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Video: Breathtaking View Of The Earth From 70,000 Feet

[This was so awesome I just needed to share it. Love his quote at the end of the clip. T]

September 27, 2010

Hop aboard a U-2 Spy Plane and go along on an amazing ride.

See the world at 30,000, 40,000, 50,000, 60,000 and finally at 70,000 feet.  From 70,000 feet you look down 35,000 feet at a jetliner passing below at its normal cruising altitude of 35,000 ft.

Turn up your sound and expand your picture.  Only the International Space Station is higher.  Really awesome…

Fasten your seat belt for a fantastic ride.  And just as fantastic is the fact that this plane was constructed in the 1950s!

This video is a once in a lifetime experience of a British civilian getting a flight at over 70,000 ft. in a U-2 spy plane.  Please note at the take-off the assist wheels on the outer edges of the wings which drop off upon take-off.   The wings are so long that they need temporary support until lift-off.  What is not shown is at the landing the plane actually slows to a small enough speed that two guys are actually able to grab the wing tips and put those assist wheels back on.

The civilian getting the ride is the host of the car show Top Gear on BBC shown throughout Europe. The views are spectacular as the U-2 flies at altitudes which constitute “SPACE.”

“It’s amazing.  It’s not like you’d imagine it. It’s not like being twice as high as an airliner.  It’s like being in a completely different sphere of human activity.  It’s… and you forget about the helmet and the oxygen and everything and you just see this… it’s just incredible.

If everybody could do that once, it would completely change the face of global politics, religion, education… everything.”

James May, co-host of Top Gear


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  1. Jackpotlady says:

    I grew up tailing my father as he would take me to the Long Beach Ca airport almost every other weekend. We would fly together and it was wonderful. I was adopted and I think I am a starseed and it was planned this way. I thank you for this… it makes me miss flying soooo much. The memories are absolutely wonderful!

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