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Saul: A Permanent, Divine Video-Conference-Call


07/18/2010 by John Smallman

My dear friends, as you well know, a sea change in the way humans interact with one another is due to occur when you make your move into full consciousness.  This is because, in your natural state of full consciousness, your awareness of your unity with one another and with your loving Father blossoms, and the Love that connects us all is recognized and experienced by all.  It is a little like a permanent, divine video-conference-call, to which all are connected, and in which all information is made known instantly, so that all activity is harmoniously coordinated for the perfect and exquisite benefit of all involved.

It is impossible to adequately describe the wonders of this integrated communication system — which is divine Love in action — but as you come to understand and experience this marvelous, transparent, open, and completely cooperative system in operation in every moment of your lives, your joy and satisfaction will be boundless.

The perfect harmony in your lives will astound you, as you find yourselves able to participate instantly in any activity or creative endeavor that appeals to you — as many activities as you wish, all at the same time — because your ability to multitask will be limitless!  Just imagine being able to engage in downhill skiing while simultaneously playing ice hockey, flying an aerobatic jet plane, having a family picnic at the beach, participating in a complex dance routine or orchestral concert, while planning further creative experiences, all in the same instant — and your ability to focus with laser-like intensity on each of these activities will also be limitless.

This is how you were created, and it is God’s Will that you experience this state in every moment of your existence. But among the many gifts with which your Father endowed you was free will — the ability to do whatever you choose to do regardless of His Will — which is of course an essential aspect of freedom.  Your Father wants you to be free so that whatever you think, say, or do is without divine coercion of any kind.  He knows that you will choose to make your will one with His, because it is impossible for you not to realize, eventually, that infinite joy is only possible when your wills are in perfect harmonious alignment with His.

Your decision to build the illusion and move into it was an exercise of that freedom.  Initially it was enjoyable and intriguing, but by entering it you basically disconnected yourselves from the divine communication system, losing access to the infinite wisdom and knowledge eternally available to you through it.  And so your ability to understand what the illusion was faded, leading to a growing sense of frustration, futility, and fear.  It appeared that you were lost, abandoned, and you attempted to add comforting “father figures” to the illusion in the form of idols — reason, logic, intellect, even “gods” — to help you make sense of it all.  But the illusion does not make sense — it does not exist — and anything you invent, make, or build within it can only be senseless.

Using these “tools” of the mind you had made, you attempted to convince others that you had answers to resolve the confusion about the meaning of life and the reasons for living in that strange environment.  And the others did the same.  And so you became engaged in vociferous and angry arguments with each other, adding to your fears and leading to an ever-ongoing series of unwinnable wars, causing massive suffering for all.  All wars are unwinnable because they always occur in an environments where the assailants have an intense need to prove their rightness and the others’ wrongness. When the parties are sufficiently hurt and fatigued a temporary cessation occurs until their wounds heal, allowing them to start again.  But in the illusion permanent resolution of your differences cannot happen.  Within it there is no reason or logic, only confusion, disagreement, judgment, and the resultant suffering that that causes.  Be glad that it is an illusion!

The moment for which you have been praying and longing — the establishment of permanent peace, harmony, cooperation, and joy — is approaching, and you will meet with it by releasing the fearful attitudes that you embraced in the illusion.  To forgive yourselves and others is something sane that you can do within the illusion, and when you do, as you most surely will, you will be very close to awakening.

There is a grassroots groundswell of forgiveness growing and spreading across the planet, as more and more of you are finally accepting the futility of the old confrontational ways of living, and are changing your ingrained and destructive attitudes towards one another.  The messages of love and compassion that have been sent to you over the eons are finally seeping into your awareness, and you are deciding to choose to acknowledge the existence of your loving Father, and to forgive yourselves for shutting yourselves off from His divine Reality.  You are to awaken, as was always divinely ensured, into Reality — His eternal loving Presence.

With so very much love, Saul.



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