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Are We Effin’ Awake Yet?

April 6, 2011

OK.  I’ve been led to write something here.  I know that I haven’t written in ages.  I also know that I haven’t posted consistently for over a year.

Whatever.  Things have been just as hard on me as they have been on all of you.  I have posted some things that have pissed off some people and they’ve openly emailed me to say that they’re never going to stop by again.


I have my life and I know that you have yours.  I love everything that has happened to me – good and bad.  As a matter of fact, things have gotten better than ever in the past 4 weeks. I only hope the same for you.

A lot of people haven’t stopped by due to lack of posts and I totally get it.  But you know what?  I’m frustrated.  Frustrated with so many things.  I’ve been standing at the top of the mountain yelling about disclosure and the new economy and people aren’t on the same page.  There are many other people and sites out there doing the same thing as me, although they were/are more consistent with their posts.

You wanna know how I feel?  This video was shown to me tonight.  Watch it and understand I am one of these three guys TRYING to tell the world what’s going on.  As you’ll see in the video – the rest of the world doesn’t seem to care:

Have I fucked up on posting?  Yes. Have I lost a lot of viewers?  Yes.  Am I still here – albeit battered and bruised from two years of hell?  Yes.  I’ve carried on and made this site happen.  Why?


It’s all of you that I do this for.  Those of you who listen. Those of you who complain. Those of you who criticize.  Those of you who LOVE.  My friend summed everything recently up in the best line that I’ve heard:

“I hope for a government earthquake of 10.0 and a tsunami of love to hit the planet.”

I couldn’t have said it any better.

I love all of you.  I love life.  I love where I am and where I’m going to be.  I only hope that ONE of you on this list of 855 that receive these emails feel the same.

Sure, months ago there used to be more communication here and I’m the only one to blame, as I didn’t post while I went through things.

But dammit if I’m going to let this shit die.  I’m going to blaze my blue flame on my effin’ sword until the day that ships show up in the sky and shit actually happens.

I hope you’re with me.  Because it was YOU that helped bring me here.  It was YOU that helped me through the crap that I went through – from contemplating suicide to coasting free as bird.  Thanks to YOU.  I’m alive because of YOU.

Take this letter as is.  Take this letter as faith.  Take this letter as science.  Take this letter any way you want.  It’s yours to receive because you GAVE ME SO MUCH.

I don’t think you guys realize what you’ve done and how much this site has helped me through things. There are close people to my heart (you know who you are: BT, CB, LD, SD, AB, FP, NM) that have helped me deal with the deep stuff and pull through it but it’s the general masses that have kept a smile on my face for these last couple years.

I love all of you and dammit let’s hope that this 9/11 shit today with April Gallop, the Fed today/tomorrow, and this closure of government opens up DIS-closure to all of us souls that have been working to open up the new Golden Age for years.

I love all of you and I truly thank you for sticking by me in the mess that I’ve gone through.  I love you all.

I love you all.  Tony.


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  1. Chris says:

    Keep the site going man.. I still watch here time to time. let’s see if something interesting happens this month.. financial and governmental reform may be around the corner.

  2. sean says:


    I know how you feel, man. This site and your perspective on things is not wasted. I think your frequency of posts is OKAY. there is plenty of information out there about what is going on and each one of us will be guided to what we need next. No one website is a one-stop shop for all your ‘understanding reality’ needs. Don’t let any burden fall on you. You do more than enough and we all thank you. Your contribution matters in lots of ways. The fact that you take time out of your busy life to add content to a website you maintain takes effort and energy. That doesn’t go unnoticed. It reflects how serious you are about it. If no one is “listening”, it’s because of their level of awareness. They haven’t made space for that truth yet and that is perfectly fine. Their choice. You need to know that we readers are the ones that are taking this information and putting it to valuable use. I’m not the only one.

    Keep it up, brother. You have my support!

  3. Stevan says:

    Tony! I check your site daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times per day! (HONEST) I have felt your frustration, your sadness, anger, AND continued optimism. This IS going to happen! We ARE VICTORIOUS!! We WILL SEE the Transformations we have waited for so very very long!
    Showers of Blessings of Love Light and JOY JOY JOY to you, Tony! You are heard! You DO make a difference!
    Sincerely, Stevan Andersen.
    p.s.: I will send some financial support as soon as I am able! (sorry it can’t be today — you have no idea how I wish it was today!!!) 🙂 S.A. 🙂

  4. John says:

    Thank you so much for all that you have done not only as a person of light to spread truth in this world but also as a free spirit, a free soul on a mission of mastery that all can appreciate. I want all to see for themselves what can be attained just as much as you do. I am awake. I am aware. Aware of all things, of all light. For me this life is not a battle of light and dark, of good and evil but a shared communion of all that exists. A belief of true authority to be beyond all there is. Find the center in you, the part of you that is god. Everything means everything or it means nothing at all. Out of all the sites that i have visited yours is by far my favorite one. I love the channelings and how relevant all of your posts are. We all have been feeling the crunch for the last couple of years and or me the way you have been running the site is perfect. In tune with how i have been feeling. In tune with times that i did not want to read up on everything. I felt like i needed a break. Anyways thanks again, keep up the good work, and see ya soon.

