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VIDEO: Giant UFO Hovering Over Fukushima Nuclear Plant

[Yup, that's a good sized one. This is German News Footage. t]


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  1. Craig Stone says:

    I've been wondering how they've been getting all of these close-up aerial photos of the inside of the reactors. It would make more sense to me that the engineering team are using remotely-operated blimps to observe the inside of the structure.
    The footage in this news clip definitely appears to have been shot from a ROV:
    Handheld or gimbal-mounted helicopter footage doesn't look anything like this.
    Blimps are the perfect vehicle for the job because they provide a steady camera platform, they're highly maneuverable,  and they can stay up indefinitely if they have a tether or solar power supply.
    My guess is that this is a UFO but very likely a manmade one.

  2. Daniel says:

    The peace-sign at the end, apparently in the wrong way around (anti-peace); and should be branching up and outwards like a tree / arms! (something to do with the Pleiadian's peace symbol)

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