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Ashtar October 10th: Lift Your Spirits!

Ashtar addressing the October 5, 2010 teleconference:

“Well greetings, Beloveds!  It is so delightful that we are all here in this Family gathering.  And yes, we have had a few glitches, but all is well and wondrous in this grand gathering of Love and Light.  And we come together with solemn purpose and yet with Joy.  Let us lift up into that Joyful realm where all is Light, all is Love and all is empowered by the loving energies we bring to this gathering.

And for those of you who are with us for the first time, we welcome you, and we say to you, ‘welcome to the Family.’ That is how we see ourselves, that is how we know ourselves with each other.  We have this connection between us, this connection which is called Love, which is deep and never-ending.  And indeed many who come to these gatherings now are finding this connection to be most wondrous indeed because it is deep and loving, and because it provides a focus for all to be in assistance not only each one to himself or herself but to the world, to the planet, to Mother Gaia and all of her kingdoms.  And so we say ‘Thank You for being and joining in this gathering’.  And so there were some technical things which have occurred in the airwaves but be advised there is nothing that will interfere with the recordings, with the links, and with what we are about to do.

“So, we would like to take a moment to add to information which has been given already by Masters Tara and Rama, and it is with great thanks that we present to them our gratitude for bringing us this news and putting it on the table, so to speak, in this gathering.  But we hasten to say that it is not the ones they called the commons, or the commoners, the people of these countries, of the United States of America or of Israel or of any of the other countries who are being so much wanting to enslave everyone else.  This is all according to plan.  The plan was conceived as you most probably know by the Annunaki who have left, who gave up, but the Dark Hats were really loving the power, the control, and the money, the dollars that they had amassed. And so it is that they keep putting out these vibes of dissention.  ‘You’re different from this one so you’ve got to be angry or full of hatred because they’re not you and you’re not them, and so let’s have some war shall we?’  And so it is in some cases with the political leaders of the country, in some cases even the spiritual leaders.  If you haven’t heard this by now we shall state unequivacally that there is no such thing as a holy war. Those two words are in total contradiction of each other.  Holy Peace, yes, and that is where the Planet is coming to. The Peace that passeth all understanding, the Peace of one heart-one mind, the Peace of connecting through the high vibrations of Love and Joy.

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude have been our cornerstones of our teachings from the very beginning of our time of bringing our messages through this particular Voice and others around the world.  And our messages are the same as many others that you are reading and hearing about.  And it is to discern that which comes as Truth and that which comes from lower vibrational programming, particularly from what you might call the astral plane, and from the programming that those who want to stay in charge are trying to keep going.

“Now they are all in a dither you know, they are in a big panic, they are running around and chasing each other’s tails, and back-biting and so on and so on, because the Light is over-taking the Dark.  And so when we talk about the bankers on Wall Street, the governments that have been corrupted, a lot of the different kinds of things we have been talking about are now coming fully into the light.  Transparency is the name of the game.  Those of you who were with us or who read the transcripts of our previous call, our last gathering, may still be able to envision right up in your minds, call it forth, the Capitol of the United States of America as a symbol, or any other buildings which symbolize power, whether it be Government, religion, or bankers or CEO’s – whatever – all in glass places, glass buildings.  Transparency is what has happened today.  And so it is not the countries themselves, or the beautiful people from all of the countries all over the world, it is that very few, that 2% of the population of Planet Earth that have been working together – even though they might seem to be enemies, there was collusion going on.

“Did you know that there were people in the United States of America who supported – and we are not talking about the people for instance who have come here from Germany, we are not talking about the people, we are talking about those who were wanting to control everything –  Did you know that during the World War called II, that they were supporting Hitler, and both sides?  Ah-ha.  And it was only when Hitler himself got a little bit carried away with his own importance and empowerment, that they decided that they had better reign him in and have him lose that war.  It was a little bit early for them to take over the world openly.  That’s right.  And that’s how it was.  And it was the bankers and some of the corrupted ones in the Government.   There weren’t nearly as many of them then as there are now, but you see the doors opened.  And they brought scientists and, well, gestapo-types, beings with that experience into the United States of America, and they created the CIA.

