […]

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