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Ashtar On Political Change: Sep 21st Report

Ashtar addressing the September 21, 2010 Teleconference

“Well, Greetings, Beloved Family!  So much is going on.  Can you feel it?  You can just reach out and touch it, pull it into your fields, into your Hearts, all that is transpiring in each moment.  And there is something new occurring in each moment.  It’s now coming out from behind the scenes, it is now making itself known in the headlines.  A lot of the headlines are in other places in the world, but nevertheless, it is as though the United States of America government is suddenly in a building of glass.  The Capitol has become glass.  And you can see, and everyone can see what is going on there, and it is being told far and wide.

“And if you think there is nothing going on there, because there are so many who are saying ‘No’, look closer. There is so much that is going on. Dynamics amongst relationships are being played out. The final hours are heavy with change and promise of great, wondrous things about to burst upon the scene. No dates of course, but we are saying sooner, rather than later. We are saying that the climate, if you will, the atmosphere, is changing.

“Those who are currently in the houses of Congress and the Senate, who have been told by the voters, ‘No more! You’re not coming back.’  They’re looking at things from a different perspective. And they’re saying, ‘Well, maybe we need to remember why we came here in the first place, when we were young, and full of enthusiasm and energy for helping to make change in this country.’  And there are some like that. They didn’t all land there with corruption in their hearts.

“Corruption is something that grows quite well in Washington, D.C., and other places, of course, you can find it anywhere, but it has been particularly prevalent there. And many times the fresh, young, men and women who came there with such ideals, with such fervor, with such dedication to making a difference and helping, genuinely helping – well they got corrupted in the process.

“We are going to pause for a moment to make a recommendation, and that is that you find a movie. Most likely you will find it in the rental places for DVD’s. You might find it on a TV channel that features the old movies, and we would recommend that you take another look, or see for the first time, a delightful, de-LIGHT-ful, of the Light, offering, called ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’  Ah hah, we know some of you are in recognition of that!

“We aren’t going to spoil the ending, but that is what is needed in Washington, D.C., and that is what Washington, D.C. is getting right now, a form of ‘Just Say No,’ that is actually a good one, because more and more of the individuals, not just in the Congress, but their aides, their assistants, their associates in the other buildings where government is housed, they are saying ‘no’ to corruption.  So when you think about Washington, D.C. saying ‘no,’ remember, those who are saying ‘no’ in public to anything that appears to be helpful to the people, they’re a minority compared to the ones who are just saying no to corruption.  Ah hah!

“Now there are those who are scared. We shall be sending Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude to all involved, including those who are scared. And why are they scared? Well, because they’re recognizing that they, too, are becoming more and more transparent, and that the world is ready for change of the highest order. You might say Golden change. And they also can feel it in the atmosphere, just as we can, Beloved Ones, because we know it’s happening. It’s a done deal.

“All we’re doing is bringing it into the place of anchoring in what remains of the third dimension, which really there isn’t very much of, and certainly not in your world. And if you’re feeling third dimensional, lift yourselves up.  We have been discussing telepathic communications a great deal. And the reason for it is that we want you to get used to listening to what is coming in. Of course, it is wise to intend that only the highest vibrational messages come into your energy fields, your being, your sacred space. And you can always check on that. And you can always voice the intent, use the Violet Ray and the White Light, and so on.

“Hear the messages coming now of Freedom, of Joy, of Peace on Earth, yes, Peace on Earth, because that is part of the package you know, this Reformation package. We’re part of it too, although you won’t probably find that in writing. But, St. Germain himself has been inspirational for centuries, seeing the needs of the people. St. Germain was a lobbyist of the highest vibrational kind. (Now we know, that’s another story about Washington, D.C. We’re not going there.)

“St. Germain lobbied for the people. And of course you know the famous quotation that came back to him as a response when he tried over and over again, and he got the same answers from the Queen of France, whose name was Marie Antoinette. And you know the famous quotation, and it is called, ‘Let them eat cake, if they can’t afford bread.’  That was her answer to what he was saying, that they were so poor they couldn’t even find a loaf of bread, they couldn’t pay for a loaf of bread to feed their families, and she said, ‘Well then, let them eat cake.’

“Well you know what happened to Marie Antoinette? Now we’re not here to dwell on violence, so let’s just say, that she was removed from the stage. And so you have this array of characters whose attitude is ‘Let them eat cake.’ And you have some rather interesting, supposedly opposites among these characters, but it doesn’t matter.

“It doesn’t matter whether they are, humm, just having some kind of a tea party, or whether they are, old timers who have been corrupted and they are greedy, and so on, and so on, or whether they’ve been influenced by the lobbyists, the Wall Street Bankers, you know, the oil companies, the neo-cons as you call them.  ‘Con’ is a good word is it not; in all of the corporations? It matters not what their source of that attitude is. We’re here to tell you that everybody’s going to get all the bread, and the cake, and all the goodies, and everything they want.