You all know that the CIA is Al Qaeda? If you didn’t know, you know now.  Al Qaeda started out as some kind of a filing program of the CIA and they have created Al Qaeda and perpetrated everything that Al Qaeda has done.  Now that doesn’t mean that there are not sincere foot soldiers aplenty, and suicide bombers, and so on.  They have been programmed, they have been taken in by the propaganda, and by the lies, and by the deliberate separation.  You have tribes, you have countries, you even have states, and you have individuals and families sometimes who are torn apart by dissention.  And they are encouraged to do so everywhere.  War is a way of life on Planet Earth.  Peace, what’s that?  It’s what’s coming, it’s what’s almost here.  And so we do want to take a moment more to point out that these changes which are going on are a grand signal to the world!

Barack Obama has been under death threats from the very time that he was elected.  And there have been many, many attempts on his life. That’s why Hilary Clinton is more of a hologram, because she was leading some of those attempts, most of them, in fact.  Ah-ha.  Truth is coming out.  It is tumbling out everywhere.  Imagine a dike which is to hold back water.  First there is one hole, then another and then another, and the Dark Hats are doing everything they can to plug up those holes.  But the whole entire dam is giving way and the Truth which they have so carefully hidden, some of it for centuries, is coming out.  And this will be shocking.  Remember Shrub Junior talking about shock and awe?   Well the real shock and awe is hitting the headlines.

“And Barack Obama has told everyone, the Dark Hats, the White Hats, the White Knights, the higher dimensional realms, and all of the people of the Planet, that he knows the time has come, he no longer has to play along with these Dark Hat programs.  So the Rockies, and the Shrubs and the corrupt ones, are being exposed now like they never had before.  You remember we discussed how Sexgate was going to have a major play in bringing them down?   Ah-ha.  And how about that witchy woman?  People don’t really like the idea of sending a witchy woman to the Congress, or the Senate.  Ah-ha.  And so on and so on and so on.  And in case you haven’t heard about it, even the Tan Man [John Boehner] is looking kind of pale today.

“Now we are not saying these things to make fun of anyone.  This is serious business.  But we do ask that you lift up in Joy, that the Truth is coming out more and more.  And discouragement has no place in this world. We know there are still remnants of these programs running.  It is like, if you would picture those of you who know about these things, picture a record on a phonograph machine, and when you turn the ‘off’ switch, the record doesn’t stop instantly, it slows down, does it not, until it comes to a stop.  Guess what?   The ‘Off’ switch has been hit!  Activated, everywhere on the planet.  And as these events are winding down, and events of great high vibration and Joy are taking their place, it is cause to celebrate.  And if you get into Joy and high vibration over it, guess what?   You accelerate it, you make that record go faster and faster and faster on its turntable.   Or you can use CD’s if you want to, but we do think the phonograph record is a bit more dramatic.  And we do enjoy our drama.  So rejoice and be happy and be joyful!

“And having said that, we have told you that we are going to focus upon something which has been so destructive.  And so many people have been so discouraged.  Just look at all of the ones who have lost their homes.  And we know there are some among you who have or who are under that threat.  If it helps any, know that a lot of it is bogus.  The banksters are now so desperate to maintain control, and to try to regain the wealth which has rightfully been taken away from them, they are even trying to take away homes from people who do not owe them any money at all.  But it is stressful, it is very depressing, it is very discouraging, and we understand that.  And that is just one of the things.

“All of the concentrated efforts to make you so sick, that you could not possibly resist and you would become a pawn in the medical system, the so-called modern medical system of the so-called modern countries.  They have taken their toll, and of you, for the most part as you age your body, but of course there are most tragic situations occurring with the very young, even with the babies as they are born.  But for the most part it is as you get older, as you accumulate birthdays, and your body soaks up more and more of these toxins, more and more of these toxic drugs and pesticides and chemicals and metals and so on.  It is that your body’s immune system cannot resist it anymore, and so you get overcome and overwhelmed and you get sick.  And being sick and not feeling well and being exhausted, that is cause for depression, is it not?

