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GRT: 10-10-10 World Wide Peace Meditation

[GRT is back up!  Beth just sent this out.  Let’s all join in for this meditation for Peace on 10-10-10. T]

October 8, 2010

Welcome Back to the Galactic Round Table!

I have missed all of you!

Let us Join Together in Unity Consciousness as We Co-Create Full Galactic Disclosure Together.

In order to accomplish this, Every Human Being is expected to exert a certain amount of effort for their own freedom and the freedom of ALL LIFE on Earth. Certainly each of you can take five minutes out of your life each day and command The THREE FOLD FLAME from Your Heart strike into every individual in governments, in corporate life, in education, into everyone who is trying to stop the Light and the FREEDOM of all Human Life. WILL YOU DO IT?

I invite you to join me for a Guided Meditation which will be on YouTube for 10 minutes on 10/10/10. We will join in chat on the Galactic Round Table a few minutes before. In order to participate fully, each individual must take some time out of their regular routine. Allow yourself to sit in quiet where you cannot be disturbed. Turn off your cell phone, turn off your email (try it) turn off the chatter in your mind, turn off any idea that your personality self matters in the realm of this dimension. Stop trying to control everything. Open your heart, open your mind to your Higher True Self.

As you do this, long before our meditation together, imagine the World Post NESARA imagine the World with arrests of the criminals in government and with Full Galactic Disclosure. Imagine how this will effect your mate, your parents, your children? What will they be saying? What will they be doing? How will things look on television? Who will be there talking to you? Lord Maitreya? Lord Ashtar?
Imagine yourself with no legal worries, no slave job, no bills, and plenty of everything. How will it feel? What will you do next? Imagine yourself thinking YES!!! We have evolved together in Unity Consciousness because NOW instead of thinking war is hell, I am thinking I KNEW WE COULD END WAR!!!!! We only needed to concentrate our collective consciousness together as the Creator Gods we are and CREATE IT!!!

USE THIS VISION YOU WILL SPEND SOME TIME DEVELOPING as you participate in the Guided Meditation I will post for 10 minutes on 10/10/10.

Please send this invitation to as many folks on your diverse lists as possible. Send it to those who do not yet meditate. Ask them to please sit and listen to a 10 minute youtube at the correct time and imagine PEACE. Ask your Granny to pray her Rosary at the appointed time. Get as many involved as you can in any way THEY NEED to be comfortable, to be involved. INVITE EVERYONE!!!

It has been proposed in the papers that the Internet could be in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize. Should We Go For It? What would happen if Millions of People connected to Unity Consciousness of PEACE all at once and raised their Vibration at the same time? That would blow all the gaskets of the Computers at Shamballa and at the Silent Watcher of the Council? That would have our Ships Crews and Lord Sananda conferring together THEY DID IT!!! THEY ARE READY!!! We may Declaok Now!!! We may bring in NESARA Law!!!! They All Are Simultaneously BEING PEACE!!!! They decided, finally, to Be The Ones They Have Been Waiting For!!!!

Why not give it a go? It IS that simple?!!

Please email the news agencies and let them know what we have decided to do, and why, and please ask them to join too. Please synergistically connect it to all your “friends” electronically in the machine and through the heart and invite them to participate in All Countries Around The World. Try it, you may like it! IT IS TIME COMMANDERS!!! Do you remember what happened the last time we had a 10 minute International Meditation to THINK PEACE? The Galactics showed up and we have it on tape:

Thank you John and Yoko and we Miss You John, tomorrow would have been your 70th Birthday. Let’s Imagine Together!

All my Gratitude and All My Love, Beth

P.S. Be Sure to Discuss All Your Dreams for Full Galactic Disclosure
Here with Your Family on Galactic Round Table!

Visit The Galactic roundtable at:


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