“And those that would say, ‘Too bad for the people,’ those that have been corrupt and concentrating all of the power within themselves, they’re the ones that are being removed from the stage. Many of them are gone, and you know that story. We won’t go into that, but you’ve got these programs that seem to still be running. But here we are again, looking at the Truth of what they’re doing, or having exposure, after exposure, after exposure, of what they have been doing behind closed doors, behind walls that they felt were so secure that nobody would ever catch on.

“Well just now, redo the entire structure of the Capitol building, and see it as glass. Oh yes, it’s beautiful, but what is really beautiful is the vision that it presents. Is it not? Now you can send messages any way that you want to do, but we are encouraging telepathic support for all of those who for one reason or another, either because they got there un-corrupt and they still are, and you know who some of those are, or because they have been corrupt, but they have taken off the dark hat and exchanged it for the white hat, and they’ve said, ‘Ok, I’m not coming back. This is my last chance to make amends,’ or whether they’re just jumping on the band wagon because they think nobody’s going to know where they’ve been, or whatever the reason – makes no difference!  Support them, Beloved Ones. We shall be supporting them in their efforts.

“We shall have a guest speaker, who will lead an exercise for that, while at the same time we are supporting Truth, more Truth. Let’s hear it. Call for more Truth, and ye shall receive it, ‘Big Time.’  So we’re pretty excited tonight. We’re kind of jumping and dancing around, because we know that the tellers of Truth, and the observers of Truth, and you, Beloved Ones, discerners of Truth, are on the job.

“Mission is being accomplished in oh so many ways. So breathe. And we ask that you check in momentarily in this moment. Check in with yourselves. Look down in your hearts, and we are here to suggest to you, that if you have any momentary waves of anger passing through your energy fields, let them pass. Breathe! Breathe in Love! Breathe in Compassion! Breathe in Forgiveness, and breathe in Gratitude.  Love of course, the greatest energy in the Universe, direct it to you, to the white hats, to the dark hats, to the gray hats, to everybody in between, to all of the Lightworkers, to the children, to those dwelling in the so-called third world nations, who are aware, and who are feeling, and have been feeling the weight of those who would enslave them, in the sweat shops of manufacturing, on the farms where the countryies’ governments provide them with toxic materials to grow more, and the corporations provide them with seeds which are GMO. Oh yes!

“Everyone on the Planet, and let us remember also that the Animals, the beloved Animals, and the Plants, and the Minerals, are being re-coded, re-encoded with Love, and with the empowerment that Love brings. And then we have Compassion. Don’t feel sorry for somebody who is about to go from the stage, just be the compassionate observer. And you can say, ‘Well, you did your mission really well, and you taught me a lot, and I send you with Love and Compassion.’

“And say to those people who, are at this moment, living miserable lives, ‘Compassion, Compassion – allow your tears to dry, and come up to the high dimensional level of Compassion.’  Be the observer and send out the messages from your Heart, that all is changing – fast. Reformation will bring Joy and abundance to all, and it’s close. Feel it! Breathe it in! Reformation; Obama himself mentioned it in his speech when he said, ‘Reformation is what is needed now.’

This was a while back in your time, not all that far back. And he gives clues in every speech. It may be a phrase; it may be one sentence. He gives clues in every speech that he makes. You might want to watch his speeches, because it’s a moment of high vibration and Joy to do so. If you want to be the compassionate discerning observer, you might enjoy.

“Forgiveness, ah yes, now we come to forgiveness. Remember we asked if you identified some anger and let it kind of drift through your fields. Well, send it on its way. Wave the Violet Light, do some Ho’o ponoponos, whatever works best for you, quickly. Forgiveness, Forgiveness for all involved; and guess where it starts, Beloved Ones? It starts with you, and you, and you, and with all of us, because we have allowed, through our co-creations, we have allowed the world to get to this point.  The dawn is dawning. The darkness is giving way. Your Forgiveness will assist exponentially in the bright Light of the Golden Sun shining for all upon the Planet perpetually. Well, there are going to be some changes in your atmosphere too, so stay tuned, but the Sun will shine for all. It’s there, it’s shining now.

“But sometimes there are clouds that obscure it. Sometimes incidents happen. And yes, we understand that many people are finding that their home, their city, their country even, may not be the place where they feel the highest vibrations, and they are drawn someplace else. Listen to your Hearts, Beloved Ones. Do not keep yourself locked in somewhere because you’re afraid to get out of the 3D box, or because you feel guilty and you’ve got to stay there, because otherwise to leave would be creating more guilt, or whatever.

“Now is the time for absolute Forgiveness, including for yourselves. You’ve got to enjoy these wonderful changes which are coming, this abundance. So forgive. Forgive the Wall Street brokers, forgive the ones who came, and the Sheriff who took your home away. Forgive the ones who have created unhappiness for you. Yes, forgive the IRS and all of the government agencies that have been so repressive. Forgive, forgive, forgive – you’ll help move NESARA’s announcement forward exponentially.

