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Gov. Jesse Ventura Proves 9/11 Cover-Up: Cheney Accused Of Engineering Pentagon Attack

“thought it was a bomb…walked out through the hole..burning plane parts…threatened to keep silent”

December 19, 2010


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Confirmed sources in the Nigerian government tell us, in order to keep former Vice President Cheney out of prison for crimes involving Nigeria, $500,000,000 in bribes have been promised, negotiated by former President George H.W. Bush.   Now, only a day later, Cheney faces possible charges, so many charges they can only be imagined, for planning the Pentagon attack on 9/11.

TV host, Jesse Ventura, former Navy Seal, former Governor of Minnesota, on a one hour documentary on prime-time American television (aired December 17, 2010), makes an open and shut criminal case tying Cheney, Rumsfeld and officials throughout the US government with complicity in the planning, execution and subsequent cover-up of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.

According to experts on 9/11, engineers, pilots, intelligence officers and members of our military, Jesse Ventura “hit the nail on the head.”  Ventura, using evidence developed over 9 years by hundreds of individuals, outlines the utter impossibility of the government’s cover story on 9/11 and systematically debunks it using testimony and scientific evidence.

Ventura cites, in an interview with a 9/11 commissioner, a possible motive for the Pentagon attack being included with the attacks on the World Trade Center.  $2,300,000,000,000, yes 2.3 trillion US dollars had disappeared, cited only the day before in a televised statement by Secretary Rumsfeld, money “gone missing” from the Pentagon’s accounting.  The area of the Pentagon hit by a missile or destroyed by explosives or both contained all records of this missing money.


Ventura proves, beyond any doubt that no airplane every hit the Pentagon.  As the video shows, not even a highly trained airline pilot was capable of the maneuvers claimed.  Long before, it had been proven that the 757 was incapable of the task, either the maneuvers or the speed and trajectory.  The plane would have come apart, there is no disagreement with this and hasn’t been for some time, yet nothing had been done.  Why?

It is also clearly shown that there is absolutely no evidence of any kind showing a plane hit the Pentagon, no wreckage, no bodies, no luggage.  Items claimed to have been taken to Dover Air Force Base, bodies, plane parts, were never at the Pentagon as both video and testimony prove.

There is also proof that the government threatened witnesses, telling them to support the “aircraft scenario.”


The basis for the conspiracy theory regarding Muslim hijackers with box cutters was based on supposed phone calls made by Barbara Olson, wife of Bush Solicitor General.  Solicitor General Olson claimed he talked to his wife on a cell phone, spoke with her at length, while she described the hijackings as now dramatized by Hollywood.  When it was proven that a cell phone is incapable of making such calls, Olson claimed it was a “seat back phone.”  When it was proven that there were no seat back phones on American Airlines 757 aircraft, nothing further was asked.




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  1. Its Time!! Thank you for this!

  2. Daniel says:

    I just wish that those whom plot, cover, hide the truth for dark-intentions, or fear were now to be in the light of understanding that it’s a terrible spiritual debt (both fellow humans, planetary consciousness and Universe; cause and effect energies); and with that knowledge / inner-feeling – to start working with humanity before it’s too late for them whilst Earth based… You can always still make a start even though your debt may take you to pay back with new lifes to come.
    Interestingly enough, Dr.Brian Weiss has done some regressions where people have seen there future journeys with energy growth probabilities. You can see the different growth-potentials with either immediate change or delayed effect. The scale can alter.

    The only good that can serve us is that we strengthen our inner Love and forgiveness of those whom work against the Divine career… In time… all will change for the better…

  3. jackpotlady says:

    It is about time. All is going to be revealed and this part of the universe is no longer hidden behind the frequency wall. Look for the pillars of light in 2011.

  4. skinwalker says:

    Beth, what has happened to your website ?

    Where’s mark ????????

  5. muscltory says:

    Thanks to Jessie’s new show! On the day 9/11 happened, I told my friends, family, and neighbors that Bush and Cheney were responsible. They thought I was nuts to think a president would attack his own nation. Besides this Bush and Cheney tortured & murdered over 5 million people so far, no one seems to be laughing at me anymore.

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