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Ashtar On Separation & Oneness – July 27, 2010


Ashtar addressing the July 27th teleconference:

“Well, Good evening everyone; evening, emphasis on that.  We shall be discussing a very broad range of topics, and yet it all gets down to one.  We’ve not done quite this before.  We’re going to speak quite plainly about time.  We recognize time.  We observe time.  Yes, we can even feel time as we read or scan your vibrations and understand your feelings.

“An example of a message that we might get is, let us say that you have an appointment to get to, and you leave your house with plenty of time to get there, but you didn’t realize that there was going to be a traffic jam on the way; and there you are sitting in the traffic jam.

“And of course there are different ways that you can deal with it.  But, underlying even your “wanding”, or your ho’o ponoponos, or whatever it is.  Perhaps you call ahead on your little portable phone and say, “I am running late, there is a traffic jam.” And you are assured that it is perfectly all right, but never the less there might be a slight element of stress because you feel as though you’re running out of time.

“And so you put that message out; it is not harmful.  It is simply an observation on your part, unless of course you let it consume you. But that is a way in which we understand your responses and your reactions to the clock ticking, and the pages of the calendar turning.  And so when we speak of, ‘It is time,’ this might be a bit of confusion to you, so please understand.

“We are wanting to present everything to you within the context of time and energy, and most specifically within the context of you Beloved Ones, who you are, and where you are on your own timelines, that is your own paths, and you’re all on an Ascension Path, and it is up to you, really.

“All we can do is give you some information that can then help you to determine what it is that you want to do next.  You’re always creating your next moment in your now moment by the choices you make now. Now, there’s a little bit of quantum physics in there, but don’t worry, we’re not going to go there.

“Now we want to assure you that we are a group here addressing you.  You are hearing and feeling the presence of I, Ashtar, because sometimes I seem to have the loudest voice, or the loudest usage of the voice that I am using, and because this is after all the ‘Ashtar on the Road’ program.

“But we want you to understand that more and more the three human components of this Ashtar on the Road program, and the wondrous volunteers who assist with the transcriptions, and the ‘utubies,’ and all of the different things that they do, are really working in harmony together with us, a group, shall we say, from the higher realms, if you want to call it that.

“And so it is a co-creative oneness that we have established, and this is for the ultimate, optimum service that we can give.  You see there is mission and purpose here that is not individualized; it is very much a group co-creation.  And in a sense the directors of this group are you, Beloved Ones.

“It is you bringing your magnificent selves to these gatherings, whether you come as an individual to discuss with I, Ashtar, or whether you come in this magnificent Family group.  There is no disconnect ever.

“When you’re on the high road we’re there with you, with your permission.  And so we want you to understand that the material that we shall be presenting tonight is not only just us speaking to you, it is our coming together.  It is our announcement to you about time, and where the time lines are that we see for all of you, and it is about what is happening now, because it’s pretty intense.

“Even Mother Sekhmet, who is here and wishes to make, you know a final message, perhaps encourage those of you who are inclined to dance, even She recognizes the solemnity of this particular gathering, and it is highly important that we discuss with you what we are seeing at this particular time, as you measure it upon Planet Earth.

“First, in a most general sense:  You heard Truth of what’s going on from Masters Tara, Rama and Beth.  They’re tuning in to the truth-tellers in the news.  It isn’t easy sometimes, particularly with Ed, who is much beloved, but it isn’t easy sometimes to maintain your compassionate cool when they’re telling you, showing you, what’s going on.

“And then you have all of the internet.  It is literally exploding right now with the news, news of this, news of that.  You’re all aware of the different kinds of things that we’ve been discussing.  There is a Peace movement on right now which is stronger than it has ever been.  There are messengers going to Obama who are telling him it’s time for Planet Earth to make this great shift.  It’s time for you to shift gears; stop holding back; the dominos are falling; the true colors are revealing themselves.  And when we say colors we mean no disrespect to color, we’re talking dark here.

“We just simply are saying that those who have been pulling the strings, and treating you as so many puppets, are revealing themselves in so many ways.  Beloved Ones, you have to not blink, or you’re going to miss something, some revelation, something that is news, and astonishing to you, but not really, because we’ve been discussing these things for so long, and you’re all pretty clued in, even those of you who are relatively new to this Family.

“And if you will recall the very foundations of our teaching: Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude – sounds like ho’o ponopono, does it not?  Ancient Lemurian wisdom coming now into the New Lemuria.  You are all citizens of Lemuria, every one of you.  Some of you may have forgotten.  Some of you may be more tuned into Atlantean times, which were somewhat different in the later times and perhaps not quite as loving.  Well, Lemuria had its share of the veil being lowered, and some human creations in the way of events and so on.

