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MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Most Important 9/11 Documentary You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

May 6, 2001

This is a very important documentary that I think you should take the time to watch.  I have seen tons of documentaries on 9/11 and this one touched on points that I hadn’t heard of before.

9/11 is such a vast topic, and with that, there is new evidence uncovered all the time.

We’re all familiar (then again, maybe you’re not) with the involvement in 9/11 of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Pakistan.  We’re familiar with Bin Laden’s family flying out of the US while every other plane in the country (and others) were grounded.  We’re familiar with the $100,000 wire payment (and others) that funded the “terrorists”.  We were even familiar with the bombs that were planted in the World Trade Towers, the weird demolition of World Trade Center 7, and even the vans that were placed all around the World Trade Center towers throughout Manhatten.

No?  Didn’t hear about the vans?  I wasn’t too clear on those either.  How about these items that this video talks about that I hadn’t heard (much, if anything) about before:

  • The FBI started a probe into 9/11 on September 11, 2001 and you should see the code name!
  • Did you hear about the van with the mural on its side of a plane flying into the twin towers?
  • How about the bombs in the subway?
  • Do you know who the “terrorists” were actually hired by?
  • Why was a cop wandering around the towers area with his 9mm drawn?
  • Why did Guiliani up and move his command center from the base of the towers 12 minutes before they collapsed?
  • How about the “House of Emergency Management”?
  • Are you familiar with “Continuity of Government”? If not, you better watch this since it started in 1947 and became MORE initiated after 9/11.
  • And wait until you find out who sits on this “Continuity of Government” – because their members are permanent – not elected.
  • Heard of the “Lone Gunman” episode in March, 2001?  Wait til you see the video of that.
  • Actual AUDIO of WTC 7 falling – and wait til you hear what that showed.

Ever wonder how there was video of the first plane hitting the tower?  Was someone expecting that to happen and therefore was ready for it? Watch and find out.

This was the most news footage I have ever seen put together in one video.

“There’s a bomb in the building.  Start clearing out.”
“The City (NYC) is better prepared than it ever has been in its history.”

Take the time to watch this documentary.  You won’t be disappointed.  Tony.


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  1. IGOT5onIT says:

    what’s the name of the documentary?

    and also check out dr. judy wood
    she is interesting and has a whole another perspective on 9/11 about how the buildings got dematerializednot by explosives but but something more stronger ..etc.

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