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What Is Going On? Information From Beth Trutwin…

November 21, 2011

Greetings Everybody!

What on Earth is going on?

We may look at the Cosmos for an explanation of current Events.

We may now expect to see vast changes sweep our Globe. These changes will be a reply to those out on the Streets crying for Freedom. It will be a reply for the Rothschild Faction bankrupting the nations of Europe. It will be a reply to the Rockefeller Faction bankrupting the Earths largest banks through corrupt United States government leaders. Not every one is corrupt, a small number, around 50, working with President Obama are working to overcome the controlling few. No one person can do it alone.

The United States Secret Government with European counterparts in Germany, Italy, England and France control the economies of Africa, China, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Afghanistan, eastern Russia, the Middle East and India. The Vatican Bank controls the economies of the Americas including the United States, the West Indies, Brazil, El Salvador, Haiti, Peru, Chile and Guatemala. International governing bodies such as the Organization of American States and the United Nations are funded by the Vatican and US State Department (through Secret Government and not this President) working jointly to control the laws of native peoples located in their aboriginal homelands. I have spoken to Hugo Chavez at such a meeting where I worked on a Caucus creating a law in January of 2011. I have names and video tape proving this is our reality. Economically we are living on Earth as a Slave Planet.

We have lost our ability to understand the knowledge which will set us free. We no longer hear with ears which hear the Cosmic Calling pulsing out unconditional love. We no longer see with eyes which see the changes happening in nature. It is changing our internal nature. We are changed. If we wish to survive the changes we cannot run around blind and deaf to the vast Cosmos. We must tune in to the Cosmic changes.

When we point our telescopes out to surrounding Galaxies we see microwave light transmissions which surround local Galaxies. We live in the Milky Way Galaxy and our nearest neighbor is the Andromedan Galaxy. There are billions upon billions of Galaxies in our local Universe called Nebadon. There are seven Dark Matter Universes and beyond are infinite numbers of Light Matter Universes. These make up manifest (dark matter) and unmanifest (light matter) infinite Cosmos. Each one of these is made incarnate through Source Energy. Source Energy is the origin of all the Cosmos and it is what animates each one of our bodies: Multiversal, Universal, Galactic, Planetary and even our human bodies. Each is governed by energy and this energy comes from Source. In our local Solar System our Sun called Sol distills this energy through the bubble in the center of the Sun. Sol is a vast StarGate through which Motherships enter one side of the Sun and exit a wormhole on the other side of the Universe. Sol distills Source Energy and it comes to Earth as Cosmic Rays or ions. This is also called Space Dust and it contains ions of gold of which our bodies rely. Our subtle bodies, the energetic bodies surrounding our physical body rely on gold space dust to receive the Source Energy which animates our incarnated soul into the physical body which is borrowed for a short period of time, usually around 100 years. Yogis have extended this by thousands of years by eating soma. Soma is a Planet born in moon light and lives in certain rare places on Earth. You may have talked to someone on Earth or seen them on a video, not knowing they are thousands of years old. They lie down their physical body at will because they have learned the techniques which make death of the body their will, not nature’s will.

These microwave light transmissions seen on telescopes is the evidence scientists use to prove the Divine Blueprint of energetic systems is real. We can actually see the energetic wheels in the Galaxy which make up the Galactic Chakra System. Just as when our body moves when we walk and our chakra system moves with it, the Galactic Chakra system is also in constant motion.

We have seen evidence in the past month of the Cosmic changes. We had the Star Map called the Mayan Calendar end its cycles of change. The Underworld is the Conscious Egoic Mind which holds us in bondage to external programming. This marks an end to duality when the human awake conscious egoic mind controls our actions. October 28th 2011 marked the time in the Cosmic Alignment when human sleeping superconsciousness takes over. Each morning we are moved to arouse with the light when the space dust can filter to our bodies keeping us alive. Each night when dark comes we are called to retreat to sleep. Our dream body, or Avatar body is then projected to another dimension in space time where our superconscious is in charge of our movements. About one month ago, Earth time, this all changed. We are now working with our superconscious mind in our waking hours. Our ego mind has taken the back seat, it has in essence been dissolved. The effect is more for some than others. Only through devout effort to Self is the ego able to be fully dissolved. As of about one month ago it became easier than ever before. This was due to the Cosmic Alignment changes in the Galactic Chakra System alignment.

