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Have You Noticed The Rash Of Shootings Lately?


April 11, 2011

Is it just me or is there a huge amount of shootings that are coming out in the past 6 days?  It started with the shooting in Brazil and just doesn't seem to have stopped all weekend.  Take a look at what I've found so far:


Just click on each of the headings and you'll get the link to the story.  

I'm particularly interested in the nuclear submarine shooting and the businessman who was shot (starred).  Very interesting timing, I must say.

I believe that a lot of these are tied into the Manchurian candidate type killings, where mind control is a factor and these people are used to divert attention to otherwise important matters.  Radiation is leaking into the sea, the GOP are pulling some very questionable antics to try and keep funding for the war machine, and we haven't heard from Soros and his "new economy" nor much info on the Fed opening their books.

Are they trying to keep us in the dark?  Probably.

Anyone else find this weird?


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  1. willem says:

    yes  mindcontrol because no one shot down another just for pleasure

  2. James says:

    That the 'war machine' is the exclusive province of the GOP is highly debatable. Our President and Democratic Senate majority seem to be well-inclined to maintaining its hum in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya just fine. Let's call it for what it is…a distraction by BOTH left and right wings of the SAME DIRTY BIRD…you know, the same bird that bails out banks instead of citizens, creates pandemics/false flag events, speaks of Green Energy while sitting on zero-point inventions, and manufactures microwave and scalar weapons to disrupt and provoke seismic plates and human central nervous systems to violent ends. That bird hides behind the right, then the left, playing bait-and-switch to keep us from realizing that we are Beings of Infinite Light.

  3. Diana says:

    Indeed, when I heard about the shooting in the shopping mall 'De Ridderhof' in Alphen (The Netherlands) my first thought was 'Manchurian candidate', and the second: what are we suppost to be distracted from. The fact that the boy apparently acted very calm and calculating could fit into this hypothesis. Sadly last few days more disturbed people in the area have been triggered to threaten with a copycat event (last week several people have been arrested at the same mall), and some through internet. So in my opinion this calls for sending more love and light collectively to these affected persons, whatever they may be affected by.

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