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BBS Radio. There are no equals! Get Archive Access Now

January 20, 2011

You may have noticed some banners on the site here, so I just wanted to take a quick post to talk a little about the radio aspect that I have on the site.  I think it’s important to give credit where credit is due and Don at BBS Radio has been a real help to all of us in getting our information out to the public.  From BBS Radio:

Our sincerest gratitude to all those dedicated and passionate people that have made this all possible. These people are all highly skilled, educated and motivated individuals that desire truth, love, joy and peace for all mankind.

It takes a team of others working together to achieve great change. And we are honored to be working with each and every person that has made this sacrifice of their time to help others BECOME AWARE.

BBS Radio is a “service to others” calling, dedicated to sharing information and inspiration, in the pursuit of understanding, awareness, and peace. Our belief is, “beautiful intentions inspire beautiful creations, and we all are perfect parts of the Whole”!

The Vision: To build a media portal, primarily encompassing Internet and Radio, that is not mainstream media but a unifying, interactive source of enlightenment, an empowering force, “a spiritual media force” developed by people with a passion for Life, the Earth, its inhabitants, knowledge, peace, wisdom, awareness and love! A portal providing a broad range of productions and information to promote natural alternative health, joy, free energy, self-awareness, and the existence of E.T. All in an effort to increase the vibration of the people and the planet, as it enters into this wonderful New Age of Aquarius.

We’ve built an area where people can post their thoughts, ideas and articles relating to current global events, changes in the human condition, changes to our planet, our divine relationship to the Creator, “The Law of One”, free energy, our star visitors, spirituality, life after death, extra-terrestrial connections, and much more. It is important to us that people become aware of what is happening to the Earth and the people that inhabit it. Our Earth is going through a transition that could lead to severe changes. We may be able to prevent some of these by understanding who we are and why we are here. It could be a time for a great many changes in perception, perhaps even in the awareness of our connection!

BBS Radio was created to promote a smorgasbord variety of shows to lift up the human spirit to a higher vibration. Everyone with a passion should be allowed to spread their message from the heart, without being controlled by mainstream media and corporate greed.

It is our greatest desire to be of service to others, united “as One”, in helping bring about peace, harmony and joy to the planet. We pray to keep our intent pure and our actions geared toward the highest good for all concerned. We hope this energy will build a quality within the matrix that can transform and raise the vibration of the planet, and bring about positive change! The more people that join in this higher purpose the greater the flows of positive energy that transforms us all.

BBS Radio has been around since 2004.  I have had BBS Radio on my site for close to a year and have always been really happy with their service.  Most of our calls you find on Welcome The Light are done on the radio through BBS Radio.

Note that BBS Radio is not only geared towards spiritual talk radio but many other areas:

A few reasons why BBS Radio is the #1 World-wide Live Internet Talk Radio Network, and why everyone everywhere is tuning into the higher frequencies on…

  1. BBS Network provides original programming! We produce & broadcast more original live talk radio than most remotely engineered internet talk radio networks. (Live)
  2. We play only the hottest new music from the best new indie artists on the planet. Sensational sounds from the unknown masters. (Best Music)
  3. Hundreds of live and archived shows to discover. (Quality, Variety & Choice)
  4. Two radio stations operating independently of each other. (24/7)
  5. Dedicated and managed servers for reliability and functionality.
  6. 90% of programming is live and interactive. (Audience Participation)
  7. Same day automated archiving of programs. (Fast Turn-a-round)
  8. Toll free call-in number and mulitple call in lines (Multiple Call in Numbers)
  9. Free readings and consultations from people that are the best in their field.
  10. Broadcast streams to all media types, “one click” Flash streams, Quicktime for Mac/Apple users, VideoLan, direct ports, etc. We also stream in mulitple bit rates. (All Player Types)
  11. Listeners may also dial in to the conference lines and listen to our broadcasts on their phones. Any phone works. (That’s Right!)
  12. Internationally recognized list of show hosts & co-stars. (Amazing Hosts)
  13. Interviews with more world-renowned guests in a week than most radio networks in a month. (Famous Guests)
  14. One of the largest spiritually empowering and profoundly life changing talk radio networks in the World!
  15. Always in service to others! Always!

Everything that is done on their radio is archived.   You can retrieve all of their archives by clicking  HERE.

Thanks for tuning in!

Much love,

P.S.  If you own a website and are interested in helping BBS Radio get their programming out, click HERE for more information.

BBS Radio. There are no equals! Get Archive Access Now


Did you like what you read here? If so, please be kind enough to donate to support the cause (click HERE). It takes time and money to create a website like this and I love doing it so anything would be very much appreciated. And I’ll personally email you a free thank-you gift in returnmy 214 page ebook about debt, credit, bankruptcy, investing and much more!

BBS Radio. There are no equals! Get Archive Access Now

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