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Ashtar’s July 6th Report and Update


Update from Ashtar July 11th: “In our next gathering of Family, we shall be discussing the empowerment of our connections with you.  We shall be doing an Exercise of Connection, in order to bring us even closer together.  In this way we shall be empowering all of Planet Earth to raise its vibration even higher, so as to bring us into its consciousness awareness. This, in turn, will facilitate our open contact with all of the people of the Planet, and indeed our visible implementation of the healing technologies we bring.  Be aware that we are indeed presently mitigating in every way possible, the calamitous events in progress, but we are anxious to increase our work to our fullest capacity.  For this, we must have the conscious recognition of the people of Planet Earth, most especially its governments.  We ask that you join us in increasing this conscious awareness.  Salut!”

Ashtar addressing the July 6, 2010 teleconference:

“Well good evening, and happy freedom day to all!  Now the first thing that we want to mention here, while we are mentioning, is that we, too, are in celebration of the new freedoms that have come to all upon the planet.  Without these energies of Love, Peace and Absolute joy which are coming right now, oooh doesn’t it feel fabulous, we would not be as free to connect with you as we are now.   We would not be as free to come in quietly, but nevertheless to come in and show you our presence, blinking lights in the skies at night, perhaps some silvery, shimmering objects in the daytime.  We would not be as free to come in to your consciousness to let you know how much we love you, and what messages we have for you.   And we certainly would not be as free to do what, perhaps those you call the dark hats call meddling, we call it mitigating, some of the more heinous and destructive actions taking place upon the planet.

“Now there are those in the Gulf who are starting to see us, and to know that we are here, and we will explain something every carefully to you.  There is no such thing as time where we exist, and yet timing is all. It has to do with the sequential flow of events.  And for those of you who are feeling as though time is standing still, as though you are in a pause, it’s your own.  And that’s just fine, because that’s where you need to be.  And if you’re not quite sure of what your next move is, just be still and listen within your heart, within your wisdom centers.  Talk with your guides and you will start getting the picture.

“Now outside of your beloved selves, outside of your divinity of the individual that you are, you can be assured that time is moving faster than it’s ever moved, because you are on track, you are on course.  Where are you going?   You are going home to meet us, to be One with Us, to be One With the All that You Are, and with All that there are upon Planet Earth and the universe beyond.  You are coming home to your own heart spaces, your own divinity, and yes your own personal Freedom of One, as well as Freedom for All. Freedom is the catalyst.  It is that which makes all of this possible.  And you are much more free now to reach out, to step up, to climb to the stars, than you have been since the beginning.  This is what Lemuria is about.   Reach out, climb, or lie down in your beddy-byes and dream.  Or however you choose to do it, Beloved Ones.  Everyone has these wondrous gifts, this Love, this Joy, this Empowerment.  You had to first call for your Freedom.  How can you be empowered if you are not free?  How can you express yourself with security and comfort, if you don’t feel free to do it?  The repressive manifestos, whether they are given by church, by government, by education, by families, the repression is over!  Done.  Everybody is free. You have reached a whole new level or plateau.

“Now is the time to claim that Freedom.  And we are talking Truth.  We are not necessarily talking about any particular aspect of your lives or your lifestyles, we are talking about ‘Go Get It!’   Create it.  The only thing that is constant with this fast-moving time of yours, which eventually there will be no time – you see it will get going faster and faster and faster and poof …. It’s no more.   So the only thing that is constant, as far as actions are concerned, the only thing that stands all the time, is Change.   So embrace it, because it is here.  What makes it possible, of course, is the Freedom to claim it, however you want it to be.   What is it fueled by, well of course, Love.  What else could there be?  What else is there, where we are going? I tell you this, I am somewhat renowned for travels.  You know the opening, ‘to go where no man has ever gone before?’  We’ve been there where no man, or insect or mammal or whatever, whoever, has gone before, as far as any relation or knowledge of the destinations are concerned.  And we’ve had a lot of time, we’ve kind of perfected travel.  Fly with us, it will be so grand!  So if that’s what you want to do, come on aboard.  You’ve got unlimited frequent flyer miles.  And, if you want to stay with the evolvement of Planet Earth, you’ve got a front row seat.

