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VIDEO: Banksters & Government FINALLY Exposed by Mainstream News!

[It’s about time someone bring this to the forefront in the MSM! t]


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  1. jackpotlady says:

    And my only question is, are most Americans still under the veil of un-knowingless as they seem to be hypnotized by events in Japan and now Libya… giving the banksters more time for them to try and con the public about what they are REALLY doing with America’s money while Americans are transfixed to their TV’s. I know my husband has that crap (CNN and MSNBC and even FOX NEWS blasting out of the TV all darned day while I huddle under headphones listening to Jethro Tull. I do notice when FOX is on we cannot get along for even a moment, there is some irritation that they cause to divide. Beware of FOX NEWS as it is putting out some kind of irritant by means of their broadcasts. The ROAD to division is paved by FOX. I always change the channel now to other programs instead of the news as I do not care to watch a train wreck and after 39 years together I am determined that NO DUMB NEWS CHANNEL IS GOING TO DIVIDE US. I at least know where the enemy is!

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