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My First Encounter With Cloudships – And Here’s The Picture!

October 14, 2010

On October 11, 2010, I was travelling along a high mountain pass in British Columbia, Canada and as I crested a hill, I noticed this long cloud that had rather odd rounded edges (it’s the bottom cloud in the above picture).  The edges stuck out over all the other clouds in the sky – they just looked really different.

I continued along the road for another 10 minutes and looked up and noticed, all of a sudden, stacked on that rather unusual cloud were 3 cloudships – all on top of one another.

I’ve seen pictures like this over Mt. Shasta, the Himalayas, or other mountains but I have never actually seen them in person.

Until now.

I took this picture at 3:22pm PST on October 11, 2010 (in case there are any numerology experts out there).

I remember thinking how wonderful it was to actually see something like this in person and how I hoped that it would be a precursor to disclosure.

Then look what happened a couple days later – UFOs all over the world.

I just wanted to share this with you because it really is a rather cool pic!

Much love, Tony.


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  1. Jackpotlady says:

    Yes, here in Reno NV there are tons of cloudships and sometimes we sit outside with all of our neighbors and just watch. There have been several around lately and I think it is just part of disclosure about to happen and I always feel so blissful when they are around. I would like to live in a glass dome on top of a mountain because I never get tired of seeing them!

  2. Raven says:

    I saw a cloudship in the Strait of Juan De Fuca last week over water on a cloudy day with no thermals. It was very symmetrical unlike a typical lens shaped humpback cloud. There were 5 layers in the stack. In 50 years of exploring all over the world, I have never seen a cloud that remotely resembled it. I am hoping for more sightings.

  3. Charlotte says:

    While driving to a friend’s house one day several months ago our car was suddenly surrounded by clouds like these. When I commented that I thought they looked like ufo’s disguised by clouds, everyone in the car laughed at me and said I was foolish. I didn’t (still don’t) care what anyone else thinks, I know in my heart that they are not just clouds. I’m so glad to find some other people who think like I do!! :)

  4. Charlotte says:

    I should have mentioned that I am in the South-East corner of Kansas and since that first sighting, I have had two additional sightings. All were very near my home here in Kansas.

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