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Saul: The Time For These Appalling Mind Games Is Over


07/07/2010 by John Smallman

Humanity’s forthcoming move into full consciousness is an event of great importance and significance.  It is the return to the experiential knowledge that we are all One with each other and with God, our heavenly Father, who created us in Love.  We have always been One with Him, and we always will be.  It is the unchanging and unchangeable state of our eternal existence.  The illusion, in which you are presently apparently immersed, was an unwise idea that you embraced and focused your attention on, and that you thought would give you creative powers and abilities equal to, but separate from and independent of, your heavenly Father.

But ideas of separation and independence are illusory because to be separate from and independent of God is impossible. There is only God, and all that exists has therefore no option other than to be eternally One with Him.  Every thought, every action affects all that exists, and any thought that seems not to is illusory.

So you built an illusion and attempted to separate yourselves from God by entering it and playing mind games in which you imagined that you had the power to alter Reality.  Into this altered state you introduced an idea of opposites  — good/evil, right/wrong, pleasure/pain, strength/weakness — and used them to divide and control one another.  Judgment, blame, condemnation, punishment and suffering followed, and the illusion became increasingly real for you as the One divine Reality faded out of your awareness.

The time for these appalling mind games is over, and you need to awaken from the nightmare in which you are playing them, so that you release yourselves from your interminable anxiety about your security and survival, and realize and experience Reality once more.  You were created in that divine condition, fully aware of your Father’s Love for you and of yours for Him — a state of total joy and bliss.  When you invented your illusory one and went to play there, you did not and could not foresee the suffering it would cause you, because in Reality there is no conflict; there is only peace, harmony, and abundance.

At first the game was intriguing, exciting, and captivating, and you became addicted to the sense of “What would happen if…?”and so you kept delving deeper and deeper until you entrapped yourselves in a non-existent environment ruled, apparently, by time — an unceasing chain of events that led consistently to suffering, pain, and death, and from which you could not escape.  You felt betrayed.  Trust dissolved, and you closed your sense of individuality in on itself, intensifying your experience of separation and abandonment.

Nevertheless, your despair was not total; a feeling of hope remained, because even at the deepest level of your unawareness, your Father ensured that the Light and Warmth of His Love for you could never be extinguished.  He would not permit your insanity to become permanent, because not only was it not His Will, neither was it yours. You are assured that this painful condition in which you are experiencing life will cease, and now that moment is approaching.  None of you have ever done or could ever do anything requiring divine retribution because the illusion and its contents does not and could not exist, and within Reality, where all exists, there is only divine perfection in which you are all eternal partners with God.

So relax, and know that Reality is your Home.  It is a state of intense joy and incomparable beauty in which you exist eternally — One with each other and with your heavenly Father.  You are always there, and you cannot avoid awakening into the brilliance of that state as you release yourselves from the illusion and allow it to dissolve into the nothingness from which you built it.  It is like a sandcastle overrun by the incoming tide. Focus on your inner knowing — the flame of divine Love within you — and allow its brightness to grow until not a wisp of darkness remains, and you find yourselves awake, at Home, and in eternal joy.

With so very much love, Saul.



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