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Al-Qaeda Compound Facing The Wrecker’s Ball

[This is where my train of thought is going with this one:

a) Totally possible that this MAY be a correct story and people MAY use it as a martyr ground, but I doubt it.
b) Get rid of all the evidence so that there is nothing to prove ANYTHING.
c) Get rid of all the evidence because there are DAMNING things in there that prove too much, just like the removal of all the rubble at the World Trade Center Towers and WTC7 IMMEDIATELY after their demolitions.

Thoughts? t]

Matt Wade, Abbottabad, Pakistan
May 8, 2011

PAKISTANI authorities are reported to be considering demolishing Osama bin Laden’s hideout in the garrison town of Abbottabad to prevent it becoming a rallying point for extremists.

The walled compound where bin Laden was killed when US forces raided in the early hours of Monday has been transformed from mysterious hideaway to tourist attraction.

“The crowds have been getting bigger every day,” said Hasnat Ahmed, a 22-year-old engineering graduate who can see bin Laden’s compound from his rooftop. “We are not sure about international tourism yet, but I think we will be getting plenty of people from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.”

While al-Qaeda has finally admitted bin Laden’s death, many Pakistanis are sceptical about claims the al-Qaeda chief was killed in the raid and question the White House’s decision not to release photos of his body.

The US disposed of bin Laden’s body at sea so his grave wouldn’t become a shrine for extremists. But if the past few days are any guide, the al-Qaeda chief’s house has pulling power.

Sources have told The Sunday Age that demolition of the concrete buildings and high perimeter wall is being considered to stop it becoming a shrine. No date has been announced for any demolition.

Extra security personnel have been deployed around the compound in recent days to tighten security and help with crowd control.

“Everyone is interested in this,” said telco worker Shah Zaib Khan, who walked from his home more than an hour away to take a look at the walled compound. “Is it drama or is it a reality?”

Rashid-ul-Haq Qazi, a lawyer who visited the compound, had another suggestion: charge people to look inside. “It would be wiser to print some tickets and charge an entry fee,” he said.

Bin Laden’s fifth wife, detained after the raid on Abbottabad, has told Pakistani investigators that he lived in another town in northern Pakistan before moving to the neighbourhood where he was killed, the Dawn newspaper reported.

Amal Ahmed al-Sadah reportedly told investigators that bin Laden lived on the outskirts of Haripur, about 25 kilometres south of Abbottabad, from 2003 until late 2005.

This testimony suggests the world’s most wanted man was living in urban settlements for nearly eight years before he was killed.

Meanwhile The New York Times reported that the US government has demanded Pakistan provide the identities of some of its top intelligence operatives, as the US tries to determine whether any of them had contact with bin Laden or his agents in the years before he was killed.

The paper said there had been a tense discussion between Pakistani officials and a US envoy sent to Pakistan last week, amid growing suspicion among US intelligence and diplomatic officials that someone in Pakistan’s secret intelligence agency knew of bin Laden’s location and helped shield him.




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  1. adrian says:

    Nice to see new articles getting posted, Tony.


    • admin says:

      Thanks, Adrian. Nice to have you sticking around all this time – when I was posting and when I wasn’t. That means a lot to have someone like you – a good ol’ lifer 😉

  2. Merrilee says:

    Interesting how the Inner Spirit led me to come read new posts tonight. Glad to see them also, Tony! This is so important for us to share!
    RE: the wrecker ball tactic is now so obvious, with this, WTC, OK City and WACO. But What will the people do to intervene? What can we do?

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