All of these changes amped up the cosmic energy causing greater amplitudes of pulsations which are emitted from Source Energy and ultimately make it to our human bodies. We have seen this in the macrocosmic form of the Sun Solar Flares which have been hundreds of times larger and much more frequent than normal. There was one such flare on 11.11.11 which was the largest seen since 2005. This flare is a gigantic pulse from Source Energy so big it cause the sun to ejaculate enormous amounts of light particles which are both matter and waves creating electromagnetic storms on Earth. This happened, by no mistake at the same time as the triple portal opening energizing the crystalline core of Earth. Around the same time we saw a very large chunk of meteorite flying very close tot he Earth and this is a definitive sign of the times.

We are One Individual which through these energetic changes, is reuniting with the One Source Energy. We enter Unity Consciousness. We are seeing this manifest as cries for Freedom in the streets in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America and North America combined. About half of the Countries around the World have come out on to the streets in their local area to demonstrate their dissatisfaction that 1% of Earths population controls the other 99%. The demographics of these groups range in age and background and represent all sub groups on the Planet. Our collective DNA, or basic cellular structure can no longer live with this level of darkness. It is inevitable that this timeline will dissolve and we will Co-Create New Earth. Some will stay on for New Earth and some will simply project their physicality to other places in a denser dimensional existence of Earth. This is a cycle of millions of years coming to an end and this dissolution and new creation is Universal Law for our existence here. It has been so since the beginning and goes back hundreds of trillions of Earth time years.

What we are not able to see is the Galactic influence assisting us with these changes. There are yogis living in the caves of the Himalayan mountains who are ageless and have remained in their physical bodies thousands of years preparing for this timeline dissolution. They are here on Earth and have been since before you incarnated. They blessed your birth knowing you would be the one reading this and you would be the one they have devoted their lifetime to. You are a fully awake Human Galactic Being who is working to dissolve their ego mind and understand the knowledge which will set Earth free from control by the 1% of souls motivated by darkness. It is with the high energetic pulses from Source Energy now that we are able to plainly see shadow forms, impure motivations and obvious manipulations by the few. They still focus millions of dollars perpetuating stories in Murdoch owned sites, videos and papers designed to fool your ego. If you are fooled you are essentially dark. They have won your soul. As you develop your inner knowledge and refuse to discern lies as truth you come into the light. It is your choice. There are no sheriffs or revolution or mideast golden coins or even one  President that can save you from the darkness. The only thing that can save you is freeing of Awareness and a raising of your Collective Consciousness.  There are many forms of collective consciousness. Any time you relate to a group, be it woman, man, old, young, part of a religious group, an area, a Country or Earth Citizen, then you are part of THAT collective consciousness. You are bound by the karmic ties to that consciousness. If you are American you are bound by all of the atrocities committed in the name of your country. If you are Christian you are bound by the karma of the group which your Awareness identifies your soul with and you are responsible as part of the collective which caused so many atrocities. As we prosecute the Pope we not only prosecute Catholics and Christians but anyone who was ever identified with the manipulations of the teachings of the one known as Jesus around 2000 years ago on timeline Earth. This is how we balance the karma and break free from duality and enter Unity Consciousness. We do it with unconditional love for All That Is.

There are millions of Galactic Humans who have walked-in to bodies on Earth as the incarnate Soul stepped away and in an agreement allowed a Higher Soul to animate this Earth Avatar allowing millions of Galactic Humans with full Divine adept capabilities far exceeding Earth standards to be alive on Earth to assist in the end of this timeline. This is the only way the dissolution could take place. No extraterrestrial from outside Earth realm, no god or goddess, no angelic being, no individual in the entire Cosmos is allowed to intervene in Earth matters. Only those living in the physical on Earth, and certain select souls have incarnated here now to accomplish this. These Human Galactics are fully aware of each other and are in constant telepathic communication with one other as they coordinate their Missions. Their Mission is to work within the confines of the laws on Earth with their Galactic knowledge and superhuman capabilities to change things in spite of the programmed egoic minds populating Earth now. Their souls know they are the 99% and their minds are not developed enough to have an understanding on how to change it. We change it with our hearts. We change it with love.