  5. adrian says:

    Welcome back, Tony!

  6. adrian says:

    I don’t think my first post got through. It said:

    Welcome back Tony!!

  7. Joseph Divine says:

    Hi Tony,

    I still check the site from time to time and if frequent posts resume…I’ll check more frequently.

    Brother, don’t worry about the pace of disclosures, acellerations etc….it’s not geared to lightworkers etc. but, rather, to the pace that the middle group of the collective can handle..and The God Force is in everything in creation and It, therefore, knows what pace of revelations best for us all.
    Think of it like a reading teacher with a high middle and low group…generally she’ll teach to the middle group when giving a large group lesson…it’s like that.
    And don’t get caugh up in the predictions etc. Anyone whp predicts does not understand the fluid nature of the times and time right now…predictions will frustrate you and so will reading the spin of people trying to support predictions they’re attached to…
    Many of us have known things for decades and have been working and watching for decades.
    I can tell you for sure that the pace of everything at this time is veeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryy fast and FREEDOM is the theme. Events are also clearly happening simultaneously when they used to be more linear…I’m speaking of the pace of world events here…so relax, enjoy…run your awesome website that we like so much…and make sure that you’re grounded enough to pay all of your bills etc (i.e. keep your day job)…avoid “get rich quick” schemes etc. even when they’re masquerading as the light… and simply know that all is well.
    Most importantly, work on your own enlightenment and have fun brother!
    Live your life in freedom, peace, joy…and Live your life in the Light!

    All the best and thanks for all of your good work,


    J.J. Divine

  8. admin says:

    Hey, guys.

    Sorry! I JUST found out (thanks to adrian) that all of these comments were taken by my spam filter! So I’m going through all of them now and approving them.

    Thanks! It’s nice to see that there are comments – kinda wondered where everyone was. Love y’all! t

  9. Amy says:

    You’re site is what PULLS me out of frustration many times! Believe me, in this world of duality that we live in, as many LOVE your site as criticize it. Sad thing is, the complainers are generally way more vocal than those who “get what you’re saying”. I am at fault. I have been following this site for over a year and I have never made a comment or uttered a word of thanks to you. Please forgive me for that and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I look forward tp getting Welcome the Light emails.

    I resonated with every single word of your letter. There are people out there that feel exactly like you do.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Amy.

      I think I just had the straw that broke the camels back, ya know? Just got pissy about things. And since this is my blog, I can curse and swear and stomp my feet all I want…lol

      But seriously, I appreciate you guys, all you guys, coming by and voicing your opinions. We need to have sites that allow this dialogue.

      You’re MORE than welcome – I’m glad to do this site – I love it!

  10. Diane says:

    Thanks for your postings I’m glad your back and checked in periodically anyway. I am just so discouraged at seeing the Cheney court case fiasco although I am not surprised. These people just seem to get away with everything they do and it’s in our face on all fronts. Thank you for finding this news that most people will never see. I know we are suppose to love them more, but that is hard to do, is there no justice for the victims? They have killed many and continue to steal the American people’s money (i.e. the farm substities) and yet they could care less about the American people. Our government is so corrupt, when will it end? If we can’t get the people to stand up and demand change, then how will anything every change? So sad, it just keeps going on for years. When will we recognize we have had enough?

    • admin says:

      Hi, Diane.

      It is hard to love all the baddies but that’s one of the biggest lessons for us – to be able to love these ones. They can’t love! Imagine not being able to love? That ALONE makes you feel sorry for them and makes you love them even more. We have a HUGE advantage over them and with that, we WILL prevail!

      Keep your head up – we’re almost there. Let’s see how this week pans out with the government potentially shutting down and the Feds having to open their books.

