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VIDEO: Is There Something Wrong With The Moon?

[There are a couple videos out there that seem to show that the moon is out of sync, out of kilter, tilted… whatever you want to call it.  And most of them seem to be stating that it happened around mid November.  Check for yourself and let me know what you think.  If this IS the case, this is BIG news.

AND… if it’s the Earth that has tilted then that new Zodiac (HERE) makes sense, now doesn’t it? T]

January 14, 2011


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  1. John Grae says:

    Hi Folks,I have been aware that there are forces involved in putting our planet back on its original orbit as well as straighten it up in relation to its tilt since 1973. This may be playing a part in the in how the moon appears to us. On another note the dark forces may be trying to align a weapon, which is on the far side of the moon, with earth. Either way our Scientists have their mouths wired shut and will not say anything. Also the changes in our sun are due to the same forces I mentioned above. Our sun is a variable one prone to massive disruptions on of which destroyed Venus millions of years ago. An interesting observance I saw with the moon last year during a total eclipse seen in Australia is that it appears to have an inner glow and an atmosphere. John.

  2. jane says:


    The moon is not behaving as it used to. We have watched it the last week, and the shape is not correct, we said it was resembling more an american basketball shape, than the really round shape we are used to.

    It does not move properly through its natural changes, going from a smaller size to much larger sixe in only a few days!!!! and it keeps moving about far too much over the sky!!! its light its being moved by other forcess!! and yet nothing in the media whatsoever, we are in the uk.

  3. agadinmar says:

    … all things being equal … er, last time I checked … nuthin rounder than a basketball ….

  4. patsyanne says:

    Sometime in November climbing the stairs to bed I noticed the moon was very bright and at the back of my house (in the east).The next night the moon was in front of my house (west)the night after that it was still in the west but had moved left of its previous position.I thought this was very odd but know nothing about moon,stars etc but did a search on the net and found a comment ‘the moon is playing rodeo all over the sky’.Others had noticed strange happenings at the same time as me.BTW I am in England

  5. Randy says:

    People are noticing the moon is way out of position from where it usually is.

    The comments made about the moon in this video is very interesting:

    I think the stars are moving across the sky faster also.

    Love & Peace,

  6. Classified says:

    I am in Ontario, Canada. I work graveyard shifts and on the way to work everyday i’ve been noticing something. Last week alone the moon was not visible at all one night on a clear sky but it was there in the morning full. Next night the moon was full and smaller then normal then the next night it was larger than normal and full. The next night it was barely a slit in the sky followed by the next night it was full again then the night after it was a slit on the opposing side for about half the night then later around 5am it was a slit still but it was a slit line an umbrella curve then in the morning the moon was full and stayed in the sky visible all day long.

    A couple weeks back at about 12pm I was driving and it was fairly cloudy out and the sun was to the right of my car but straight ahead and not that high up above 100% visible andd glowing with equal intensity as the sun through the clouds was the moon which was tripping me out with 2 other people in my car that witnessed it and also the sun had a perfectly round rainbow effect and by which I mean there was a thick circle around the sun that was not an illusion or a trick of the light because it showed on several pictures with different exposures as a rainbow coloured circle.

  7. Brian says:

    Nothing to see hear folks its just all normal nothing is wrong at all, moving on remember to watch eastenders and forget you see anything.

  8. kris says:

    Global diplacement theory. Graham Hancock wrote a fantastic book looking into corrolations between ancient civilisations and he put a fantastic arguement up for global displacement that logically explains historical catastrophes. However, the universe is expanding and we are moving to our future without any idea/precedent about the universal positionings that are yet to come. We theorize with our Babylonian arts and think we have all the answers as a species. Things/time are not permanent or constant and whose to know how cosmic bodies react. We feel we have all the answers to cosmological events because that’s how it’s always been, but let me say this: are you the same as you was yesterday? Last year? Ten years ago? Stasis is a manmade ideal, an idea that keeps mankind standing still. Do we expect the universe to follow these same ‘rules’?

  9. It’s called “libration”:

    Watch the animation. Anyone who looked at the sky on a regular basis, anywhere in the last few thousand years, could have told you about it

    • Ryan says:

      Libration is one thing, but even sources from Cornell University have stated that the Moon’s eccentricity has shot way up and they can’t figure out why using traditional mathematics and Eisenstein type scenarios. They are stumped.

  10. Diana Williams says:

    If what you have just read seem’s strange don’t even waste time reading what I have observed.

    I have observed ufo’s using the moon as a portal on numerous occassion’s. I have also witnessed the moon appear to be 3 seperate moon’s as well as change size from large to small in a matter of second’s. I have also seen what looked like giant men dressed in military uniform’s using a spotlight behind what appear’s to be the moon.

    No I am not insane, using drug’s or using my imagination, There is more unseen then seen and I have seen more then my share. Demonic realm is my guess and 2012 my estimate for other’s to wakeup.

    One of the sign’s of life as we know it is change’s in the sky.

    God be with us.

    • liza says:

      Myself , husband and two sons whilst watching the moon 19th january uk witnessed a blue round light moving to and from the moon, very strange. We managed to take one picture on my mobile but could not take any more as the battery went dead.