“Why?  Because you’ve earned it, because you love.  What else is there that can get you there, except Love?   Absolutely unconditional and if you don’t feel unconditional all the time, it’s OK.   We’ve got this window opened, you see, and you’ve all had an opportunity to feel unconditional somewhere along the way during this great window.  And guess what?  The window just keeps opening wider for you, Beloved Ones, and for us to greet you and to be with you.  So let’s just hug, hold hands and as they like to say so often, ‘Let’s blast off together’, because that, Beloved Ones, is what we’re here to do.

“Now, where did you get all this Freedom anyway?  Well it’s fueled by Love, you know that.  And there is such a thing as time on Planet Earth, and we’ve been telling you about these sequential events, you’ve just heard more of them from the Masters, Tara, Rama and Beth.  Now is that not exciting?  Does that not stir a bit more of a flutter in your hearts, or perhaps a light bulb going off even more, or twinkling stars or whatever?  It matters not.  When you connect with what’s going on, you feel the Love that empowers it and you know, we’re moving to unlimited destinations.  To wherever you want to go.  What is it that you want to create anyway?  Get on with it!

“Now for those of you who are paying attention, you may have noticed that your thoughts are manifesting a lot faster these days.  You think of someone, your phone rings.  You think that you want to buy a shiny red sports car, and somebody knocks on your door and says ‘Well I have this shiny red sports car and if you will just take over the payments’ – or whatever.   The details are not important.  It is that that which has been impossible one moment, is suddenly possible.  So what do you do?  You say, ‘Well I have to think about it.  I am not really sure I am ready to do this’, or you say, ‘All right I see the door or I am going to jump through the window or whatever’.  You see.  Go with the flow.  You’ve got more Freedom than ever to do it. Oh yes, we are going to talk about Freedom from the 3D boxes and all of that, we will get to that.  But we want you, well let’s just say we invite you, to look at all of this from the perspective of the higher dimensional citizen, resident, being, in all of your being.  Clear out the cobwebs real quick because we’re going to have a real exciting time tonight as we gather here in Oneness, in solidarity of mission, which is perhaps a little more broad than what we have done before, but nevertheless we have St. Germain standing by [channel HERE], and he’ll make it all come right in to your fields of energy, your hearts, your minds, your wisdom centers, every cell of your physicality and outwards through all your bodies.  So let’s get ready.  Like we said, let’s blast off and get ourselves up into that high vibration.  And while we’re at it we’re going to meet some beings there. How does that sound?

“So just kind of relax and just let your visions allow you to, oh you can fasten your seatbelts if you want but there is really no need to, and this is going to be a co-creative adventure. It’s going to be more conscious than perhaps what you would call a meditation.  But we want to talk about Freedom. We want you to meet and greet those who represent Freedom to you, because they stood for it.  Heroes, sung and unsung.  And we have a surprise personality for you at the end of this particular journey, so relax and enjoy.  We’re blasting off on the freedom ship.  So we are going to make some stops and they are random, we don’t have to go in a linear way at all.  So we are just going to go, and you can consider that we have a trail of stars to light our way if you wish, because these ones are generally dwelling in what you call the heavens or the higher dimensions.  Some of them have come back, but we are speaking to the spirits, and we are greeting those who have the identities for which they can be remembered.

“So let’s stop for a moment to greet All who came to Lemuria.   They came and brought freedom and all of its concepts.  They came from places that were already high dimensional and enjoying freedom.  They came to share Love with each other.  They had no fear.  They were not repressed.   They were elevated.  They were wondrous beings.  Give them a hug, or shake hands, or however you wish to greet them.   And thank them for coming and grounding Freedom that is fueled by Love on Planet Earth.  And so it is.

