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Two More Great UFO Videos – Mexico, El Paso, and Brazil!

[Here’s just a couple more really cool UFO videos that I think you’ll enjoy. T]

October 18, 2010

This is a great video showing the El Paso lights of October 15th being compared to lights in Brazil that happened earlier this year.  A must see!

October 15, 2010 – El Paso, Texas and Brazil

This is a cool shot in broad daylight in Mexico.  It’s dated October 17th, but it could have just been posted on that date.

October 17, 2010 – Oaxaca, Mexico


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  1. Sol says:

    Why? Why? Does everyone persist in ignoring facts.
    New York UFO’s – Wrong, just balloons. If you look they even behave like a bunch of escaped balloons.
    El Paso UFO’s – Wrong again, a night jump parachute team.
    If you take a minute to think how a team of jumpers would put on a show i.e leave the plane join up in a formation (while free falling with flares)break at an agreed height and split to get some distance before pulling their chutes. Behold a single tailed light splitting into many. As soon as the chutes are pulled the lights would loose their tails and appear to hang and move slowly. The parachutists would then orbit and take turns in landing hence the erratic behavior and formation of the slow moving lights. Also when a parachutist wants to get down quickly they do a spin and this would look like a long spiral especially if they had flares.
    I want to believe and I have that feeling that there is more out there than we know. But while the so called UFO blogs and sites throw every little thing up as legitimate UFO sightings or PROOF there is no credibility. We are going to see the main steam media report novelty stories with silly grins hear the endless playing X Files music. Lets lift the bar, question the stories and do some research before claiming it was an ET event. It’s not a crime to know the real facts.

  2. adrian says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Sol!

  3. Manny says:

    I’m just curious as to why the UFOs will not fly lower. So there would be NO doubt. They’re are always just high enough to have questions asked.

    • ELIJAH says:

      the reason why they do not come lower is cause is not time yet and (fyi) they do come lower they just have cloaking devices in them soo therefore there here its just not time for the human race to see them

  4. Allan says:

    Ever hear of the very serious, very engaged, very scientific, very worldwide Disclosure Project? There is no group of people on Earth taking this as seriously as they are, and there is no group of people doing this at all who are more qualified. They are available and they are talking and they have PLENTY of evidence. Not hints or suppositions or crap. They have no need to be right. They have got experience, facts, evidence and truth.

  5. RANDY says:


    Yes some of the footage may have been balloons,there were balloons in NYC but the people have seen many ballons flying through the air before. If you read the ccomments from New Yorkers they all said what they saw was not balloons, what they mostly saw was shiny metalic objects flying in all different directions and lasted all day long. The media is only showiing things that they only want the public to see, thats why this all becomes so confused.

    The El Paso event may have been a team of jumpers, but I have not seen any evidence of this, if this is the reason for the sighting then fine lets see the proof, otherwise it is pure speculation.

    Remember the media is suppressing all of this, that is there main agenda.

    Here is a video I think you will like, it starts out slow and starts getting much better from the middle to the end. It is a long video I hope you like it.


  6. John says:

    Sol might have a point! I doubt it though, unless the same parachute team have gone to other part of the world to do the same stunt? and in some instances the same formation! like a good many things humans don’t believe anything until it hits them in mouth!

  7. Sol says:

    It’s a few days on since I posted the first thread and I think we can safely say that the the night lights over El Paso were indeed sky divers. There are several links on the web but this one seems to say it all.
    Randy’s video link is certainly interesting. Man made or ?
    It’s hard to come to grips with whole Orb thing, what would be their point, to do what? There is as many idea’s on the web as there are sightings. One of those wait and see mysteries I guess. In out back Australia we have what we call Min Min lights(Google them)that have been seen by the indigenous people for hundred or thousands of years. They are still reported from time to time. I would be a skeptic, however both my Father and Mother had stories of the lights/orbs. One where a glowing object passed through a window and slowly exited up a chimney. My father told me of being followed by glowing balls of light while he was driving at night many years ago. Are these the same phenomena as every one else is seeing around the world? Again one has to ask, a natural occurrence or some thing else?
    Enough of my ramblings, keep an open mind and look for the facts.

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