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9/11 Truth Now!!!

August 4, 2010


September Clues (mentioned in the above video)


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  1. 9 out of 11 people will get this! says:

    This is so shameful of people selling their souls for this kind of stunt! It’s worst than the kind of things unruly children will do to get out of trouble and hide their wrongfulness. Upon watching this; I wanted to hang (by the neck) all those whom lied through their teeth for supporting murderous motivations! Especially those whose lies are 150% overboard. How far will those perpetrators continue living without their consciousness continually knocking at their door? I guess may be until their physical vehicles have gone back to the Hire Purchase God-Store.

    Dear Lord!… Just too low are the actions of some… *sigh*

  2. adrian says:

    Very interesting analysis! Everyone please watch it through.

  3. Cristina says:

    Thank you so much !

  4. Jill says:

    We are being manipulated here in America. Not all conspiracies are just theories. Those who pray, pray that our eyes be opened.

  5. John says:

    This is amazing and compelling stuff, it has really opened my eye’s.

  6. Grady says:

    I agree with the sentiment but can’t say yes to the reason. I recall clearly the morning of this disaster. I was phoned early that morning from a friend in New York. Of course, I turned on the TV and watched in horror as I witnessed, first hand, the second plane fly into the south tower. There was not time for anyone to doctor the event I witnessed live. If this analysis is inclusive then what happened to the ‘passengers’ on the planes? Where did those planes go if they did not actually fly into the Twin Towers and that some other device was used to bring them down?

    I totally believe that our government was behind this catastrophe but how do you explain the ‘missing’ people. I think our government is coercive but how in the heck would they get so many people to comply and not come forward after all these years?

    As usual, there are many more questions than answers.

    • Doug Olson says:

      I was personally watching the whole event unfold on tv. Being a skeptic of american news I was switching channels constantly getting the verious perspectives. At the moment of the second explosion I was watching NBC and there was no plane in the shot, no mention of a plane by the commentators and it was a zoom in that did no show any plane upon approach on the zoom out just as shown in this documentary. Switching channels the other american channels were ‘back in a moment’. Going to canadian news showed two anchors discussing the event no mention of a plane, and they spoke on phone with a canadian eye witness at the site that spoke only of seeing with his own eye an explosion from INSIDE the building, again no mention of a plane.

      Returning to Fox there was an image of a plane crashing into the building, at this point I rose from my chair and cursed George Bush. Switching to CBS the plane was at a different line of approach and was obviously a different color plane. Cursing further, I switched to BBC1 and sure enough a shot of the 2nd building exploding and NO PLANE. Switching back to NBC it showed the same shot… no plane on the wide angle and but now a majic plane on the zoom in. Cursing further I returned to BBC to see the BBC anchor explaining how due to orders from #10 Downing they could no longer show the NBC footage and that they had now been given obviously tampered footage that had a plane on it and even pointing out that there is no plane in the long shot making the photoshoping obvious.

      One item I have never seen discussed among the conspiracy theorists however is pertenant to a document I found on NYC City Councils org website. It pertains to an emergency meeting some months before 911 discussing the fact that both towers were over extended on being condemned for not being earthquake proof. That the Federal Governmnet had informed NYC that they would not provide any further extensions and that the buildings would have to be demolished with no financial assistance to that end. Such demolition would entail a shutting down of wall street and the NY Stock Exchange for months all at the expense of the NYC to the tune of some 25 billion dollars, a figure that NYC could not pay and would bankrupt the city. The meeting concluded with the mayor alluding to some special secret plan of the Federal Government to sove the delema and that that particular discussion would be suspended until Nov when the federal plan is on the table. So the most elusive reason why that the conspiracy theorists look for is right there and its’ money.. saving the city of new york the bankruptcy that conventional demolition of these condemned buildings would have cost, and saving the econmomical impact that such demolitions would have had upon wall street. Everything else, the use of a cruise missle against the pentagon and so forth was simply added dog and pony show to provide excuse for the invasion of Iraq that the bush administration so desperately wanted.

  7. tess angelo says:

    I agree with Grady….and I personally KNOW people who witnessed the 2nd plane hitting the tower….it was a plane, not a ball.

    …and where are the people who were on the planes? Did they just disappear?

    ….and what about the planes that went into the Pentagon and Flight 93? Were those imaginary?

    Sorry…this is just toooo weird…

  8. Amy says:

    The planes could have been holograms using Blue Beam technology. That makes the most sense. And they’ve used it before. Immediately before each plane hit the WTC there was a flash. (Watch ” 9/11 – In Plane Sight). And we’d all have to agree by this point that the towers and Building 7 fell in the manner of a controlled demolition. Also explains no plane wreckage to be found. Does anyone not find that odd? Flight 93…no parts ANYWHERE? Just a hole? No way, everything wouldn’t just disintegrate like that. And find me ONE picture of the plane hitting the pentagon. There are none. It was all a ploy to produce mass fear and take more of our rights away in the name of “freedom”. And to justify war. And it worked. The most enslaved slave of all is the one who falsely believes he is free.

  9. brian says:

    the planes that crashed into the twin towers were drones and the towers was demo’d (demolishend) just like how construction companies would demo an old building for newer developments. You guys have no idea what is really going on in the world but we’re all doomed. No buts, if’s and and’s…….

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