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VIDEO: Benazir Bhutto Says In An Interview In 2007 That Bin Laden Is Dead

[This is another example that what we’re being fed is not the truth.

Watch the videos below.   The first video is the shortened version and shows just where Bhutto mentions that Bin Laden is dead.  The video following that is the full 14 minute interview.

That being said, let’s aim for a world without war and help Obama and other leaders around the world to END WAR. t]

May 2, 2011

This Pakistani political leader was murdered by intelligence agency supported terrorists after she admitted Bin Laden was dead.

When Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan to take a stand for democratic government, 3 million Pakistanis greeted her at the airport.

Now she is dead. (The date: 27 December 2007.)

At the 6:15 mark in this video, Benazir Bhutto refers in a matter-of-fact manner to “the man who killed Osama bin Laden.”

If this was a misstatement, she did not correct herself, nor did the interviewer call attention to it.

Before she was murdered, there was a previous attack on Bhutto’s life. She told David Frost that she was not even allowed to file a police report let alone get a serious investigation of the attack.

She stated that she specifically wanted the source of the financial support of the terrorists traced.

Saeed Sheikh is the man Bhutto refers to in this interview as being the killer of Osama bin Laden.

Saeed Sheikh is charged with killing Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl who tracked the relationship between Pakistani intelligence and terrorist groups. Saeed Sheikh is also suspected of having wired money to Mohamed Atta on behalf of Pakistani intelligence right before the 9/11 attacks.



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  1. Tony, this is great work! I have been trying to intuit what really is going on as my BS meter was going off…We only know then that the timing of this “announcement” was intended to serve a purpose, but regardless if this was to serve a dark purpose or not, it WILL serve the Light as that is all there really IS!!! Will post this on Rainbow Roundtable if you don’t mind. We need to spread the word on this one!

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Debbie! Agreed – we need to get the word out. I’m not saying that THIS is the truth, because I’m pretty sure it’s not either, BUT… we need to let the masses know that what they’re hearing is NOT the truth!

      And as for reposting? Have at ‘er! Much love, Tony.

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