“And let’s talk of others, others who refused to be enslaved.  Others who stood forth and spoke for Freedom, and spoke for Peace upon the Planet, and spoke for Compassion and Love, even when the world was not ready to acknowledge.   Even when they might be punished, they gave their lives, their physical lives in order to ground that concept of Freedom.  That concept of Love for everyone, respect, tolerance, the ability to enjoy life.  What about the brave ones who presented the Magna Carta to King John, who was a tyrant in his day, and insisted that he sign it?  They did so at great peril.  What about the one who has been somewhat romanticized, that is true in the movie that came out about him, but nevertheless the central thought is there.  And they showed him, his final words or word, shouting for Freedom.  The one you call William Wallace, ‘Braveheart.’ What about Spartacus who, yes gathered an army, but whose purpose was to free slaves, that all might return to their homelands and to their lives which had been so brutally interrupted by the mere fact that they happened to be in a place that got conquered by the Romans.  What about the great philosophers who cried for Freedom of Spirit through the ages.  The Greeks were famous for that, for pointing out one fatal flaw or other, wherein a person kept himself/herself imprisoned on that one fatal flaw.  Ego stuff you know.

“What about those who have risen in the face of insurmountable odds?  They have faced moving tanks, and those that you heard about but were not really able to connect with before the Iron Curtain closed down on the ones from Hungary who faced the big tanks of the overwhelming army with homemade bombs, and yes, with their bare hands. What about the brave ones in Tienamen Square who spoke for Freedom?  They live today in spirit.   And yes what about the ones who could not find any other way to declare their Freedom during what you call the Revolutionary War in the United States of America.  The celebration of that Freedom which was their goal, their inspiration, is taking place even now.  It’s not over, because we are here to celebrate that Freedom as well as others! We shall emphasize it because that which they fought for was Truth to them.

“Now we have said many times there is no such thing as a Holy War.  There is Love and there is to be Peace on Earth, but sometimes there has been fighting in order to secure that Peace.  What the world is finally learning is that no amount of fighting can bring true and lasting Peace.  True and lasting Peace needs to be based in Love, fueled by Love, and made possible by Freedom. But it is entirely appropriate to honor all of those who truly believed that they must stand and fight in order to preserve or to achieve or to accomplish Freedom.  Theirs is the honor.  Those who manipulated them into fighting, theirs is the dis-grace, lack of grace.   When the news comes out of all that has gone into all of these wars throughout all of time, it is to enter into a new understanding and to help those who would not otherwise be in Joy.  People have a tendency when the blinders come off, when the Freedom comes in, they have a tendency to be somewhat angry about the way that they have been manipulated, enslaved and used.  And so we are here to tell you that a new era has come to Planet Earth.  The Love is sufficient upon the planet to transmute the anger if you will hold the lights for it, Beloved Ones, just hold those lights!

“Now let’s continue on our journey.  Where are we going?  We said we are coming home to Lemuria.  Now that is not a geographical destination although in some cases, of course, there is geography present.  But what we are talking about is higher dimensional beings living for the entire Planet.  So let’s just zoom in and greet these Lemurians shall we, these Lemurians who have held the light and who are now waiting to greet you, Beloved Ones.   Now come in very close, very close, zoom right in.  Look at the faces.  Perhaps you see some that you recognize and know, have known when they were embodied upon Planet Earth.  Wait a minute, zoom in a little bit closer.  And who do you see?  No, it’s not a mirror.  It’s you, Beloved Ones.  You have a place here.  All of you.  If you choose to claim it, then do so.   Greet yourselves Beloved Ones, with Love and Joy in your hearts, and know that this is your day – This is your homecoming day!!!

