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Sananda’s 7-13 Oneness Exercise


Sananda’s Exercise of Oneness with Family from the Higher Dimensions – 7-13-2010

“Greetings Beloved Family, it is I, Sananda, and we know that we came together in this moment, for there was much truth in that which was just played.* It is indeed time to fly.  It is time to spread our wings together and soar to that high, high, high place of Love which exists.  Indeed it is the only true reality that there is in the Universe.  So let us join Hearts and hands together.  We Are One, Family, We Are One.  We bring Grace, we bring Joy, we bring our Hearts in this connection, and that which we do with and for each other, we do for the entire world in this moment. And we can assure you that we have already seen the effect that it has.

“So let us join together in the holiest of communions, the joining of our Hearts, of our Spirits and indeed of the all, the totality that We Are.  We ask that you take a moment just to come to this gathering, however you choose to come, soar, fly, bring yourselves here in whatever manner is most comfortable for you.  And as you arrive, feel the loving greetings, greet those who perhaps have already passed from the body that you knew them in last upon planet earth, greet beloved friends, beloved family members from earth and other places.  Greet each other Spirit to Spirit, and stop for hugs with all of your Spirit family, your angels, your guides who have accompanied you, and who now turn to you and say ‘Well done, and welcome!’  And those you call the Masters come and bow before you, ‘Namaste for joining this beloved group’.  We are wayshowers, indeed, and we come together for the purpose of lighting the way for all of those who would join with us and all of those who would receive the message of Oneness that we, in this moment, create together as sovereign beings, as free in our Spirits and indeed in all of our energies and all of our Joy.

“So now let us gather in circles, holding hands and creating a great spiral of energy as we do so.  Come and find your place, Beloved, it’s right here for you, it’s reserved, it has your name on it.  So come and join in this great circle.  And now let us listen with our hearts and let us join in this affirmation of our bonding, of our Brother/Sisterhood, of our Oneness.  Perfect, perfect children of Mother/Father we are, and the light that we share is so great, that it not only lights up Planet Earth, but indeed the entire Universe.  And so, if you would repeat after me the words that we are co-creating in this moment and the next:

“I greet my Brothers and Sisters in Love

And I say unto you

I feel the Love You Are

and I welcome you into my fields of energy

and I invite you to come into my Heart

In sacred communion

I cherish this bonding

which we are creating

on an even higher, more sacred level

and I welcome our journey together!

I recognize our true purpose and mission

is that of Love

Its expression

Its expansion

And its bringing to all of Planet Earth

And the Universe beyond

from the Christ Consciousness

We Are.

Thank you so much, Beloved Brothers and Sisters –

Family We Are!

And we pledge that we shall return

To this sacred gathering place

In order to continue

Our wondrous journey together

And I invite all of you, my Brothers and Sisters

To come into my world

With your Love

With your Joy

And with your Lights,

That we may show the world

That we are bonded

Now in this moment

As we have always been

And evermore

And so it is

We Are One!

“Beloved Ones, our Hearts are full to overflowing with the Joy of this togetherness, with the Love that we have shared and exchanged.  There is absolutely no separation.  There is the Love bond between us now.  It has been recognized.  It has been accepted, and it has been welcomed with Love and Light.   And so we say to you ‘We thank you for standing for Planet Earth.  For bringing your beautiful Hearts, your Sacred Beings to this place of Oneness, to this altar of Love.  This is sacred.  This is sacrament of communion, of bonding.’

“Now please allow my Mother to come forth to stand at my side with the roses of Kumara for you, for your beautiful loving Hearts. Smell them, feel them, accept them please, with the Spirit and the Love with which they are offered.  These roses are different from other Kumara roses you may have received, because they tell of this sacred gathering, of this bonding, of this Brother/Sisterhood recognition and of our co-creation together of this sacred communion.  You are now known throughout the Universe for having represented each one of you and Planet Earth, and for assisting Planet Earth along its own path of Ascendence.  You are all participants in that Ascension, each and every one of you, and now you have even more assurance of your leadership roles in bringing about Peace and Love and the return of Joy to the Planet.

“Blessings be to You and to your loving Hearts especially.  We have hugs, please accept them.  And as you leave this sacred space take it with you in your Hearts, and always remember your bonding with the Ashtar Command Family, the Kumaras, and indeed all of the dwellers of the dimensions of Christ Consciousness.  You are One with Us!  And so it is.  Namaste.”

* Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Simon & Garfunkel

Transcribed by Deborah Urquhart.
Given through Susan Leland, July 13, 2010. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.



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  1. Farah Nome says:

    I believe that we’re on the verge of a major shift because taking all things happening in the world collectively, we certainly can’t go on like this.

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