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The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure: Antonio Huneeus

April 2, 2013

This is part of an on-going series that is going to highlight the witnesses that are going to be speaking at The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure being held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC from April 29 to May 3, 2013. More information can be found on their website at

As you will see, these are not just any witnesses – these are high level officials that are risking life and limb to bring forth disclosure.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure will attempt to accomplish what the U. S. Congress has failed to do for forty-five years – seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time.

The main ballroom of the National Press Club will be configured to resemble a Senate hearing room. There will be press areas, an audience area, witness tables and committee tables.

The Hearing committee will be composed of former members of the United States Congress. They will conduct themselves in the same manner as when they sat in committee during their tenure in Congress. To the extent possible the protocols for congressional hearings will be followed. Committee members will receive written statements from witnesses, hear oral statements and ask whatever questions they wish about the subject matter at hand.

Antonio Huneeus

ahuneeusAntonio Huneeus is a Chilean-American science journalist and internationally known researcher of extraterrestrial-related phenomena. When Laurance S. Rockefeller commissioned Marie Galbraith and Sandra S. Wright to assemble a report on the best evidence for UFOs to send members of Congress and selected VIPs worldwide in the mid-90s, Huneeus was one of the co-authors (with Don Berliner and M. Galbraith). This report was published as a Dell paperback under the title of UFO Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence.

He has covered the field from an international perspective as a science journalist, investigator and lecturer during the past 24 years. His articles have appeared in a variety of newspapers, magazines and journals in the Americas, Europe and Japan. These include Fate Magazine, The Anomalist, and the New York City Tribune in the US; the magazines Mo Cero and Mundo Desconocido in Spain; Phenomena in France; Magazine 2000 in Germany; Planeta in Brazil; Cuarta Dimension in Argentina; Borderland and Super Science in Japan; the newspapers La Tercera and La Segunda in Chile, El Tiempo in Colombia; Anomalia in Russia; Notiziario UFO in Italy; UFO Magazine in Hungary and other specialized publications around the world.

He edited the anthology A Study Guide to UFOs, Psychic and Paranormal Phenomena in the USSR; was consultant and producer for a LaserActive disc in Japan, UFO & ET, produced for Pioneer Electronic by the Tokyo company Studio Garage in 1995; author of the 1998 and 1999 UFO Calendar (NY: Stewart, Tabori & Chang); one of several essayists in the book Of Heaven and Earth, edited by Zecharia Sitchin (The Book Tree, 1996, published also in Germany); and commentator for the DVD Ultimate UFO! – The Complete Evidence (Central Park Media, 2000).

Huneeus has lectured at dozens of conferences in the Americas, Europe and Asia during the past 18 years, including the USA, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Japan and South Korea. He received the “Ufologist of the Year” award at the National UFO Conference in Miami Beach in 1990; the 1991 annual award of the New York Fortean Society; and the In Memoriam Colman S. von Keviczky medal (international category) in 2000, awarded by UFO Magazine in Budapest, Hungary. He has served for many years as International Coordinator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

In addition to his UFO endeavors, Huneeus worked for many years as a science journalist with emphasis in space-related issues and also the environment. He was science editor for the weekly magazine Que Pasa in Santiago, Chile in the 1970s and wrote a weekly science column in the 1980s for the New York City Tribune and the Hispanic New York daily Noticias del Mundo.

He was born in 1950 in New York, the son of a Chilean diplomat and United Nations official. He studied French language and civilization at the Sorbonne University in Paris in 1970, Journalism at the University of Chile in Santiago in 1972-73, and Communications Theory at the Catholic University in Santiago in 1974. He is fully fluent in Spanish, French and English.

Published Books

UFO Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence (Dell, 1995)
A Study Guide to UFOs, Psychic and Paranormal Phenomena in the USSR (Abelard Publications, 1991)


Find Antonio Huneeus on The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure’s website here:

For a list of all the witnesses at The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, please click here:


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