“Now how do you maintain this connection?  Well you do it in your hearts, you do it in your meditations, your dreams, your visions.  But we ask that you bring this Self, this part of you into what remains of 3D, and most particularly those of you in the countries that you call the Western World.  And even though we celebrate the homecoming of new Freedoms to the United States of America, you are all included.  You are all Americans.  Hold your candles up, Beloved Ones, and greet the world.  You are Lemurians uniting in Freedom to do so.  Understand what this means.  You know they have a law on the books of the United States of America that says that they can imprison anybody who talks to I, Ashtar, or any others.  Well, that one doesn’t stand.  The world has gone past that.  There are many, many places where you can go on the internet, where you can see the connections, where you can greet your Lemurian selves, where you can greet your star traveler selves, where you can greet us and we can greet you because we are all One, anyway.  Be not concerned about what have been called Draconian laws.   Are we suggesting that you go down the street and blatantly break the law?  Of course not.  We are suggesting that you bring this Freedom into your heart, that you take yourself up and out of 3D, that you put the White Light of the Christ around you, and speak your Truth.  Draconian laws are being erased even as we speak.  Even as you get word that some new outrage has been passed, do not let it come into your beings, Beloved Ones.  Remember keep your egos in your High Hearts, and look upon all with Love and Joy. Remember Who You Are!  You just greeted yourselves.   We hope you gave yourselves big hugs, too, while you were at it.  This is the time to celebrate Freedom.  This is the time to accept for yourselves your own divinity and the blessings that you from your divine hearts bestow upon yourselves and all of the Planet and the universe beyond.  Mother/Father created you as Love, and created you with freewill and you have traveled far and wide.  And so it is that we ask that you acknowledge your own beautiful selves and come into this Oneness with Who We are, Who We All Are.

“We would like to give you another vision.   You have all seen the pictures of when a class graduates from a school.  And even the young ones these days are encouraged to rent a cap and gown.  You know what they look like.  What happens at the very end of the ceremony is that all of those caps are tossed into the air.  It’s rather symbolic, is it not?  Freedom.  The lid is off.  You are prepared to take a big step into expressing your identity, who you are – graduation!  Well let’s give you another version of that picture, shall we?  You’ve been told many times and we have said to you in confirmation, that the thing that makes it really hard for the dark hats to continue to persevere, is all the Love Light that you send to them.  Well guess what, you have gotten through to a lot of them.  Now picture a dark hat gathering and the Light coming up in that gathering is the sun coming out from behind the dark clouds and beaming upon all of them.  Now picture them standing and reaching for their dark hats, and tossing them into the air where they are transmuted.  (You can bring in the violet ray or anything you want.)   Guess what happens when those hats come back to those ones who tossed them?  They are white and gleaming.  Because that’s what happening behind the scenes more rapidly.

“Now they wouldn’t be able to do this if they were just afraid of punishment for their darkness, or retribution, or banishment, or whatever. But it is giving them the Freedom to come to their own time of discontinuance of the programs that they have had running all these years, and sending them the Love to empower their changes.   Remember, we said that change is ongoing with everyone, within everyone.  And that’s what is happening behind the scenes, among other wondrous things.  So when you look upon the news, and there are many tellers of Truth, you can add Keith and Rachel, of course, to the names that were given by the Beloved Ones earlier.  And there are many more, you can look them up on the internet, you can sit in front of your television set, you can turn the dials on your radio or however you choose, or you can sit with the great loving spirit of the Lemurian One you are, and ask to see the changes that Love is empowering!

“Now we have another topic which is closely related.  It’s all about this personal Freedom which you are enjoying.   We mentioned that more and more of your thought forms, your heart visions, are manifesting very fast in time with this new Love, with this new empowerment that Love brings, with these new energies from the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, and indeed the entire universe emanating from Source.  We ask that you spend as much time as you can find to explore yourselves.  Take yourselves to Lemuria, take yourselves to the stars, or wherever you choose to go.   Start getting in touch with the totality of who you are in your next now moments.  Oh sure, you can call it Future, and that’s just fine and dandy because that’s an appropriate name.  We are talking about anchoring yourself.   Hmmm, being in the now but creating your next moments.  It’s to be anchored, that’s to be sure, but it’s to look at, to really look at, where you are going.  To take yourselves there any way that you choose to do it.  Because you’ve all got the power and the Freedom to do it.  Use it!!!  Are you going to continue to be a citizen of the United States of America and beyond that, a citizen of Planet Earth?  Are you headed someplace else, or do you want to do it all?  You can, you can do whatever. You can multi-locate you know.  Identify with your ship.   Welcome yourselves aboard.  Create however you want to create it, because it’s all magical and it’s all a part of you.  You are Unlimited!!!  And for those of you who live in the countries that are acknowledged to have Freedom, you could, if you choose to, spend some time enlarging upon them.   Why?  Remember we have projects that we’ve asked you to do to bring 5D and above, to bring Christ Consciousness, into 3D.  Those projects are still available for you to participate in.  We ask that you take another look, go to the website, go to the WeThePeople*, take another look and say to yourselves, ‘Alright I am empowered even more so what can I do even more.  How can I participate even more, on the wings of the Love of Christ Consciousness?  What can I bring even more to these projects?’   And we invite you to take a new look.