These millions of Galactic Humans are working together to plan the changes needed and they are looking for Day Forces to work with them on New Earth. They want to recruit you to work with them together in an alliance with the Highest Forces of Light stationed here in this Universe and beyond. As long as you yo-yo back and forth from knowing you are a Divine Creator to thinking you are the 99% then you will remain in darkness. You are a Himan Galactic charged with the Mission to change all of it. You are not the victimized 99%. You have a choice now to rise up out of ego and become your highest self. There are simple techniques you may use to elevate your consciousness permanently to that above ego mind. You will never slip down to doubting yourself again once you commit to daily practicing these simple techniques. There are ways to employ which will have you living in joy, in excitement, not judging anything and always filled to the brim with love. It will empower you to help others in every step of your life. I have brought the knowledge from the Galactics to share with you. I have done this as my Mission working with the Divine Feminine forces who are spearheading the changes on Earth. They cannot do this alone. The Divine Masculine forces work in complete balance with them, but it is the Feminine Spirit which will be ignited within you to pull you up from the density which controls you into the light permanently. This will free your Awareness and will effect every person you come into contact with. It will effect your spouse, your children, family, co-workers and friends as well as strangers on the street. It will spread and many will be influenced by your positive impact.

I will release a youtube video describing more about the Jedi Training I am offering those who have prepared and have earned their place in class. This is a deep inner knowing, a calling from your highest self to awaken the knowledge within. I will release the youtube on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011. The 23rd of every month is the most powerful day that month due to the numerology and alchemy of two combined with three making change. This November 23rd your Highest Self will be communicating Higher Knowledge to you on this high energy day. Will you be there to take heed? This 11.23.11 Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius inviting you to examine all those things in your life which need clearing so your ego mind may be finally and completely dissolved. The retrograde slows communications so you have the time to go inside and develop those parts of you which need light shed on them. Within hours of this we enter a Sagittarius partial solar eclipse trine Uranus and a Grand trine of Mars, Jupiter and  Pluto. What does it mean? The Cosmic Bodies are aligning in this Galaxies Chakra System to open to magnificent bursts of love pulsing out from Galactic Center aligning us to the energy frequencies required for us to see mass Ship landings on Earth. We will no longer just see the MotherShips twinkling on youtube, the Ships will actually land and we will reunite with our Galactic families and have their assistance from their advanced Civilizations. Earth will have the energy frequency of love required in high enough levels to allow the family reunions to take place here. This is the end of all shifts. Within a few hours of the solar eclipse we see Earth’s new moon and this Cosmic energy represents planting seeds for the next lunar cycle culminating on the 10th of December Full Moon. This only gives us a  few days anchored in gratitude to learn the techniques required to Free Awareness to Free Ego Mind and allow our supernatural abilities to bring us the abundance we have so long prepared for. We have a limited time to dissolve ego completely and align in the highest aspects of our new Missions.

I have been participating in ceremonies in the Himalayas of recent with the 33 yogis who represent the 33 planets which our physical body is now capable of visiting. As Earth ascends it becomes the 33rd Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. Each of these evolved souls represents one of the Planets and I was invited to participate with them as a Planet representative. They have asked me to return with the knowledge and share it with you. I only received this invitation on the 11.11.11. portal opening when I met with them again in a series of ceremonies we have conducted which are dissolving this timeline permanently. The 1+1 and the 1+1 and the 1+1 of the portal opening represents the 33 – it is the merging of light form on Earth with light form of Source energy raising Earth Collective Consciousness. You have a choice to make now regarding where you will rank when the change happens. There is time to learn and practice the techniques which will rank you for a Higher Mission. This is critical now. I was invited by this Group to dismantle the website so we would have a chance to let go of the old teachings and come into the new Cosmic Consciousness together. I will be teaching two classes of the new techniques between now and the December full moon. It may be the only chance we have to spend together to go over these Higher Teachings. We will attune to Cosmic Energies and reset our contracts with our Inner Guides on the Inner Planes. We will cover everything you will need and the Galactic Humans will join us over lighting all of my work with you. Your personal Guides will be there to be certain you receive all you have earned through your robust efforts of consciousness raising over the years. The class dates are Sunday November 27th and an alternate date of Sunday December 4th. Hopefully everybody will be able to attend those dates. You may attend both dates if you wish. This will be a conference call setting and you may call or Skype in and ask questions about the techniques. This is a three hour Jedi Training Class and you may find more details at  The cost of the class has been lowered and there are two books you may want to review online prior to class in preparation for understanding the rare privileged knowledge. You may find the two books with more background information, Ashtar and the Galactic Federation and Sacred Galactic Scripture : Vaimanika Shastra Starseeds’ Jedi Training here, You will find instant downloads, or by a copy from the Amazon bookstore. I look forward to seeing you in class.




















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