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Develop Telepathy, Talk to the Galactics, Master Your Gifts


Developing Telepathy to Connect with Your Galactic Guides and Develop Your Siddhas

Elizabeth Trutwin
17 July 2010

Each One of us is a Spark from the Divine All That Is.

As we are born through our Mother, as our Father Ra breathes life into our Creation.

We are All Children of Ra-We are all from the Stars-the Aboriginals-the Galactics of our Father Ra.

Inside each of us is a Womb of Consciousness-it Lives within Our High Hearts

Our connection to All That Is is constant and always flowing through our hearts.

As we open our Hearts to LOVE we become fertile to have discourse with All That It, with Goddess/God, as some call it. It is The Force combined with LOVE.

As we drop the programming placed in our local minds by our biological parents, our teachers and schools, Universities, our Houses of Religion, our Community, our Medical encounters, our depleted foods and chemical laden water supply, the News media and Entertainment Industry as we drop all the programming laid into our cellular memories—we open our hearts more and more. As we drop our fears and past traumas we are capable of opening up to more LOVE.

As you discover you continue to harbor fears and traumas, feel free to call on Soltec, Arcturus, Dr Lorphan, Lord Ashtar, Archangel Raphael, any of the Healers which resonate with you. Ask them to take you to the Ships, ask them to heal you of the traumas, fears and programing, ask them to increase your love quotient, let them know if you would like to handle a little or a lot, they will go at the speed you are prepared to handle.

When one owns their personal power and self-mastery and is the master and cause of their reality and not a victim. When one has right relationships, lives right in this World, When one sees life from an Integrated Full Consciousness Perspective and not a limited perspective they become fertile to receive Higher Teaching. Only then can the Angels come in and share Higher Wisdom. The Angels cannot penetrate petty thoughts, jealousy, greed, childishness, sadness, grief, worry or anger….The Angels can only transmit new information through Love and through Peace

As we learn to release the 3D programming in the Matrix and rise into the 5D Consciousness, where we are, we may grow in our siddhas. At this time there are tremendous energies coming through – The Cosmic Rays – It is a good time now to fast from meat-if you are not vegetarian, it is a good time to experience that lifestyle. Either try it for a day, a week or maybe convert completely? Eat nothing with a face. As we do this we wake up the cells in the body. It will also make it easier to release the memories in the cells of hate, fear, pain, trauma—these are often stored for years in the colon-the cooked on baked on long standing stagnant fecal matter-which can be tens of pounds on the older body-holds these things in the vessel. As we eat lighter, it frees the bowels from needing to hold onto these things. As these high energies come into the cells, it is a good idea to exercise the body.

When we find ourselves overweight, it is due to an expansion between the cells. It is much easier to lose weight than we think. As we begin to move and eat lighter, it happens quickly. Everyone can exercise, no matter who you are. Everyone can start out with walking outside once a day-10 minutes -then 20 minutes and up to an hour. For those who cannot walk, a person can sit in their chair or bed and do isometric exercises. This means squeezing your muscles as hard as you can for 20-25 seconds to strengthen the muscles. Deep breathing exercises with cleansing breaths is also an exercise as it moves oxygen in and out of the cells. Everyone must exercise. Exercise is the beginning of reversing aging in our Culture.

The Angels love to stir us into Greater Service by speaking to our hearts. They know JUST what to say to us at the right time to stir us into deeper growth. These experiences will have us laughing and crying as we grow in our Consciousness. The emotions move like waves in the Sea. Emotions are a crucial part to bring the human Being to Divine Consciousness. The emotions are no mistake-we use emotions as fuel, as energy, to speak to Goddess/God. There are tools to unlock the mysterious canyon of emotions within Divine Infinite Cosmic Source speaks to you through your emotions. We connect with our emotions to our High Heart and to All That Is. We have a limited range of emotions we have been conditioned to feel comfortable with. As we practice eating light, cleansing, exercise, prayer, meditation, singing, dancing, communing with nature, growing seeds, as we practice discipline and balance in these activities, we come back to LOVE.

As we are all Divine Sparks of the Infinite Creation, of the manifest Universe, we all have clairaudience with the Angelic Realm-each One of us can and do-we do it everyday-some acknowledge it as such and some do not remember they are doing it all day long. We hear these amazing stories in the news of rescues in the nick of time, from accidents. In these times the Angels are there. We call the Angels telepathically to help us. Some of us are more comfortable than others working with this energy.

Tom the ring-tail cat Paschat asks me to say again, because it cannot be said enough, the Galactics ARE the Angels and the Angels ARE the Galactics.

YOU may call on the Angels for all your needs. They are standing by to help us as they help the Ascended Masters everyday. The Angels will help you increase your own ability to discern and have telepathy with the Angels and with Others, Mother Sekhmet, St Germain, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Lord Sananda, Lord Ashtar…

You may call on:

Archangel Michael
Archangel Chamuel
Archangel Metatron
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Uriel
Archangel Sandelphon
Archangel Raziel

Call on these Angels in your everyday life, call them for assistance in all things, big and small as you learn to recognize and be around their energy. They may show up as flashing colors, symbols, bright shining light, a feeling in your body, such as tingling and eventually as telepathic communication.

I would like to make a suggestion of easy ways to develop telepathy. Everyone is already using it everyday. You already have telepathy with your ego mind and with your Higher Mind. It is that still small voice speaking inside of you. You may utilize this small voice inside to transmit and receive messages from the Angels. At first it will sound like your own voice. As you call an Angel to you, you will see a sign or feel they are there. Thank them for joining you. Ask to have all Communications within the Office of the Christ. All the Galactics from the Galactic Federation and the Galactic Confederation of Worlds works within the Office of the Christ, they are all Ascended Christed Masters.

Speak to the Angel now. To begin, start with yes and no questions. Ask the Angel to answer the questions on your heart-ask yes and no questions. Ask the Angel to show you in your body their Soul Signature. Ask them to show you YES in your body as a tingling in your legs—or any other signal that works for you. Ask them to show you No in your body. Start to ask them easy questions and tough questions. See how the answers play out in your life. You will get better and better at discerning Yes and No from your Angel Guide. You are encouraged to speak to the Angels in the quiet moments in your life, driving in the car, browsing in the grocery store, in the bathtub, eating lunch, in place of reading a book or watching tv…in all the quiet times in your life, talk to the Angels. They want sooo much to speak to you. They are your connection to learning to speak with the Galactics. The Angels and Galactics are working side by side on Niburu, the New Jerusalem, the Phoenix and all the Ships in our Galaxy.

It takes practice and determination to get this practice of telepathy down well. Lightening the diet and showing up to work out everyday, or take a walk in nature everyday, is the kind of discipline needed to develop telepathy. As you devote time to take care of yourself, and get to know your Angelic Galactic Guides, you will have happy returns and communications of LOVE which broaden your life and deepen your experience in LOVE.

In time, the Angel has your trust and may communicate in larger and larger ways. The Angel will come then and use that voice inside to speak to you. You may ask elaborate questions then. In time your Angel will be able to coach you in your siddhas, in levitation, in walking through portals, and teleportation. We all know how to do these things and our Angel Guides are the key to connecting to your siddhas.

Telepathy is the beginning. As you Master this, ASK and ALLOW your Angel to teach you new and exciting way to play in the Nagual World, traveling in the Etheric Body and penetrating Dimensions in All That Is.

by Elizabeth Trutwin


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  1. Sondra Milovich says:

    I am trying to develop my telepathic abilities. I’m on a raw/vegan diet and I eat no refined sugar. Someone told me that drinking ocean water will also increase my abilities.

    Is this true?

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