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VIDEO: Saturated With UFOs…

October 29, 2010

I seem to be saturated at the moment. Not sure why. Its just another high point on the already impossibly high chart. I am getting a lot of comments down here, such as “planes” or “helicopters” and I am telling you that they were neither. You would have heard it. Everywhere, whom ever, what ever, is everywhere. Some people are truly noticing. But they don’t speak up about it. Some people don’t notice at all. They are texting, tweeting, facebooking, I-pad, blah, blah……..damn. What ever it is, it’s on the move. ses76, YouTube


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  1. Noneya says:

    Also.. after watching it a few more mins, are you sure your friend doesn’t live next to some kind of airport? Because they were all headed the same direction and seemed to be declining as if they were going to land. And a few going the other direction looked like they were taking off from that same point! Maybe some kind of Military base? Because you know they test and fly unidentified flying objects all the time, some that dont make noise, diff lighting patterns, anything you can think of the military is doing it.. they just dont talk about it. Also, where are you filming this at? That would help the viewers out a bit if they knew where you were so maybe they can come to their own conclusions, depending on where all this was shot. And on my other post, sorry about the stupid comment… no hard feelings? Anyways its a good video I suppose, kind of freaky but still makes me wonder how far the nearest airport is.

  2. hooibe says:

    This is awesome footage…. the issue is you must stick with the video till the end. He zooms in and what you see is definitely worthy of serious interest. I suppose we all see what we want to see; you see airplanes and new technology up there? Ok. I see something else which I believe just may lead to disclosure, finally.

  3. Cari says:

    Planes don’t sit still and then barley move. Come on guys. These are not average known crafts. Helecopters? You would hear that many helos. They don” fly around together like that and have bright lights at their centers. At 9:37 he is capturing an egg shaped object with light emanating from all sides of it. This is undeniable evidence in my opinion. Better than anything I have EVER seen.

  4. cathy says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your!
    fabulous work ..hope to ee some more of your great photography soon.
    so amazing, and they don’t look ,sound or move like any planes or helicopters that I’ve ever seen( unless of course they are super high tech government air craft)..but why they would fly around at night like that all together is beyond me.. surely the goverment would know that people could see them at night ..?
    One night in 1993 6 other people and myself witnessed the strangest thing in the sky here a huge ornage light with a white halo, and it flew in and hung in the sky above our heads It felt like it was really watching us . then it sped off at the most amazing speed ever .. it zig-zagged then went straight up leaving a white tail behind it.. other people in the area saw it and rang the local paper.I was dumbfounded, not knowing what it was It felt unearthly and was definitely a ufo, something unidentified and beyond our earthly understanding in the way it moved etc.

    good luck with taking more videos..and well done It was o wonderful to ee so many like that ..are we being invaded by another planet I wonder.

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