“And now we come to the best part of Forgiveness and Compassion, which is loving Gratitude. Yes, ‘Thank you so much.’ Attitude of Gratitude, I AM. Whenever you start to feel as though somebody has done you wrong, or you look on the television and there is the ‘tan man’ [Congressman Boehner] telling you he wants to take away your social security and all of that. Or, you happen to hear that Rushie [Limbaugh] telling you the exact opposite of Truth, and you know he’s out there. Thank them.

“In a loving way with Compassion and Forgiveness, thank them. Because they’re starting to look not only transparent, but let’s face it, a wee bit, some of them, so far out that they’re just really what you call over the top.  Do you remember the woman – she didn’t quite make it past the primaries, do you remember the woman who was on national tv – who thought it would be a good idea to take a chicken to your doctor, if you didn’t have the money to pay? Now she was calling back the revolutionary times, the times of the beginnings of this country, the times even going farther back into Europe, and actually into the entire world, where bartering was a way of life. Well you can have a bit of a laugh, and you can say, ‘Well, that was very silly.’

“But get ready, because we’re going to reach a point where everybody has so much gold, nobody really cares. And we’re going to go farther than that, and we’re going to go into 5D, where you create, manifest, or call forth, whatever it is that you want. And when you give, whatever, pieces of gold, to anyone, just because you feel like giving out of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, it doesn’t matter to you if you get anything in return. That’s one step past bartering. That’s 5D living. And it’s coming. It’s coming.

“So even though you have people going on and on about the cost of living going up and the paychecks are not, and so on, and so on, and you can find gloomy doomy news anywhere you choose to look, choose to look for the bright ones, the bright spots. Choose to say, ‘Thank you senator, or congress person, or whoever is writing your speeches, because you’ve done great good, whether you’ve really had your Heart and mindset unwavering to help the people that you’re representing, like Mr. Smith, or whether you have allowed the system to corrupt you and put you into the box. Or whether you have been one of the really, really, really dark hats, who’ve been here to corrupt and enslave everyone else.  Thank you so much for showing us where we’ve been, and where we don’t want to be anymore, and we’re flying free of the boxes that you have created.  We’re flying free of the dogmas, of the rules, of the enslavements, and the generally depressive, oppressive way that you have been treating the World, and we’re not going to buy into your programs anymore, because we are freeing ourselves!’

“You see we can’t do it for you, Beloved Ones, you’ve got to be in participation with us, and that’s exactly where you are. We are, what you might say, on the leading edge.  You know why the Ashtar Command is here, you know why there are three trillion or so ships parked, you know why there have been more and more sightings. It’s because we’re bringing reality to Planet Earth, we’re bringing Truth, we’re bringing Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and gold, abundance, food, technologies, free energy. And if it’s already here on the Planet, we’re helping to bring it forth.

“And, here’s a late-breaking thought for you. We just want to take this moment to mention it. We’re not going to be presenting any bills to you to pay for what we’re bringing. How about that? Is that not just absolutely de-lightful? So think about that. Not only is your fictitious deficit going to be wiped out when NESARA is announced, but we’re not going to lay any more debt upon you. We’re going to give to you. Well, St. Germain has it in his bank. It’s already there. So, we want it to be upbeat. We want you to know and have absolute confirmation, and call it up within yourselves, Beloved Ones, these changes we’re talking about. This is reality. This is Truth.

“When we gathered last time we did an exercise for Truth to come out.  Well, if you thought back to that, you certainly must be starting to feel how powerful we are together, co-creating, and it’s because you, Beloved Ones, have given so beautifully of your time, your energies and your Love, to join us in this Family, to be together, to co-create all that the world has been waiting for. And we honor you, and we express to you our Love because, without you it would not be happening. So stay tuned!

“We have great work, great mission work. We have great Joy to create together for the world, because the times they are changing now.  So we ask that you feel it, enjoy it.  And stand by, we’re going to have a little music, and then our guest speaker will be joining us, and he will come forth to speak, and to lead an exercise to empower even more, what we have just been considering.  And so I Ashtar, move aside, and thank you, Beloved Ones, for being a part of this audience. Let the Truth shine forth. Let your Love beam the Planet, and be in the high vibrations of Love, which is your reality, your Truth, and your sacred home space.  And so it is!  Salut!”

Additional Note from Ashtar:  “We are asking each of you to take a brief moment to email your US representative and senators* to request them to watch the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” and to suggest that they be a Mr. or Ms. Smith, speaking up for the people in the face of almost overwhelming pressure to do otherwise!”

Given through Susan Leland, September 21, 2010. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

*To find your US Senators’ or Representative’s websites:




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