“And there are many, many other reasons.  Perhaps a loved one passes from this plane, leaves their body and leaves you in grief and sorrow.  Perhaps for a parent, a child either leaves or gets so ill that they will be leaving.  These are all many, many reasons for depression upon this planet.  Depression, and all of the fear-based emotions and all of the creations of the Ego which cause such misery, is not your natural state of being, Beloved Ones. But it is very difficult, we know, to overcome.  The Voice’s own father went into a depression, and eventually had what they call dementia and progressed from there through various diseases, and so on.  And she saw him fade and she understands what that is about.

“And we know that many of you are witnessing that even now with your family and your friends, or with someone who you hold in high esteem.  What we want to say to you Beloved Ones is, thank them.  First of all thank them because they are presenting pictures of how you want to change the Planet so that this situation does not occur anymore, so that it is healed once and for all. And we are here to help you with that healing.  And there are some very, very simple things that you can do.  And we shall have a guest speaker who will be doing an exercise of healing with everyone here on this call.  And so we shall make inroads on this situation, this state of being called depression, even here in this gathering.

“So what are the causes of depression?  There are as many causes as there are people in depression.   Because everyone, even though We are all One, we are all children of God/Goddess/Mother/Father -We are all made in the image of our Creator, and that is Love, the highest power in the universe – we are still individuals and you, Beloved Ones, are still spending time, your last bit of time if you so choose, nevertheless spending time in the confinements of the human bodies.  And so you haven’t made the change-over yet to your crystalline bodies, it’s in the works, as we say.  But there are those who have not made the commitment yet to moving into the higher dimensions through the Ascension process.

“There are those who may be experiencing some of the discomforts, the Ascensionitis symptoms of the crystalline body formation but they don’t understand it, and by the way, they are not about to listen to you explain it, yes?  That can be discouraging.  Don’t get into depression, get into telepathic communication.  That, Beloved Ones, is the greatest and grandest thing that you can do.  And we shall do an exercise where we will send out the vibes, and we will do a lot of clearing and cleansing of the dendrites and the toxins planet-wide which people have in themselves which are causing depression.   Now you may have heard about aluminum.  There is a whole wealth of drugs which are so-called anti-depressants, but guess what?  Not really.  There are all kinds of drugs.  There are situations, and no person alive on the planet today is living exactly the same life, because there aren’t two of you in your body –  unless of course you’ve got a hitchhiker from beyond.  But that’s a different situation.   And what has been happening all of these years has been programming on top of everything that’s toxic, how about some toxic programming?Ooo-yes.  And there you are being bombarded by it because even today, the Dark Hats own most of the airwaves, (and that’s changing), or what we call the broadcast waves.  And they have been doing their not-so-subtle things, you know the chemtrails and all of those kinds of things.

“So even though you know of your divinity, and even though you know you’re here to fulfill the Ascension process, the commitment that you made, and even though you know that you are here to be a shining light, a beacon to the world to help the world in its Ascension process, it can still be rough going if something kind of ‘splats’ on your head.  Whether it be physical or otherwise, it can create a downward spiral and guess what, it can open you up to programming of the astral type, or the very, very low vibrations of the Dark Hats who are still left in 3D running the programs.  Either way, it’s what you call real yucky.   So what you want to do, is treat is as a toxin, because it is.  And you want to get yourself up and out of that low vibrational situation.  So we are going to run through a few of the things that we have been discussing in our private sessions, and yes you may recognize something from a previous Family gathering, and that’s perfectly alright.  And if you are moving yourself up into high vibration don’t stop to write it down because you can call upon fabulous Fran to send you the link.  And you can take your notes then if you would rather.   But here are some of the things that you can do.