“Now we are going to share just a little something behind the scenes.  There is a high probability that some new energies will be coming in which will be quite delightful for you to hear news of.  And just as soon as we can release it, according to everything staying within the sequential flow that we see, we will get the word out to you. In the meantime, savor your freedoms.  Be patriotic a little bit and understand that your patriarchy is changing to matriarchy.  Now there’s a good one, isn’t it!  Bring Lady Liberty right up in front of you and invite her to co-create with you the true manifestation of all of these Freedoms that you are supposed to be having, which are now right there for you to enjoy.

“We have requested some music for this evening that is what you might call a patriotic flavor but don’t be put off by that, because it is high vibe.  Allow the music to come into your hearts and amp you up even more.  Because this is all about Independence Day.  The true meaning of Independence, the true meaning of Freedom, fueled by even more Love and empowered – now listen up – empowered to go all the way to that which you have been co-creating with us in these past few years as you measure time.  Take the brakes off, remove the obstacles, you’ve got the Freedom, you’ve got the Love power to do it.  So let’s do it together and let’s get the big announcement projects brought forward as we do. So that’s rather a lot to contemplate, your personal Freedom, your joining together, our joining with you, the One We All Are joining in together, all of these wondrous expressions of Love and Freedom.  Well that’s rather joyful, don’t you think?

“So let’s celebrate, let’s light up our sparklers, and let’s tell the world we’re here and we’re moving on and welcome home to all.  Beloved Ones, just pause for a moment.  Let the Love shine bright as we re-dedicate ourselves even more to this mission of lighting up the world together.  You have given us permission to join with you and we tell you that even now you are beaming more brightly, more radiantly than you even were when we began this time of togetherness, so precious to us, so much Love, so much Joy, and so much Oneness in our consciousness, in that which we call the joining together of our entire beings so that we are truly One beaming this Love, this radiant Light out to all of Planet Earth and beyond. And let us greet Mother Gaia’s kingdoms, and let us thank each other and all of them, and let us come together most particularly with the whales and the dolphins and the creatures of the sea.  They speak eloquently to us.   And let us hear their wisdom as they say to us, ‘Continue, carry bright the flames of Freedom, hold high the torch of Liberty, see to it that you keep it brightly lit’.  There are those of us who are giving our lives that the world will open its eyes and cry out for Freedom, Compassionate Love for all.   So let us join with them, indeed with all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia, plant, animal and mineral.  And as we join together let us breathe Love and Peace to all of the kingdoms, that we may stand united, that we may raise our consciousness into the higher realms where there is only Freedom.  Freedom to love, Freedom to be, all in divine expression.  And let us mirror this Love, this Freedom and this Joy to each other as we stand together with those we have named, and those we have not named, who have gone before us to light the torches of Freedom, to keep the Love, the Respect, the Honor, alive.  Let us join together – one great spirit we are divine, and in Joy for we celebrate now all of this Freedom, this homecoming to ourselves and to each other in this great time that we have.

“And so I, Ashtar, share this vision with you that you may join in your hearts and your minds, and in every part of your beloved beings. Together we stand, together we call forth the Freedom and the Promise that we are here to keep.  And so it is, Beloved Family.  Salut!”


Transcription by Deborah Urquhart.

Given through Susan Leland, July 6, 2010. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.




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