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How Did UT Shooter Get Mohammed Atta’s Eyes & Eyebrows?

[Look at the eyes on both photos – they are the same.  Look at the light highlight in both eyes – it is in the same spot.  This person was photoshopped. Can you see the other similarities? T]

September 30, 2010
Lori Price

How Did UT Shooter Tooley Get Mohammed Atta’s Eyes, Eyebrows? Another CIA Photoshop PSYOP?

On Tuesday, a 19-year-old student at the Austin campus of the University of Texas, allegedly brandished an AK-47 and fired ‘several shots’ as he ‘ran through the campus,’ ultimately killing no one but himself. Witnesses reported a second gunman. However, later media reports morphed into a ‘lone wolf’ scenario, concluding that the alleged shooter, Colton J. Tooley, acted alone.

As the list of ‘oddities’ grows regarding this shooting incident — as with so many others — the possibility of another CIA Photoshop PSYOP emerges. A comparison of the image of Mohammed Atta, one of the alleged masterminds and ringleader of the 9/11 terror attacks, and that of Colton Tooley, the alleged AK-47-toting math major, reveals a startling similarity between their eyes, eyebrows and hairlines.

Is the CIA/media generating and promoting the ‘angry Muslim terrorist’ visage, in order to gain support for shutting or wiretapping the Internet amidst a barrage of false flags and phony terror alerts? See also: Virginia Tech Shooting ‘Oddities’, NIU Shooting ‘Oddities’, and Pentagon Shooting ‘Oddities’.


Mohammed Atta

Colton Tooley


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