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Maat & Sekhmet: Truth Exercise – Sep 21st Call

Ma’at* addressing the Ashtar Teleconference, September 7, 2010:

I AM Ma’at, Discerner of Truth. And that which you have heard from Ashtar is the Truth of the matter, the Heart of the matter you might say. It is all about Love, and that is what is real. However, there is a matter of Justice, there is a matter of Freedom, there is a matter of Mercy, and all of these must come before the Council of the Humans on Planet Earth, and then go beyond. This 9-11 event may seem to be more revealed now in all of its Truth to those of you who are with us in this grand company, and these words shall go beyond. I, Ma’at, am here to encourage all to join in the speaking of Truth, in the dissemination of Truth, and in calling forth the Truth from those who are in charge, of presenting Truth to the World.

“There are those who really are the tellers of Truth. There are those who are not. They are much heavier in their beings than my feather, I can assure you, because their intentions are not to tell the Truth, and it has always been my mission, and indeed I have been portrayed in that ancient place you call Egypt as a Discerner, or as the Judge, finding Truth, and finding what is not Truth, and revealing.

“And, so, we are here to reveal Truth, we are here to call it forth, all of it, as Ashtar has stated, the Truth of Gratitude, the Truth of Forgiveness, the Truth of Love, and the Truth of Compassion for all, and most of all the Truth of the Light that shines so bright. We understand that it might be hard for you to imagine how it could get any brighter, but just wait until these announcements are made, then you’ll be hearing even more Truth! So a giant step, if you will, to getting to those announcements is now ours to take, Beloved Ones. Yes, we are Family, and I Ma’at, have been with you all this time, silently for the most part, you may think. But any time that you go into your Heart searching for Truth, there am I, always ready to shine the Light that you might see it clearly.

“So let us join together now, and let us call forth the Truth that the World needs to hear in order to heal, to cleanse any residues of fear, or anger, or yes, even hatred, because it’s time to move on, and indeed we are moving, one Heart, one Mind, into this realm we call the Golden Age. So let us join together. Reach out, join Hearts, and let us present the Truth of 9-11 in all of its totality. The entire Truth must be told. And it must be done so without recrimination. Justice, yes, blind justice, no. It is for the Light to shine on all involved.

“And, so let us say that we stand together, and you may say the words if you choose, or not, but feel them with your Hearts:

“We stand together in Oneness, with the entire World of Planet Earth and the Worlds beyond. We acknowledge the entire Truth of that day of 9-11, and all of the events, and all of the readings which were taken. We acknowledge the wisdom and the lessons, and we call forth the complete Truth of it, everything from who planned and organized and carried it out, to its ultimate results, which are now felt and seen by the Light Workers worldwide and beyond.

“That, as difficult, as violent, and as heinous as the deeds themselves were, it is to go beyond, it is to find the Compassion in our Hearts, and it is to add that Compassion and Forgiveness, and yes, Gratitude for the lessons learned and for the consciousness raising as high as it did go, and as it continues to go. For in Truth it has enabled the Planet, and all of its beings, to be where we are now, and I acknowledge that with Gratitude.

“And so even in calling forth this great Truth in all of its aspects, I can now look back upon those events, and I can say that I can appreciate and be grateful for all that was accomplished upon Planet Earth. And I can feel the shifting of all of those who will hear the Truth and understand it finally, and at last. It is most joyful in its own way to be in recognition, and to feel the freedom that finally having complete revelation of this Truth brings. So I stand in my Light, and I acknowledge the complete Truth of the events of 9-1I in the Earth Year 2,001.

“I freely release all who participated in it, all who were put into fear by it, all who were angered by it. And I freely release all of the anger and the hatred that were expressed in the wars, and the actions of war, by all of those who sought to capitalize, and to continue their missions of destruction and upset for the World.

“I forgive whatever anger, even any hatred that I may have felt. For how can I ask others to do that, if I don’t start with myself? So I join with all of my Family and the Light Workers of Planet Earth, and all of those who are joining now in co-creation of bringing forth the Truth with Forgiveness and with Love, Compassion and Gratitude. And I see in my mind’s eye and in my Heart what this accomplishes for the world, and I AM grateful to be a part of this momentous healing mission for Planet Earth, and for the World, and for the Universe beyond. I stand in commitment as this leads the way for the energies of change  to support the welcoming of the Golden Age, as resolution finally takes place for 9-11 and all of the events that followed.

“And I dedicate this exercise to bring even more the Peace to the Planet, the freedom from wars, from greed, from anger, from hatred, and from fear of any kind. And as I go forth into the World, I rejoice, for I can feel my Heart now, radiating outward the Truth in all of its golden glow.

“And so I Ma’at stand before you now, Beloved Ones. Feel the touch of my feather in your Hearts, and know that you have stood together, and what you have brought forth, called forth, with this Invocation the Truth of 9-11, because it is, in Truth, time upon your Planet.

“So I shall take my leave from this stage, but remember I am with you always. And indeed, I am facilitator for you, should you desire more Truth about the World and Planet Earth, as we evolve together into that which you call the Golden Age and the Ascension, which you have now claimed for yourselves, and for all who would come on the path. And so I, Ma’at, bid you farewell, and thank you, for your participation has been grand. It has been felt, and it has been counted in the records of the Planet. And so it is!

“Now my sister would have a word.”

Mother Sekhmet

“Oh, I just want to say, ‘That was Ma’at. She’s pretty Big. She might not be quite as vocal as I AM, but I, Sekhmet, can assure you that we have been working together a long, long, time. And she speaks Truth, only Truth. And that which she has presented to you has been most powerful and most empowering for this Truth to finally come out in its totality.”

“So thank you for contributing so much to the history/herstory of Planet Earth, and its Ascension Process. So, I Sekhmet stand with you, and I applaud your courage, and your devotion, and your dedication to the mission this year. And so it is! Namaste!”

* Ma’at was the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Justice.  Her name implies cosmic order, justice, law, and truth.  She had the power to regulate the seasons, the movement of the stars, and the relations of men and the gods.  She also presented the people with a code of ethics.  She is depicted here with her wings of protection wearing her feather upon her head.  At the Judgment, the dead person’s heart was weighed against her feather.


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, September 7, 2010 © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.



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