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Large Triangular UFO Over Nairobi, Kenya – October 13, 2010

[Another sighting from around the world on October 13, 2010.  If anyone is in that region and can confirm, please let me know. T]

October 14, 2010


I have received 2 emails about a large triangle Ufo being spotted over Nairobi, Kenya. Would like to hear more from anyone in that region, please let us know more about what you saw.

Here is a report from a RealUfos reader:

I am an American ex-pat living in Nairobi, Kenya. It is currently 12:30 pm on October 14, 2010.

I have been looking for a credible source to report what I saw last night and I found this site. I am sorry for not reporting earlier but our power was just restored. Over the city of Nairobi and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (which is positioned slightly out of the city) was what appeared to be a massive triangle shaped aircraft. It was stationary for quite a while and then hovered to the center of the city. It was not a low flying aircraft, however, it was moving incredibly slowly for something that large.

I have not heard anything about it on the local news in Kenya but I know what I and my colleagues saw. It appeared to be one solid aircraft with three points of lights. However, it could have been three seperate aircrafts flying in formation. While the aircraft was near the airport I did not witness any commercial aircraft take off or land.



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  1. jimmy says:

    Hmmmm….From JKIA to the center of the city?… :-)
    From which roof top would you be able to see such a vast view and accurately determine the arial position of an object over both locations?

    There was no such sighting!

    Just go to the national park and enjoy the wildlife like every other tourist.

    why is it only westerners who claim to see these things anyway?

  2. robert says:

    i live in nairobi, i'm a ufo enthusiast, let me tell you all the truth, no ufo has been spotted in nairobi, i was born here and i know the skies very well, and not forget , i'm a ufo enthusiast, maybe in the future one may be spoted, the truth is very important.

  3. john Odhiambo says:

    UFO never spotted in kenya ? I am not saying it was a UFO but back in 1986 around august  a spectacular object  was seen by thosands of witnesses over several parts of the country at approx the same time. Some people described it as a flying city. I had gone for a bike ride to lake magadi with about 300 other people. we were camped outside and at about 9.00pm this massive object probably the size of a stadium and coverd with orange lights and a long shooting star like tail of fire or lights slowly floated over us at the speed of a commercial jet liner and no sound. It appeared from the western horizon and travelled east towards the indian ocean. Every body was stunned. There were numerous reports on the news papers the next day. It was never confirmed what this object was. I still very clearly remember what I saw. Does anybody else remember this event?

    • George says:

      Yes i remember the 86 event.i was about 7 years and my dad and i did see IT over langata otiende area. it looked like a flying looked like it was burning with something like red dust all around it was huge.

    • Arasa says:

      John, you have described exactly how it happened! By then I was in Kipkelion while you were in Magadi and from your description you would think we were together. I still count myself lucky to have witnessed that event. It was spectacular to say the least… Nobody can talk me out of UFOs. It was, however, in November. I will love to have many such sightings.

      Did you also realize, John, that there was even a cartoon the next day showing people at the airport control tower dashing to the window to catch sight of the object since it wasn’t showing on the radar!!!?

    • CK says:

      Found a similar, if not the same, incident in the Parliamentary Hansard of 29th November 1986 discussed by the then Members of Parliament. Amazing how they just rubbished it as a meteor, though they acknowledge it terrified witnesses all across the country!
      Anyway, if these beings want to communicate, they would have by now. My concern is that 99% of Kenyans, unlike most westerners would be completely shocked to their teeth and heels, knowing how spiritual we are.

  4. alex says:

    I am not so sure about this but I have been following ufo articles on the internet since 2009 and I have come across an article that purportedly reports that in the mid fifties in central Kenya a whole village was totally wiped out by a circular aircraft. Has anyone come across this since I can’t find the link anymore. It is finally nice to know that there are other enthusiasts out there. Keep it up and soon we might have our own exclusive club.

  5. manof says:

    I like the website and Im here because last evening at around 18.40 hours(after checking my phone time’s stamp), i sought privacy to talk with my girlfriend. i went around the balcony and as i enjoyed the skyline noticed a humongous disc stationed in the sky and very stationary,like moon only that it was too large and seemed transparent and hung abnormally low for the moon i have always known. when i departed my sisters house at in Kiambu town, it was around 7.30pm and the moon as i know it was like 150 degrees from ‘its original position’. my question is, does the moon travel this fast across the sky or was it a ufo using serious technology to cloak itself?

  6. manof says:

    i have just bumped into a small picture that describes what i saw last eve. is there a way to upload pictures?

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