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Mother Sekhmet Audio Channel: Atlantis, Japan, Middle East, The Silent Watcher, And Our Role In Full Galactic Disclosure

March 31, 2011

Mother Sekhmet channel through Beth Trutwin.  This is a GREAT channel where Mother talks about Atlantis and the great nuclear explosion that destroyed Maldek and the face of Mars, Japan and the Middle East turmoil, and how WE are the ones that have tipped the scale for full Galactic disclosure – NOW!

Enjoy!  Tony

P.S.  When you click the image of Mother Sekhmet below it will open the channel up in another window. Please wait a bit for the whole audio to download.  It may take a bit due to your internet connection (it’s a 30 minute channel).




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  1. Hi Tony, Thank you. I want to say, this is the first time Mother has come and offered to use my voice. She asked I record it and share it. I couldn’t get it loaded on GalacticRoundtable, so now I can. My voice goes up and down, and sometimes I cough. It is not an easy energy to hold. My hats off to Rama and Susan Leland and the others who do this. Maybe I’ll do it again?
    much love,

    • admin says:

      Damn skippy you should do it again! It was great to have her come through you. I’ve known you for awhile and that was definitely a very different tone. Thanks for allowing her to come through. Mother really pointed on some key things that we need to be aware of. LL, t

  2. John says:

    I am concerned that so much faith is being put on Obama, when his actions in attacking Libya are following in the footsteps of his predecessor. I am at a loss as to how many more lives are going to be lost, before an end, once and for all is put on the violence that is now happening in the Middle East. Everyone talks about disclosure and peace as well as prosperity etc and to date all that is happening more violence, more blurry photos of UFOs and the screwing of the people through starvation, poverty, created health issues, and the list goes on. So is it up to us, the people, to change the way everything is when we have had 13,000 years of being screwed and as a result, except for a few, to now forgive and offer compassion and expect them to change. Remember they have had 13,000 years of screwing us and are very good at it. It is like this, all we hear about is all these things in the wings, so to speak, when down here on the ground, all the atrocities are raging on stronger than ever. So, we are supposed to be living in a holographic reality, or a dream, but I can assure you it is very real and painful at this end. Do you realise that we are all caught up on the Human Mind System (HSM) created by Anu when he was genetically manipulating us at the beginning and is downloaded into every human being born on this planet!
    I really have no faith in Channelers as there are so many different stories coming from the supposedly same people

  3. 4peace4love4light says:

    Wow!! This was a great listen…thank you so much! Namaste

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