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VIDEO: The Secret Of Secrets

November 26, 2010

See how the Sun’s effect on Radioactive decay on Earth is related to the coming shift in Consciousness.

Very interesting video…


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  1. Jackpotlady says:

    These truly are exciting and wonderful times. This video was amazing!

  2. John Grae says:

    I found the video interesting however if you go to his site and view some of the others fear seems to sneak in here and there. Predictions can be changed in an instant.I must admit that the properties of Carbon 7 are of keen interest, providing it does what it says. Regards John.

  3. John Grae says:

    Hi Tony, Just letting you know of change of email. Regards John

  4. William MacDonald Gibb says:

    Thank you x shared

  5. dennis says:

    hello there,
    nice posting on transmutation,
    let us all come together and share our love with another.
    the time and place is now, here on planet earth.
    let us unite everyone, darkness and light combined as one leaving all dualistic views for what they are~° illusions. let the energy of christ fulfill us with the
    love and compassion that we need to look ourselves in the eye so we can love our neighbours for what they are, the same, and nothing else could ever change that.
    love from hol(y)land.

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