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Sananda: Love Your Inner Child


Sananda addressing the June 25, 2010 teleconference:

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  It is I, Sananda.  I come in Love, I come with Joy, and I come with great news for all.  And the news is that it is indeed time to bring these children forward, these children who are such a beautiful and wonderful part of each and every one of you.  And as we address your children, we ask that you join in addressing all of the children of the world, the ones inside, the ones who are a part of every being upon the planet, everyone in a human body regardless of their age.  Many of these children have been put aside and that which you call the ego has been in control, directing the path of the body, the human, and the energy field of the humans on the planet.

It is time to raise our voices, to open our hearts, and above all else, to bathe these children in our Love. It is a way of bringing everyone together.  Your children are innocent.  They are free of judgment until their society, their world, teaches them otherwise, and we are to bring the inner child forward with healing and Love, to bring them to a state of Peace where they can express and join others in Love.  That will be a true healing for the entire planet, and it will be a way of bringing Peace upon the planet much closer.  It will be a way of bringing all of us much closer together, and it will be a way for people to climb up above whatever constraints and restrictions 3D has put upon them.

“And so as we have said before, it is time in your time to do this, your inner children have called it forth and we are so pleased to be here with you in such Love, in such Grace.  And so we ask that you return to that which you just heard to picture yourself as the parent – mother, father, it makes no difference, just be the parent.  Relax and breathe now, you are the parent.  Relax.  Relax and breathe.

“Now go into your heart, you have a crystal elevator to use if you wish to go into your heart, and go right to the door behind which your inner child is waiting for you.  And the door is very special, it has your child’s name upon it.  And it glows with a special radiance which is so innocent, perhaps it is pink, perhaps it is the yellow of the sun, perhaps it is green.  Just see it, see it if it is there in your heart and see your child’s name upon the door and see the beautiful color of the door as it welcomes you.  And now slowly let your child know that you are there outside of that door, you can knock softly or perhaps you have a bell that you can ring, or perhaps you have a special song that you choose to sing.  Greet your child, greet your child with Love in your voice and in your manner in the fields of your energy.  And perhaps your child is hesitant to have you open that door, perhaps your child is in fear that you might be bringing in some catastrophe from the world.  So assure your child that all is Love and all is Peace, and that you bring Joy, Love and Peace, and, oh yes, it’s time to come out and play and be joyful.

“And soon your child hears what you say but more importantly feels the loving, loving waves of energy that you’re sending through that door.  Now step back a step because here is your child at the door on the other side, and there is a crystal doorknob, or a golden one, and suddenly you see that doorknob start to turn a bit.  Oh, what joy, what excitement beats in your own heart.  And you start to hear some beautiful music or feel some loving, warm energies or perhaps a cooling breeze that tells you your child is coming forth.  And sure enough the door opens wider and there is your beautiful, beautiful child shining and radiant, hesitating to come out yet but still there greeting you with a kind of excitement but also a kind of wonder – What are you bringing?  What news do you have?

“So simply allow your child to feel the warmth of your smile and the Love that you bring and see your smile met on your child’s face as your child begins to smile back at you.  And just allow the exchange of loving, loving warm energies to flow.  Smile.  And when you know the moment is exactly right, Beloved Ones, hold out your arms and allow your child a moment to feel, to feel the great Love that you bring forth out of your own being.  And all of sudden your child remembers.  Your child is a part of you and you are a part of your child, and there really is no separation at all, it’s all Love, it’s all Joy.  Allow your child to come into your arms.  Allow yourself to love your child and feel the loving hugs that your child has for you.

“Perhaps it has been a long time since you have greeted each other, since you have hugged each other and spent time with each other.  It matters not, because that is all dissolved in the joy of the moment of reunion.  So stay in this hug.  Stay in it and just hug.  And allow your energies to move even higher, allow the love expressions to be even more wondrous, allow the joy to come.  And if you feel so inclined, you can hold hands and dance.  Perhaps you have a special song to sing as your child stays in your arms, it is all exactly perfect.  Exactly perfect.

“And now, when you have the comfort and the confidence of your child say something to this effect: You are inviting your child to come out to play, to be joyful, and above all else to feel the joy that you have in your heart.  It is no longer necessary for your child to be shut away to avoid being in full consciousness with you.  That is the past and it is over.  Here is the NOW – the bright shining golden NOW.  Here is the love, here is the rejoicing, here is the playing and the frolicking.  Everything that the child may have hidden away from is dissolved, transmuted in the moment of reunion.  There is only Light, there is only Love in this great heart of yours.