“As a matter of fact we’re just going to give you a little bit of advance information.  On our next call we will be discussing Lemuria, then and now, and we’re going to have a slightly different format to it, so stay tuned.  If you’re not on our email list, you might like to get on.  It’s going to be, well we can say de-lightful, of the Light, but it’s a lot more than that.

“Anyway to continue – Lemuria and the principles and the wisdoms of Lemuria and the ancient wisdoms from around the world and beyond, are shining forth, and these wisdoms are based in Love and Respect and Forgiveness, which is simply the absence of judgment, not holding things against anybody anymore, Gratitude for having gone through the experience, or experience the experience in order to get to the other side, which is the wisdom of it, nothing more, and Gratitude that you’ve cleared it out of your being so that you’re free.

“You’re free to fly.  You’re free to move up, up, up.  Take that crystal elevator, or however you want to do it.  See that path sparkling before you.  Notice if you will, that it goes upwards, up into the clouds if you want to see that, or perhaps up to your very own ship, or however.  But it goes up, and yet the more of your baggage you leave, or transmute into higher vibrations, the easier it is.

“And when you reach that point of Ascension, you’ll realize that you’re totally free of baggage, and that you have experienced a great amount of clearing.  And every time you clear a space, what comes in to fill it?  With your permission, it’s more Love.  It has to be; that’s the way the Universe is, because all you are is Love anyway, and like attracts like, unless of course you want to linger in the box of 3D.

“And you’re welcome to do that if you choose to, Family.  There will be other ships leaving, other times.  We Love you all, and we say to you, you are invited aboard this great Path of Ascension.  But if you choose to stop and tarry a bit along the way, or perhaps even take some steps backward, that is all right.  You have the will, which is free on Planet Earth, to do so.

“No recriminations, no judgments, absence of judgment, total Forgiveness; we’re looking for you to extend that to yourselves in order to clear and cleanse your own beings, if there’s anything there to clear and cleanse.

“Now we’re going to talk some more about the world and the Planet and where it is going.  There is a lot of emphasis upon financial abundance.  And many people are finding new ways to create financial abundance for themselves, and this is all well and good.  Be discerning.  If you find something that appeals to you, and you know it’s good and high vibe, and that your Higher Self is totally for it, shall we say, wanting you to get into it, be sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

“Consult, call in the Christ Consciousness perspective, and then if you’re drawn to it still, by all means go for it.  That is one choice.  There are other choices.  People are looking at choosing whether they want to stay where they live now, or move some place else.  People are looking at choosing what groups they want to belong to, what passions they want to engage in.

“And there is no reason for you, Beloved Ones, as individuals, not to find like-minded people, regardless of where you’re vibrating, regardless of what it is that you’re choosing to do.  If you have passion to do something which you have not started on yet, this is the time.  Remember time, ah hah, we’re bringing it in again.

“If you’re not sure how to get started on it, you have a wealth of resources available to you, everything from, you know, googling, and research on the internet, to going to places where there might be like-minded people to talk with.  Ask!  You see this is the thing about time, it’s collapsing.  When you’re in high vibration, and you call forth something that you have passion for, it comes through very quickly.  And we have discussed this before, and we have done exercises on this before.

“If you have a passion for Peace, say so.  If you are finding that you have time, energy and motivation to put that message outside of yourselves, then by all means do so.  We’ve had a couple of little programs going, and they’re not little, they’ve been huge.  But they take little time.  Those are messages to Obama, messages to the Congress, and so on.  You can go to the websites.

“If you’ve forgotten which websites, then you can email fabulous Fran and she will direct you and give you some links.  We invite you to consider participating if you have not done so before, because it is putting energy, it is putting the Light of Love, not anger, not recriminations or judgment, but it is putting the Light of Love even more, directing it toward those who are open to receiving your messages.

“For instance, let us look at the outgoing executive from BP.  He seems to be pretty clueless doesn’t he?  He seems to be running his program regardless, saying what he’s used to saying, getting away with what he’s used to getting away with, and just totally ego driven, and supported by programming, which let’s face it, is not very Light.  What could help him?   Love, pure and simple Love.  Does that mean that you should not put some energies into helping to clean up the mess?  Of course not.  Does that mean it’s OK to say, ‘Oh well, you’re not responsible, there were all of these factors, blame, blame, blame blame.’

“No, it is to Love him, forgive him, offer him Gratitude for what he has shown the world, but not for what he has done.  He’s taught great lessons to the World.  He’s waked a lot of people up.  Honor him for that, and insist that he be responsible for the disasters that he has co-created with the other BP Executives and with the general attitude, the general program that has been running for far too long upon Planet Earth.   Stand tall!.  It’s called ‘tough love.’  But stand tall and say, ‘You may not do this anymore.  We stand for Mother Gaia, and we stand united.  Your program is cancelled, but you, beloved human, beloved brother, we always have Love for, and Forgiveness and Compassion, and Gratitude.

