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St.Germain: Light In The Capitol

Saint Germain addressing the September 21, 2010 teleconference:

“Greetings Beloved Family!  It is I, Saint Germain.  That song* was prophecy.  It was a bit before this time but we know that there are many of you in this gathering who remember it.  It was sung by various personalities and it was prophecy.  And so we speak today with you, joining us in this wondrous gathering, and you have heard the news and you have heard many aspects of the news and you know that the times for change are NOW – in each moment, in every second that goes by, there is change happening.

“And it is a change that we know has been long awaited, and it is a change that may, even in this wondrous, wondrous gathering of lightworkers, Family, brothers and sisters all, there may have been some of you who somewhere along the way have lost hope, but your lights have been burning bright, Beloved Ones, and we have been burning the lights for you to shine and help to light your way so that you would know always in the sacredness of your own being that the changes will bring your true reality.

“There might be some bumpy roads, some storms, some challenging times, and we say to all of you who have experienced any of these: ‘You’re still here!’  And we are here with you more than ever, connected in this great purpose and mission.  And so we ask you to join with us to continue the co-creations that we have begun with our Peace Exercises.  And we shall bring another energizing and empowering exercise into reality, into creation, in these moments that we have together.

“It all leads to the same place – to freedom, to abundance; and most of all to a place where you can passionately love and live and be secure in your joy and know that’s your purpose, that’s what you’re here to create is this unending freedom to have all that you desire to have, on every level, not just physical; to be on your Ascension path and feeling the forward progress of it, not just the ascensionitis; to accomplish your Ascension wherein you become a permanent resident of higher dimensionality with freedom to go anywhere that you please, knowing that you could always return; and to live in service to yourself and to all others; to feel the permanence of Love and the absence of fear and all of the fear-based emotions; to have time to get reacquainted with yourselves – all of you – your divinity, your inner child, and yes, your twin flame who may be with you or may be with you waiting somewhere for you, before or after Ascension.

“And so we offer you this world which has not always seemed all that friendly or loving.  And you are all old souls who have been here many times, and other places of course.  But we ask that you just take a moment and just savor yourselves and all that you’ve been and all of the identities on planet Earth that you’ve had, and remember that your main identity has always been and always will be love.  That’s who you are, the light of love.  Shine that throughout your being and beyond, and as you do that let us join our love lights together.

“Breathe in the light of this Family, this gathering, this company, and breathe in the light of all those who will be joining with their reading or their listening who are not here in their physicalities at this moment.  This goes around the entire planet, Beloved Ones.  We have Family everywhere, we have lightworkers to connect with everywhere, and we are connecting.  Allow yourselves to breathe in that wondrous Love, that wondrous light, and that wondrous connection. Let it go deep, deep into your hearts.  Feel it in your wisdom eye, feel it coming into your crown, feel it coming up from mother Gaia, feel it coming to you from all of the kingdoms, joining, amplifying this Lovelight which is all of us together in this moment of creation.  Raise yourselves into it, feel yourselves tingling with it or vibrating faster with it, or however you feel it, just allow it.  Allow it!

“And now we ask that you would focus, focus upon that place called Washington D.C. from whence this freedom, this call to the world, this announcement of NESARA will go forth. Now see the glass houses of government that Ashtar was speaking of, see the Capitol building, see it all made of glass.  Focus upon it, bring it in to your wisdom eye and see it in its truth.  You will see windows, perhaps even doors if you get up close.  You’ll see that round dome, you’ll see a place which you can call its crown if you will.

Now in one great breath, blooooooooooow your light into all of the openings that you see in that building and watch as the building lights up inside, you can see it because it’s transparent, it’s glass. And see that light of Love going everywhere, into every opening, down every hallway, through all of it, and see the delight, the surprise on the faces of those who are inside.  Here is the Congressman’s secretary beaming with Joy – at last the light is shining bright in this office and building where the laws are made.

