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Saul: Your Loving Father Would Never Have Created Such A Miserable Place


07/04/2010 by John Smallman

Humanity has had a long hard slog in the illusion which it imagined, built, and continues to maintain.  Without humanity’s continuing, willing support and intent it would have faded away eons ago — dreams and nightmares do not last.  But you were so entranced by the illusion — which it appeared you had created as a competing reality with your Father’s divine one — and by the power and control that it seemed to offer you, that you became addicted to it.

The illusion is just that — illusory. But it seemed to give you independence, and the ability to create and destroy souls, planets, solar systems, even universes, in the instant in which the thought occurred to you.  A reality in which you had so much power was irresistable, and so you closed down your awareness of your loving Father and your eternal existence within Him — the only Reality — and immersed or hid yourself in your illusion, and then split yourself into myriad separate, individual pieces.

Your Father had willingly given you power and the ability to control it when He created you One with Him.  He knew that you would use those skills to build and control an illusory reality, because in His infinite Wisdom He understood that the only way for you to accept the divine and wondrous Reality that He had created for you was to allow you to, as it were, Play with fire and get burnt. He also provided everything that you could possibly need to recognize the illusion for what it was —  a place of chaos, confusion, pain, and suffering — and to enable you in the end to remove your support from it so that you would awaken into the glory of eternal existence in ecstatic Union with Him — Reality — as the illusion dissolved into the nothingness from which you had built it.

In the illusion — where linear time appears to be an irreversible chain linking together events which produce myriad shocking consequences for all who choose to exist there — nothing exists.  It is a non-place, a non-reality, but your ability to imagine it into being is so powerful that, up until the present age, almost none among you could perceive this.  Now you are awakening, questioning, and realizing that your infinitely loving Father would never have created such a miserable place, sent you there, and then left you, seemingly abandoned and unaided, to find your way Home.

His only Will for you is eternal happiness, but He knew that with the gifts He had given you — power and creative abilities equal to His own — you could not achieve happiness and accept His infinite Love until you had attempted to separate yourself from Him into a reality of your own making, and had discovered the enormous limitations that imposed upon you. Initially it had seemed to be a wonderful idea.  With the gifts He had given you, it appeared that you definitely had no need of Him and could live in wonder and ecstasy without Him.

What you did not realize was that He is All That Is — without Him there is nothing, not even empty space.  So you immersed yourselves more and more deeply into your illusion, and as you did so it became smaller and smaller, and increasingly restrictive and unappealing to you.  The further you delved into it, the the greater the pain and suffering and unreality of it all.  This last aspect — its unreality — you did not want to acknowledge, and so you spent eons trying to improve it and make it as appealing or even more so than Heaven, Reality, Unity with your Father.

Finally, you are beginning to see that that is impossible.  How could a fanciful, ephemeral dream ever hope to equal, let alone surpass, the wonder and joy of eternal existence in God’s divine Presence?  The truth of this is beginning to dawn on you, and you are now surrounded by angels, guides, and teachers who have willingly and lovingly entered the illusion to show you the way out and to lead you Home — to delight once more in your divine heritage, eternal awareness of your Oneness with and inseparability from your infnitely loving Father.

With so very much love, Saul.



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