“How else do you think that the Masters ascended?  They had to offer Love even in the hours when they were being harmed, physically harmed, or in some manner.  They had to have that Love, and yet they stood in their Truth, and spoke their Truth.  That’s what makes a Master.  So speak your Truth, Beloved Ones, you don’t have to try educate anyone else, you just call them forth to you, and they will come to share with you what you know, and to most of all share your wisdom.  Reach into your hearts.  Find your Lemurian self and share that.  That is most joyful.  And we’ll give you more material the next time we get together, so that is delightful.

“But the Truth as it was presented already in this program,* we will not go into a lot more details.  We know that you understand what we’re saying.  The Truth is as it has been spoken with the news update, it’s all happening, and that, Beloved Ones, is creating some separation, is it not?   You don’t want to be doing the same things that these ones are doing, and you don’t want to be supporting their actions, and their lies, and their maneuverings, and their political grandstanding, or any of that.

“You want to hold yourselves in the Light, and not get down into the same 3D box or program that they’re running.  And you know that their programs are just about turned off, and you know that they are going to have to answer for whatever they are responsible for doing.  So it is to unite in oneness with whatever they have of Love, and to share your Love with them.  ‘Ho’o ponopono’ if you choose the ancient Hawaiian method.  Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, it’s all the same.  And we’ve been speaking of that all these years, and we know that you know what those feel like.

“So in the same moment, you are separating from their actions and from their programs, while you are coming together in oneness with them and the all that we are, and this is Truth.  And so the key to this is just as we have been speaking.  Keep yourself in the higher vibrations, and let those ones go who don’t want to, are not ready, are resisting change, or are not ready to express in the same high vibration that you are.  But at the same time give them Love, and all that goes with Love.  Never deny or withhold your Love from anyone, but that does not mean that you have to let them run all over you.

“We have observed the most recent centuries in your history/herstory.  There’s been a lot of enslavement, outright enslavement, even in the countries of North America.  There has been enslavement and slavery brought to the country, outright slavery and then enslavement of a more subtle kind, yes, even in the United States of America, the land of the free.

“Well, just get in touch with any women who literally fought, and in some cases gave their lives so that women could have the vote.  Just get in touch.  The good news is the women are leading the way to Peace on Earth.  And it’s not just the woman in the woman’s body, it is all humans who are allowing the feminine voices of Compassion and Peace to speak through them, to express through them.

“The shift is happening.  The energies are supportive.  And even though you might feel as though things are a little bit chaotic, and you’ve got a few more ascensionitis symptoms, and so on, and so on, get ready for the Lion’s Gate.  You all want to go through that gate, every one of you does, because you’re on the Ascension Path, and because that gate will give you a marvelous boost, simply by entering into it and walking through, or flying through, however you choose to see it.

“That is on the wondrous day of 8/8 by the way.  That’s official, but guess what?  Mother Sekhmet is happy to announce that she’s already there, and she’s swinging that gate open for those who want to come through even now.  Remember, there’s no time in the higher dimensionality, so that’s an easy and simple explanation of how it works.

“So, we have been discussing the world, and we have explained how it is possible to be experience separation and oneness all at one time, or in the now moment.  Oh yes, that’s another component.  It needs to be in the now moment, if you’re going to acknowledge the two of them occurring simultaneously within your energy fields, it is the now moment, which creates the next now moment, and so on.

“If you want to stay grounded in the higher dimensions, well that’s almost an oxymoron is it not, but if you want to stay grounded in the higher dimensions it’s to do it in the now moment, and thus you are literally, shall we say, forming the habit of being there.  And this Beloved Ones, is the goal.

“Some of you have been with this particular Voice for a fair number of years.  We will count.  Ah we see it as over six, and so you know what we have been discussing all of these years, and you know we have been telling you the Truth of who you really are, and we have been doing some State of the Earth reports and some wondrous exercises for Peace upon the Planet, and to facilitate Ascension for everyone, and specifically for your own radiant selves.

“And we shall have an exercise.  But now we want to bring this discussion home to each and every one of you, and this is what we say.  And this is the information that we have for you.  We understand that on a personal level, even though you’re wanting to live in, you know, 5D and higher, Christ Consciousness, and fly with the Masters, and the Angels, and your Guides, you still have a part of you that is part of 3D.

You have an energy in 3D.  Why?  Because you’re not quite finished with it. You are the Light that is bringing the higher dimensional Truth into what there is of 3D.  You are giving 3D permission to be vacated by all who desire to live in higher dimensionality, you’re bridges, you’re number one monkeys, as in the hundredth monkey syndrome, however you want to see yourselves, beautiful, beautiful, beings.  See yourselves as radiant beings.  See yourselves as Lights, lighting the path.  And, yes, you may be experiencing some, what you call, pangs of separation from individuals or from groups, with whom you have shared many happy moments, many exchanges of passion and Joy.  It is all right.