“And your child begins to literally glow with the loving radiance that is there in your heart.  And so it is that as you comfort, as you love, as you hug this beautiful, beautiful child of yours, you yourself become radiant in the glow of this reunion.  And so it is that you assure your child that there is absolute freedom in your heart and that you have many joyful times coming together.  You can do tea parties, you can dance; you can take your child to the seashore or to the mountaintop or anywhere in between. Go to the park where the flowers are blooming.  Let your child frolic among the flowers.  Do not be concerned, the flowers love your inner child as your inner child loves them and your child’s step will be so light.  And the joy and the love that your child will leave with the flowers will be evermore, even as the flowers offer themselves to you and your child to take home in that great heart of yours.

“And your child looks around and sees that all is wondrous and all is joyful and all is light and love.  Fear is forgotten, as it never was.  It was an illusion and that is all that it ever was.  And the truth of your love and your connection is what shines forth now.  And you can say with absolute truth and certainty when your child and you are now together in a way that perhaps you have never been, and that this bonding, this healing, this grand connection, indeed this communion is lasting evermore.

“Feel the peace of it for yourselves, Beloved Ones.  Even as you have been co-creating these wondrous visions, know that the message of this and the healing that it brings has gone out to the entire planet and the world beyond.  Feel the empowerment that the love, the exchange of love, gives to you.  And know that this empowerment is multiplied many times over as you send it out so lovingly.  You have empowered your messages with this love.  And it shines so bright and yet gently, peacefully.  There is no need for loudness or for overbearing.  Notice if you will that your beautiful egos are sleeping peacefully now, as you and your child have now met and hugged.  And there is now peace in all of your being and your ego is content in it’s slumber; in it’s relaxation.  And you have hugs for your ego and your child and Love, indeed, has been the great healer for all.  Beloved Ones, you have created so much Joy, so much Beauty, so much Love.  Come into your heart at any time you choose.  Invite your child to come forth and play with you, and dance with you and love with you.

“Accept from my Mother the Roses of Kumara.  Give one to your child.  Give one to your ego. And take as many as you wish into your heart.  Again they are offered to you for your enjoyment, and their colors will shine evermore in your beautiful, beautiful loving fields of energy, of the totality of who you are.  Now just stay in your hearts and focus your loving gaze upon all of you – your child, your ego, and the totality of who you are.  Reach up into the higher dimensions and greet the divinity that you are – God/Goddess.  And keep the connections open, for this, Beloved Ones, is how you help to bring the world, shining out from your hearts this great Love, this great Joy, this great connection and reunion, with the totality of who you are and with the Love that you came with and with the Love that you have to give.

“Feel the joy of these wondrous children as they experience this reunion that you have created for them, each one within the energy fields and the hearts of the humans they are a part of.  Now picture all of these children joining hands worldwide, and give them the signal to express in their own way, and to literally blanket the world with their expression, with their love, with their call to communion – together.  One world, one heart, healed in this Golden Age.

“So we thank you, Beloved Ones.  Enjoy your roses, enjoy your reunion and we rejoice with you.  For we have truly come even closer.  And we are truly one in Heart, one in Spirit, one in Love.  And so it is. Namaste.”

sekhmetMother Sekhmet:

“Well I’m here.  But I’m just going to purr at you for a moment.  I just want you to know how absolutely beautiful you are, and what beautiful creations we have done together.  So I, Sekhmet, who you may know, is still in charge of a lot of healing around here, just as I was in what you call the land of Ra. I want you to know you did fabulously well.  I want you to know that we love you beyond words, so I won’t take a lot of time.  I am honoring you by not being quite as exuberant as I usually am, I’ll save that for dinner.  We’re going to have a dinner, and it’s going to be a party and it’s going to be so much fun.

“And we want all of you to continue the partying with yourselves and with all of us because you see, Beloved Ones, we’re all one anyway so let’s just party on.  You’re all invited.  By the way, I’ve got my inner child dancing, how about that?  Picture that if you’d like.  And I shall say to you Beloved Ones – well done!  Thank you for coming to co-create this grand healing.  Come back whenever you choose to, revisit the moment if you wish.  And move forward now upon your paths of light, because you know who’s riding with you.  And so thank you, Beloveds.  I have the honor and the joy of saying to all of you, Namaste.”




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