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The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer And Vitamin D

July 6, 2010

*Does sunlight cause skin cancer or does sunlight prevent skin cancer?

*How does sunbathing give you the so-called red neck?

*Is tanning booth bad for you or does it help your body to generate Vitamin D under certain circumstances? (And what are the circumstances?)

*What is the relationship between nutrition, Vitamin D and cancer?

This is a video that reveals the truth about Vitamin D, sunlight and cancer. Find out more with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in this 23-minute video at

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  1. John Grae says:

    This article is the most eye-opening video that is applicable to every human on the planet. My rating is excellent. I have always known that the powers that be are screwing us to the floor with their lies and manipulation.

  2. RANDY says:

    Cancer was almost unheard of amongst the North American Indians, they had no sun screen and rarely covered their skin up, actualy they cherished the sun for its healing and life giving properties. Just think they lived out in the sun for thousands of years and never seemed to have any health problems compared to our present time.I believe they were much helthier back then and lived longer due to healthier foods and natural medicine. It is all about making money now.

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