You can state your Intention loud and clear, to cleanse and clear out whatever it is that you feel is not really appropriate or welcome in your being. And you don’t even have to know what it is.  You know about Ho-oponopono and if you don’t, google it.  Learn to do the Ho-oponopono.  All you are doing is cleansing it out of your fields which, in turn, communicate more light to anybody else involved.  At the same time you can be putting a little bit of light around your entire being, and don’t think it stops with your physical, mental, emotional and so on.  Include all of your beings.   That’s your past, your present, your future, your parallel and dimensional selves and all of your bodies.  Connect up.  Connect up!   You can do that in your meditations, you can do that in your sleepy time, you can do that with your Intention by simply taking some deep breaths, getting your brain relaxed, we like to be in the deep alpha state for this, you can go into theta if your wish, it’s comforting.   You can google all of this, there are no secrets about this.  This is just Ashtar’s list of recommendations for you.  And we don’t say to do them all, we are saying to try them out and see what resonates.  Test, test, test.  We shall be having more information on that to present ourselves but you know, you can do pendulums or kinesiology or just go within and listen to your own inner guidance.  Telepathic communication is great for that too.  Do your MAP sessions, do your meditations, bring yourself to Peace.  Walk your doggie, hug your kitty-cat, watch something that causes you to laugh in a joining-in way, not at someone else’s expense.  Take the hand of a child and feel the grace, and feel the Love and the Purity of that light. Offer comfort or aid to someone else and you will see how quickly you get that ‘feeling good’ going when you make those connections of Heart.  All of these things are to lift yourselves up Beloved Ones, and you can teach to others and yes, we have the Ascension Energy Tools which are marvelous for helping to clear.

“So go with all of those that you find resonant with you, and find others.  Connect in with the totality of who you are.  Allow your spirit to light you up, your Higher Self, your guidance team, that’s what they are there for.  And if you are going to go adventuring out beyond your body, be sure that you have at least one of your guides with you, and hold the hand of this Angel or Master.  And state your Intent very clearly to fly in bypass mode of the astral planes, so you don’t pick up anything on your journey. And if you sense that you have picked something up, you can call upon your team or call upon your I AM self to clear whatever might be of low vibration or astral programming.  State your intent loud and clear when you awaken in the morning from your slumbers, or before you go to sleep at night, or both, to put the White Light of the Christ completely around you and to close any openings that might be there for this subliminal low vibrational or astral programming.  It works wonderfully well and it’s very quick and easy to do!

Reprogram your crystals if you feel that is appropriate or perhaps there is one in particular that may have picked up a passing vibration and perhaps should be reprogrammed.  After all, remember where your body is evolving to.  Crystals communicate with each other.  So reprogram your crystals to high dimensional visions, Mantras if you want, Intentions and let them reverberate that programming back to you.  You can do that with some of the Energy Tools as well.  There is nothing, nothing in this world that you cannot accomplish, Beloved Ones, and we are moving up, up and out of 3D anyway.

And our final bit of advice to you for yourselves is to live outside of the box. Take yourselves up and out of 3D.  It’s wonderful.  Fly along.  Mother Sekhmet says you can come for a ride in her little red sports car that flies above the ground and does not have wheels, any time you choose.  Bring yourselves up to the ships.  Fly high and soar.  Bring yourself up but don’t get rid of your Ego.  You invite your Ego to get in the back seat, take a little nap.  Invite your Inner Child to get into the front seat with you and be in Joy.  Now when you are smiling, when you are in high vibrations, depression simply cannot exist.  OK?  And if you feel you need to do a little bit of clearing for depression, you can do the counter-clockwise spiraling.  Invite your guides to come in and help. They are here for this purpose, Beloved Ones. If they had not made themselves known to you, do some telepathic messaging:  ‘Hello Guidance Team, I am here and I am sending you a message loud and clear.  Answer me please.  Are you here with me?’  Stop.  Listen.  When you practice telepathy, remember deep alpha brainwave state is a good one to be in.  And write down your answers if you are just getting started with this.  You will be amazed at how quickly you will progress.  Why?  Because they are here and because they are so anxious to connect with you.

“Now here’s the next part, and we shall be doing an exercise, but what we want to tell you is this.  You can telepathically send messages to anyone you choose to send to.  You can include a loved one who perhaps is in a state of depression.  And you can ask to speak to that loved one’s subconscious or higher conscious depending on where you want to access your information from.  The subconscious is good to start out with because you can get information, if the other one is willing to give it.  And sometimes you can get that communication easier that way than trying to open up a verbal discussion, because it is painful or because they are operating on a sub-conscious level.  In other words they are allowing their sub-conscious to influence them, perhaps there is a program there that is putting them down into a lower vibration.  And if you can get the information from them about that telepathically, they might tell you verbally, ‘I really don’t know why I feel so low today, but I just don’t find any Joy.’  Perhaps you can communicate and find out and open up discussion, verbal or telepathic.