“At last the light of Love is coming forth.  See the Congressman who’s only been there one time, who’s made it through the primary in his or her state but is unsure because they have been recruited so heavily.  And he says, ‘I stand tall, I know who I am, I am Mr. Smith, I will not allow corruption to sway me from my path of righteous representation of the people who trust me and who have sent me here.’  And see another one coming in from his own private office and saying, ‘Oh, what’s this?  Hmmm.  I don’t need my dark hat anymore, I see a white hat in this light and I’m going to help myself to it and put it on.’

“Throughout this entire Capitol building see the light permeating every corner, see the light so powerful it can go through any doors that are closed, it just gently opens the doors and comes in.  It’s the light of Love, Truth, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude to all.  It is the light, the golden white light of integrity, the light of Christ Consciousness, the light of higher dimensional living.  And as it spreads and permeates the building, there’s so much of it streaming in to the building, so much of it that we are sending in that the building fills with it and starts to overflow and see that light streaming out of the building!  Streaming everywhere, to the Pentagon, to the office buildings of the Senate and the Congress, to the Supreme Court, and to the White House, where the great light in the White House greets it and mingles with it, and welcomes it, and joins it in going out forth even more so that the entire city of Washington D.C. is lit with this golden-white light. Of course, it must expand and expand, and expand.  This is Truth coming home where it belongs, coming out of that glass building and going everywhere across the land.  This is Freedom! This is the Organic Constitution coming to light.  This is reality.  This is setting the stage, creating the home for the freedom to be expressed and realized.

“And now see it going across the oceans and to the other lands in the Americas, and over the poles and all over planet Earth.  And see the joyful people, see their faces literally lighting up as this light comes to them and as they say, ‘Well it’s happening, it’s happened, change.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for these wonderful changes.  Thank you that the time is now and that the Freedom is here and that the Love is now anchored throughout the planet.’

“And let the peacemakers lead the way for parades of Peace all over the world.  Let the soldiers put down their guns; let those who are sitting at their computers deciding where the battles should rage next, let them stop, let their computers fall silent as this great light fills their space that they occupy.  Let the sailors on the ships and the armies on the land look at each other and see the light shining back at them from those they once called so long ago ‘the enemy.’ It’s all changed now, it’s all light, it’s all lit and the world is in Joy.  The message of the light is so strong that it raises the vibrations of all, the consciousness of the entire planet is literally lit with Love and with Joy because the times have changed.

“And so we ask that you just breathe in this Joy, this Love, this Abundance, this Freedom that we have co-created and presented to all of planet Earth.  We ask that you now come away from that glass Capitol building and bring yourselves to a place above the planet and now see the entire wondrous planet Earth, the globe that it is, brilliant, brilliant with this radiant light.  And now see how, just like crystal, it beams that light out so bright that the whole entire universe can see it.

“And this, Beloved Family, beloved brothers and sisters is what we have co-created together in this precious and sacred time that we share.  Know that all of your guides, angels, your entire company and all of the ascended masters and indeed all of the dwellers of the angelic realms, and the kingdoms of mother Gaia are with you in Joy and in Love, and in the brightness and sacredness, and yes, the Truth and Freedom and Peace on Earth in this moment.  We are together in even more recognition of each other, and in even higher vibrations together.  And so we thank you, we thank you profoundly and completely, and from our hearts to yours for your loving participation and for what you give to the planet.

“So keep this light bright within you, Beloved Ones.  Keep it bright with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude as Ashtar has taught, and shine it forth in every moment for any occasion throughout your own beings and beyond.  And remember we are with you in that light of togetherness, in that light of family, in that light of Love, evermore.  And so it is, Beloved Ones, and so it is.  Namaste.”

Mother Sekhmet**

“Well I just have to say I love being part of this with you, this was a high moment for all.  You are so awesome and we so love you, and now we suggest that as you’re beaming this light you enjoy even more of what goes on inside of that glass building and beyond, because as Ashtar says, ‘stay tuned!’  Blessings to all and grand heart-felt appreciation to all of you for being with us and to all of those yet to join we say from our hearts, ‘Namaste and blessings.’”

* The song The Times They Are A’Changing as sung by Joan Baez was played before St.Germain spoke:


Transcription by Brian Coe.


Given through Susan Leland, September 21, 2010.  © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.



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