  11. Ginger says:

    Just found your site so am new here but not new to what’s really been going on. So appreciated the animation! As I too sometimes feel impatient, frustrated and sad. But love what all your fans had to say in above replies. And as I say this to you, I am saying to myself, don’t ever give up! This is an awesome website and at least it’s not experiencing what David Wilcock’s site has been lately 🙂

    • admin says:


      Welcome to the site! Glad that you could stop by. I do have to admit, I do have awesome readers 🙂

      And I won’t give up – not in my nature. David’s site is fantastic – I read it all the time. He’s also in a totally different league than I am! But I love his stuff, especially how he ties science into faith. I believe that we can’t have one without the other and that’s been one of the biggest differences in our human race – religion thinks science is bunk and science thinks religion is ridiculous. Can’t have one without the other!

  12. brendon says:

    i love this site keep it going

  13. J'Tariah says:

    You rock!!! Don’t worry about being effing consistant… You are a multidimensional divine hue-man, not a robot.

  14. Rob says:

    Hello Tony: Great site always has been. Starting using it back when Mark was the man. Keep up the posting and stay in the light. We are all doing what we can and sharing love for all.
    Namaste, Rob

  15. HugeFanOfYourEfforts says:

    I feel sooooo much like you do!! I am one of the 855 on your list and I too feel in so many ways, all by myself. I appreciate when the updates hit my inbox, some of them resonate with me more than others, but you're certainly on the right track as far as I'm concerned. What you said about how nobody cares…DAMN, I SO FEEL YA!! It's frustrating to see how so many people just seem to be paralyzed. So many people just choose to not want to know..and will fight to stay in their comfort zones. I've tried to wake up every person I care about and many I come into contact with that seem like they "might" be receptive and they just don't wanna hear it. They just shut down, think I am wacked and look at me like I have 10 heads or something. It's frustrating, it's saddening and many other things. I've watched loved ones walk away from me, life long friends walk away from me and all for trying to tell or show them them the truth…or even simply challenge them to look at things in a different way…99.8% of the time I'm met with resistance, but I keep persevering. People are so "comfortable" and to a large degree selfish and god forbid anyone say or do anything that rocks their little comfortable worlds and gets them to pull their heads out of the sand and have a long hard look a what's going on around them. A response I get much of the time is "but that doesn't effect me, why should I care". It's apathy to the N'th degree…and many of these people will swear until their blue in the face that they've "got an open mind". The world is going to hell in a hand basket, there's no doubt about that. America, our home…has turned into a country where the people that run it have been wiping their asses with the Constitution of this one great Republic. Our leaders are war mongers and climax at imposing their will on other nations. We have not fought for freedom in a very long time, despite the rhetoric they feed the masses, but I keep persevering. People are so "comfortable" and to a large degree selfish and god forbid anyone say or do anything that rocks their little comfortable worlds. The world is going to hell in a hand basket, there's no doubt about that. America, our home…has turned into a country where the people that run it have been wiping their asses with the Constitution of this one great Republic for a very long time. Our leaders are war mongers and probably climax at the idea and act of imposing their will on other nations. We have not fought for freedom in a very long time, despite the rhetoric they feed the masses. No wonder the rest of the world hates us.
    I can't wait for the shift..I want out of this meat suit. As an Indigo, I don't know if I've fulfilled my purpose and am beginning to lose patients. I'm very discouraged as of late, tired of feeling like I'm the only person in a life raft waaaay out in the middle of the ocean with NO ONE around.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your great reply.  Good to see that a lot of us are on the same page.  It'll be quite the celebration when all this blows open!  Much love, Tony.

  16. Camille says:

    Dearest Dearest Tony,
    I Praise, Respect, Thank and Love YOU!  I have been holding the violet flame in my heart center with Mother Earth at the center of that flame. I ignite and fuel that flame in each and every sleeping and waking moment breath I take.
    You are also enveloped in that flame as ALL are for the transmutation and the morphing on a cellular level for Ascension, of which we are ALL going through. 
    Do not waiver from your LOVE hearts desire and intention for what you are doing is the ripple effect that will never end.
    Remember when the student is not ready, the teachers information will not resonate when they hear/read it. Its alright.
    Also be at Peace when chaos is around you. As we remember we are all evolving at different levels due to free will and conscious awareness. As the observer of our lives we can then detach and observe with unconditional Love thus allow  and surrender the situation to unfold for the greatest good. Then our emotions are not triggered to judge ourselves or the situation and we can send unconditional Love and be at Peace. I invite you to hold Mother Earth in violet flame in your heart with me and breathe and I extend this invitation to those who read this.
    You are in perfection in your journey. Be in Peace Love and Joy and keep doing what you are doing.
    Thank you for you journey so that I may have mine.
    P.S.   I know you already know about what I am telling you. I just wanted to remind you of your greatness. 😉

  17. Yonatan says:

    Hey Tony,
    Love ya 🙂
    Keep it going well.

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