“You can also send them loving energies, high vibrations of Love.  They will open and accept within their being as much as their guidance is telling them to do.  It’s like emails you know, sometimes they sit there for a while in your inbox before you open them.  But it gets there.  The Course in Miracles  teaches that.  They always get there and they are always received in the most appropriate manner and for the highest and best good of the receiver.  You can do this for one individual, you can do this for the entire planet.  Just imagine what would happen if 1,000 or so Lightworkers joined in and agreed to join in at the same time regardless of when that was, because it doesn’t really matter, time is a no-thing where you are going, or where you are coming from, and to just beam the light of Joy to the entire world.  Joy to the World in unison.  Can you imagine the impact it would have on those who are not really feeling joyful in that moment?  And you can put it on automatic replay, perpetual motion.  Then just imagine what would happen if you got another Lightworker to join in, that’s called ‘paying it forward,’ and then another and then another, and pretty soon you have the people who are receiving the light of Joy becoming Lightworkers themselves, and paying it forward.  Now that’s a concept that works!

“So when you have someone who is in deep depression, make light of it in a most serious, most healing and most compassionate way.  Bring the light to them however you can.  If you are in the same place as them, hold their hand.  Rub the back of their neck, bring them comfort, ‘You are not alone, I am here with you, I am here to express Love to you because you so deserve it, because you are so loved, because you are so divine.’  Now have respect and come from Compassion so that if their path is to continue in this manner, you allow them to do so.  You can’t fight it.  You don’t want to fight.  You simply want to give Love, Compassion, Forgiveness.  Don’t say to yourself,  ‘Well, I am not going to spend any more time with that low vibrational being because they just don’t care.’  That’s judgment.  Compassion, Forgiveness, compassionate forgiveness is the absence of judgment.

“Love them no matter how they are, no matter what they have going on in their lives, love them.  Help them clear with Ho’oponopono.  Beloved Ones, you have got a whole tool bag full of these and other tools.  Find what works.  You Reiki Masters, just beam the world and send it out.  Warm up your hands and send it out.  You Beloved Healers of all descriptions and kinds, no matter what the modality is, focus it like a laser and send it out to the world.  And you, Beloved Ones who may have someone who is in depression in your own household, take a look at everything that is 3D, and send healing to that.  And then lift them up that they may come into a higher realm of joy with you.  Take them for a walk, hold their hand, give them hugs – not pity, not sympathy, not empathy.  Don’t get dragged down, just be You, the light of the world, divine being, the one who is here in service and mission, and fill your purpose and connect with your loving Heart and be One with All who do not share your high vibrations.

“And most of all, be mindful of yourselves, be looking, be alert, be listening, and if you feel yourself slipping down, we like to call it down in the dumpies, but you know what we mean, and there is not anyone in this audience who has not been there at some time or other.  And there is not anyone who has had many lifetimes on Planet Earth who has not had an opportunity to experience the full gamut of what this can be,whether you have been persecuted, prosecuted or just plain left by society, outcast as it were.  There is not anyone who has not experienced that because that’s what you came here for.  Remember that, you came in mission and purpose to experience everything that you could.  And so you know the difference between being down and depressed, and between feeling high, high vibrations, high Joy.   So keep this because it empowers not just you, but the world on its Ascension path, and keep this information, and access it, and make even more of a difference in the world than you are now!

“And remember, Beloved Ones, we are with you always, and we love you beyond words, and we honor you for being Family with us and for recognizing Who You Really Are.  And so we shall have another come, but first we shall have a message of music.*  And I, Ashtar, invite you to rise even higher with this music and to be prepared for the awesome mission that we have tonight.   And we shall have a much loved speaker come forward to lead us through the exercise which is so important for the world to receive!  And so it is Beloved Ones.  Salut.”

Transcription by Deborah Urquhart.

Given through Susan Leland, October 5, 2010.  www.AshtarontheRoad.com © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

* The song Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel was played after Ashar’s report:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjNgn4r6SOA&feature=related




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