Greetings from WelcomeTheLight.com!

I’ve had some recent inquiries about who I am – you know, the guy running WelcomeTheLight.com (WTL).  So I thought I would give a little rundown on who I am (below) and why I’ve put WTL together.

The first reason I have put this blogsite together is to bring you information on our Ascension into the Golden Age, 2012, NESARA (click HERE to read what NESARA is), channels, and spiritual information.   The second reason is to tie all of this ethereal information into actual 3D mainstream media (MSM) news articles.  I am finding that people want to have PROOF of the things that channels talk about – and that’s why I post a lot of MSM articles on here that tie the two together.

My name is Tony and I’m a 38 year old, dog-loving Canadian.   I love to sit in coffee shops, do crosswords, and visit with friends.

I am a warrior Indigo starseed.  I feel that I’m here on Earth at this time to help bring information forward to people that have awoken or are on their way to waking up.  Along with being a starseed, I have also delved deeply into many aspects of 3D life – spending thousands of hours researching the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Canada, birth certificates and “persons”, the Illuminati and Rockefeller factions, reasoning behind wars, and many other topics.  My warrior personality has led me to physically file paperwork into the system, with results.  Unfortunately, the battle with the system goes both ways.

That warrior drive has been strong and I feel that I only have a foot left in the Old Earth as I crest into the New Earth.  Fitting in the Old Earth is getting more difficult for me.  I don’t have a lot of people that I can discuss the things that I post on this site, so I enjoy spending my time updating it for people like you to read.

I hope that you enjoy your time reading the site and I thank you for stopping by.

Much love, Tony.


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