  11. Arthur Guy says:

    I would not be surprised if the Moon was just a hologram and also I would not be surprised if the entire night sky was a Hologram, why do those so called lights flicker and twinkle; the sun does not do that, they say it’s because of the effects of the atmosphere, then why do the sun not twinkle. Is the Earth rotating around the Sun or is the Sun and the entire sky rotating around the Earth, what I observe is the latter, me thinks we have all been fooled, but I will keep an open mind until the truth becomes apparent. But the Moon has moved in its supposed orbit and is all over the sky, I have noticed this for months, that is, when you can see it through the massive artificial chemtrail clouds.

    • whilly says:

      The twinkling that you speak of is called scintillating.
      Its a phenomenon that occurs because of hot and cold air passing between your eyes and the stars. Air, just like everything else, can become more and less dense. This works similarly to how the density of water bends light differently from air.

  12. Sonia Bradley says:

    It all made sence to me when I looked at

  13. Curious says:

    Every night I have always looked at the moon. Last summer I woul go to sleep around 12pm. The moon would be right outside my bedroom window in perfect sight for me to fall asleep to. The next day it wouldnt be there. I would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and it would be in the window. It happened like this every night. I would go to sleep at the same time and sometimes it would be right out my window and another day it would not be there yet and I would have to get up and look at the window and see it far away. I’m not exactly sure about how the moon moves and when you should see it in the same general area but this pattern seemed strange. It seemed some nights it would be going back and fourth, even though I was going to sleep at the same time. I have always been noticing in the past few months the moon seems full for many days, sometimes even a week. I know the moon can look almost full days before or after, but lately it just didnt seem right, it seemed to be full for many nights. Maybe I just dont know enough about the phases of the moon. But in the past few years it has seemed strange and Ive been paying attention to it a lot. I also notice the moon in the daytime a lot more then I used to.

  14. Brian W says:

    You guys all need to read up on Planet X or (planet 10) as its called. a planet has come into our solar system with a magnetic force over 10 times the power of any other planet. its moving like a comet with a hail of debris behind it. Google “planet x nasa 1982″ nasa discovered it in 1982 and published a big article about it in us news and world reports but shortly after they went hush hush about it. The ancinet sumerians wrote about it too and called it nibiru. Now i have always thought this was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo until all this news of the changed zodiac, the changed moon being off kilter etc the birds dropping dead out of the sky…the magnetic force of planet x is essentially pulling on everything, changing it. go to youtube and type in planet x search by latest uploads.

    People are posting videos of what appears to be a 2nd sun….this planet is coming right by the sun and is headed towards earth. You can see the 2nd sun too, early in the am when the sun is coming up and in the evening when its going down. The videos are remarkable. they say you can get a 24/7 view from the south pole. It makes sense too they have put up tons of telescopes down there, the govt has. They know whats coming and arent saying a thing.

  15. Bill says:

    I notice that none of the replies so far have said that they double checked their observations with an almanac or similar.
    There is nothing wrong with the moon.
    Keep looking up and enjoy the sky………..

  16. exgovernmentemployee says:

    Yeah, have any of you noticed the recent uproar on the internet about how the moon has seemed to look tilted? It’s because it has. It has titled.

    Also, I don’t know how to prove this, and if I could, I would def. do so.. but I can’t. However, I’m going to talk about it anyways..

    “Moon Orbit Wrong” – Cornell University associate Lorenzo Lorio, Has Researched i’m sure because of public outcry & observations made by You, my Friends, Visitors & others on the Internet and Concluded that Indeed there Is Something Wrong With The Sun Moon & Earth”

    The Earth appears to be rapidly slowing down (on its axis)
    This slowing-down effect is most likely due to a heavy mass entering our Solar System (Nibiru?)
    Their is data circulating that the magnetic poles are shifting at around 25 miles per-year.
    They obviously have a D-notice on all media stations within the UK, probably worldwide on this topic.
    Something very odd is going on, and they’re not telling us.

    I have an uncle on my fathers side.. who works for NASA. He happens to be an astrophysicist for NASA and has been for the past 17 years. He himself tells me and my family that he has never, in his career.. seen this or anything like it happen before.

    He tells my family and I that there is no reason to “panic”.. but there is def. cause for concern.

    So.. I tell you America.. like I’ve been trying to do for so long now.. keep your eyes on the skies.

    Also, you might wonder.. “well, why isn’t the government and or media telling or covering this issue??”

    There’s a simple reason for that.. its because for one, the U.S. government has always kept things “hush hush”.. the second reason their not telling us.. and not letting the media cover this issue.. is because their afraid that it would cause mass chaos.. which it probably would!!

    But, I share with you my knowledge because I’m sick and tired of the government thinking their better than us.. the “average citizen” as we’re labeled by them (the government).

    We are all human.. nobody is better or above anyone else.. nobody except God himself.

    So again, America.. and the rest of the world.. I warn you now, not to scare you.. but to simply warn you.. keep watching the skies.

    Thanks for your time.

  17. Andy Green says:

    Seriously? This isn’t a bad joke? Do any of you people have any education in physics, orbital mechanics specifically? Do you have any idea how absolutely stupid you sound?

    Read an astronomy book written by someone who doesn’t believe the world is ending.

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