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VIDEO: Massive Fleet Of UFOs Over Pennsylvania/Delaware, Cincinnati, & New York – October 23, 2010!

[Now the sightings are starting to come frequently and in more numbers! All of these were on October 22, 2010! T]

October 22, 2010

“UFO sightings Rt.7 & Rt. 41, near the Pennsylvania/Delaware line at 7:00pm EST. These “things” had no sound as they slowly flew above our heads. Quite a few cars pulled over and took pictures.”



New York

“Recorded on October 22, 2010 using my Flip Video camcorder showing strange lights over NYC making some kind of formation.”

October 13, 2010 New York Sighting Update


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  1. Pete says:

    Sheldan Nidle, a long-time GF contactee, has been teaching that the Galactic Federation has been preparing us on Earth to make First Open Contact with them for quite some time. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as regards what else is happening and will happen.

    Sheldan has an incredible compendium of information to share about all of this. I highly recommend you get on his e-mail list if you are at all intrigued. If you don’t learn about his take on this UFO phenomena, you may be missing a major piece of the “puzzle.”

    Sheldan is the founder of the Planetary Activation Organization.


  2. Daniel says:

    Some good words there from Pete (24/10 2:32pm). Also, include to your post/search; Patricia Cori (Contactee for the Sirian High Council). You can look for Lisa Renee, Karen Bishop for energy-info…

  3. Wakeup says:

    Those “Galatic Federation” posers are part of the well known NESARA scam thats been going on for years.
    Don’t believe a word they spew out.

    Learn more here:

    • admin says:


      You should do a little more careful research when you discuss NESARA. There are two NESARA’s out there. The one that you mention on the Quatloos site is the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act – an “Act” that was created by the dark to confuse the NESARA situation.

      The NESARA that you should be researching is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act – something totally different than the one that you are focussed on. You can read more about it here:

      Then you will realize that these “Galactic Posers” are actually informing you of something good that you should be focussing your positive energy to. LL, Tony.

    • Re your comment – I do not in any way represent NESARA and have no affiliation with that organization. Please do your homework before making blanket statements about others.

  4. videosoftheheart says:

    I believe these stories because I am seeing real UFO’s so often I’ve started making videos
    just to keep everything documented…I have a scientist friend whom is an astronomer studying my pictures….their pretty crazy!

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