“If you no longer resonate with someone, let them go.  Love them, Love them, Love them, and speak your Truth, ‘You know we’ve been together for twenty years; we just don’t seem to have anything in common.’  Invite them to travel with you upon your path.  Many, many, times the Guides that they carry with them in their own entourage of energy fields are tapping them on the shoulder, or ringing bells, or doing everything they can to get their attention, but they simply are not ready.

“So acknowledge them and honor them for where they are.  Love them and appreciate them, but if they present any kind of a weight to you Beloved Ones, then let go of whatever mission you feel that you have with them.  It might help you to know that in many, many, many, the majority of cases, they are there to get you to stand in your own courage and speak your Truth and go on your high road.  And the delicious, delightful, thing about it is they might, once they know that you have had the courage to go into flight, they might very well come along, or catch up with you at a little later date on your calendar.

“So be not afraid to stand tall in your courage, and even if you are finding it necessary to let go, perhaps, a J-O-B, job, perhaps a house that you have lived in, perhaps a person who has been a big part of your life, and this does not mean that you will not be in communication with them, it simply means that you quit trying to force yourself into their box of mission.  That you stand tall and do your own, what you have passion for, and you can still be friends, and you can still send them Love, beaming them Love in every moment that they come into your mind, the choice is yours.  And it is not always easy, but nevertheless it is a choice that every Ascension-bound human must make if there is any such situation, or being, who might keep the Ascension-bound one from reaching their own goal.

“Now we say this, and now we’re going to say, ‘Remember, We Are All One, anyway.’  So you honor anyone, or any situation that you are clearing yourself from, by remembering and honoring the oneness and the connections, by carrying in your heart loving pictures and images of those beings.  We have asked you to extend this to the world, and to those in the world who have been running some programs which have been enslaving, and perhaps have been treating you as some kind of ‘sheeple.’

“Well, you are standing tall now, and you’re beaming bright.  You don’t need to stay in any kind of lower vibration.  And so we’re going to do an exercise tonight of coming together in Oneness, and in honoring, at the same time, whatever there is to let go of.  We trust that we have given you ample explanation of what this looks like.  We are not here to inspire any kind of fear or upset in any of you, but rather to have you understand that you have made a choice, and it is brilliant, and that you are here to help the world.

“And by standing tall and making your choices, and expressing them in some manner, telepathically or otherwise, you are providing inspiration for others to do the same, to let go, to get out of that tar pit, or whatever it is that they themselves need to do.  We have always acknowledged you, Beloved Ones, as leaders, leaders with Hearts of courage, courageous Hearts, brave Hearts, loving Hearts.  And so we tell you now, just feel the energies of Love.  You’ve come so far, you have a way to go, and we honor you in your choices, and on whatever path you choose for yourself, we’re there.  We’re there with you in loving oneness.

“And so I, Ashtar have, what you might say, said what we came to say this evening in the way of messages, congratulations, and a bit of a look at the timeline which is now.  You have no doubt seen other messages or heard other messages from other beings, be they presenting themselves as messages from their higher self coming through their human voices or whether they are the channeled messages from beyond the human, but coming to you through human voice or human writing.  No, this is not a new topic for you.  We are merely wanting to take away whatever doubts you may have had, whatever fears you may have had.  It is time to let your egos take a break and take a rest.  And it is time to re-commit or to stay upon the bright path that you have chosen and it is time to let go of whatever does not serve you as far as your feelings or emotions or your egos would get involved.  It is rather to see it all with appreciation and Love and to send only loving messages to everyone and to every kingdom upon planet Earth and the universe beyond.

“And so it is.  We shall have a special loving light being come and be in voice and service to you, to all of us, so that we may do this exercise with absolute clarity, with absolute understanding, and of course with absolute Love.  And so it is, Beloved Ones.  I, Ashtar, thank you, all who are here, each and every one of you as individuals, and collectively as Family.  We are turning a new page together.  We are going up even higher in vibration and we are putting out even more Love Light to the planet and the universe beyond.

“And so I, Ashtar, say to you, ‘Thank you and Salut.’

* by Tara, Rama & Beth before Elise’s meditation.
Given through Susan Leland, July 27, 2010. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.




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    “That is on the wondrous day of 8/8 by the way. That’s official, but guess what? Mother Sekhmet is happy to announce that she’s already there, and she’s swinging that gate open for those who want to come through even now. Remember, there’s no time in the higher dimensionality, so that’s an easy and simple explanation of how it works.

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