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If You Believe In NESARA And Want NESARA NOW, You HAVE To Read This NOW.

October 14, 2011

Hello to one and all.  I haven’t been posting here for awhile because I have been concentrating on something that was channeled to me.  It’s a really awesome charity-based Foundation and I will be revealing it to you shortly. 

But this message that you are reading is much more important at this time.

No one is going to help us get to where we want to be.  The only one that is going to do that is ourselves.  YOU.  ME.  US.

We have until OCTOBER 28, 2011 to click on this link:!/petition/announce-and-implement-national-economic-security-and-reformation-act-nesara/GrQ0cm26

and sign our name to a petition to get NESARA reviewed by the Obama Administration.  Do you think it’s any ACCIDENT that the ending date is also the end date for the Mayan Long Form calendar (according to Calleman)?

Before October 28, 2011, we need 5,000 signatures as that is CRITICAL to the review process.  As of today, we need another 3,239 signatures. If we don’t get these signatures then we are going to be waiting THAT MUCH LONGER for things to change.  I want change.  YOU want change.  So take 2 minutes and click that link.  Pass it on to your friends and family.  This is on the Obama Administration GOVERNMENT PAGE.  They are ASKING us, PLEADING with us to sign this.  So let’s make a difference and get this party started!!

Below this line, I am going to be giving some more information in regards to NESARA and what else you can do to get other people to sign this petition.  Continue reading if you want, but PLEASE – go and sign this petition NOW and let’s get this New Earth rolling the way we want it!  Read on after you click here:!/petition/announce-and-implement-national-economic-security-and-reformation-act-nesara/GrQ0cm26

P.S. When you sign the petition, comment below.  I would like to know how many sign and maybe we can get some good dialogue going here about it!


NESARA Fact Sheet:

or here:

NESARA PDF (more pics, less words, and the whole history explained): CLICK HERE


TWITTER: When I twitter the Petition I type into the search the names of the authors of NESARA Law, one by one…Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Ron Paul, Paul Wellstone, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangle, Dennis Kucinich. I tweet their supporters and their critics. By hitting “reply” to what they tweeted. This will land in their email box and they will see it. I also search by reporter and news agency: Chuck Todd, Nicholas Kristof, Ariana Huffington, SultonAlQussemi, Lawrence O’Donnell, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Politico, Grudge Report, DailyKOS, BoldProgressive (there are many others) You do not need to know their tweet account if you search their complete name it will pop for you- @chucktodd, @arianahuff, @nickkristof, @maddow, @BarackObama, @AP, @AJEnglish, @BBCWorld, @wikileaks

FACEBOOK: It is what it is so we may as well use it. Go to your “Update Status” box and drop a link in and submit. Use one link per day to keep the message posting out there. Same for MySpace. SAME FOR YOUTUBE.

OCCUPYWALLSTREET.ORG: Make an account to make comments. In the List of Demands for Occupy Wall Street kindly ask they add “Enact NESARA Law” and then add a link “What is NESARA” is best. If many many people comment there we will have ALL the Occupy Wall Street Protestors supported by a Law passed in 2000. We can teach them there is an alternative out there, we just need to ENACT THE LAW. When we do this the MEDIA is FORCED to report on it.

EMAIL: Subject Line: Have You Signed The NESARA Petition?

Subject Line: Cure for Occupy Wall Street Subject Line: The REAL REASON for 911 Subject Line: Emergency! We Can Arrest The Bankers You Must Sign This Petition!!! (you get the idea) People are more likely to open emails with idiotic subjects (because our egos are motivated by fear) like READ THIS!!!!!!!!!! or *******ABSOULTE MUST READ!!!!!! or


Use your own inspiration and sensibility.

In the body of the email ask folks to please suspend all disbelief and add one of the links. Let them know, we have nothing to lose by signing and we must sign to hear the truth from the President. If you worry about their reaction, pretend you are not sure~ “Who Knows?” or “Sounded Interesting?” “Check it out, see what you think…….” Be sure to let folks know that all of the issues the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy America Protestors are worried about will be cured with the Enactment of NESARA Law. What is required for Enactment? President Obama MUST ANNOUNCE NESARA LAW. He is poised to do so only if we ask by signing the Petition.

ATTEND PROTESTS: Please Bring the NESARA FACT SHEET and hand it out.

Sign the petition and let’s get going!  Let’s have our New Earth that we want!  Let’s get this party started!!!/petition/announce-and-implement-national-economic-security-and-reformation-act-nesara/GrQ0cm26


Did you like what you read here? If so, please be kind enough to donate to support the cause (click HERE). It takes time and money to create a website like this and I love doing it so anything would be very much appreciated. And I’ll personally email you a free thank-you gift in returnmy 214 page ebook about debt, credit, bankruptcy, investing and much more!

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  1. William Byron Smith says:

    Please, announce NESARA NOW!!!

  2. Diane Kenny says:

    I have been trying all week to get an account with the White House and today, still can’t. Now it says that my email address is not recognized where before I just got “Access Denied.” Beth says to keep trying as many have complained about the same thing. Why do you think so many are not signing it other than not getting through? I sent it to all I know and our spiritual group has done the same. It has been a while since I have donated to your cause and I am ready to give a small donation again. I don’t need the free gift as my printer is down again. God bless you and all you do. In light and love, Diane Kenny

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