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Ashtar’s July 13th Report


Ashtar addressing the July 13, 2010 teleconference:

“Well, Good Evening!  We had such a delightful time when we came together to celebrate freedom and we know that you have all been continuing to receive the freedom.  And the changes that are going on as a result of your opening to move forward on your own individual paths is most phenomenal.  Yes, we know!

“We shall first address the changes which do not seem on the surface to be of such a happy nature and we understand that because, after all, even though you are starseeds in the bodies of the humans you’ve got some human equipment within your beings.  And this means of course that you are subject to emotion and thought processes added to the programs, and so on and so on. Now is the time.  We are in what you might want to call the eleventh hour. Now, we’re a lot closer than what that might sound like, we’re not talking about eleven months here, we’re talking about, what is seen in this moment, is the continual changing of timelines.  Timelines are changing all the time, as you measure it.  So that’s a good way to explain it is it not?

“So we want you to keep that in mind and the suggestion that we have for you, because it is up to you to take as much or as little of what we offer here into service within your own beings, is to share to whatever extent you might feel inspired to do with others.  The timelines are constantly changing.

“You know the population of the planet is pretty huge in numbers, seven or so billion give or take a few million.  More coming on, more of these wondrous crystal and rainbow ones coming to share in this grand evolving upliftment, transformation, transmutation and transcendence of planet Earth.  With everyone who is born these days, indeed the timeline changes again.  Now what’s remarkable about this is that the timeline is changing in the direction of ascension. There’s not one of this and one of that, you know, a Gandhi born here a Hitler born there and all of that stuff.  There aren’t any Hitlers being born anymore, or future CEO’s of big corporations and all of that stuff either.  Mmm, well except for those that choose to stay behind and that is alright.

“There are those who simply have to perpetuate 3D planet Earth, and not necessarily because they want to control it all – it is more a matter of them and their individual desires to complete their lessons, because they’re not quite ready for graduation yet.  So give them all of your love and best wishes as you take off for the stars and beyond.  You’re coming home to yourselves, Beloved Family, you’re coming home to all of us and we are oh-so-ready to welcome you.  Indeed, many of you are doing your journeying and your traveling even now, and coming to enjoy your reunion, your reconnection, with that part of you which is already living in the higher vibrations!

“And you are working diligently to bring your bodies into the alignment, and let’s just say you’re working diligently at getting in shape.  You know, there are those who train to be marathon runners or triathlon athletes? Well, you’re diligently training for your own Ascension.  Now for most of you your bodies are not quite ready, in fact some of you are undergoing traumatic differences within your bodies – ‘Well I didn’t have arthritis six months ago, why do I suddenly have arthritis?,’ or whatever. ‘I have been so agile and limber, Why did I suddenly fall and break three bones in my body?’  Those kinds of things.  Well it’s just a part of the transitioning.  And no it does not mean that you are going to leave your body over it, in some cases, it just means that you had to get this one last experience in, this one last class or workshop, or whatever you want to call it, so that you could really appreciate the rapidity with which your body is healing, for instance. How’s that for a changed timeline?

“‘Well the doctor says I’m going to be in this cast for two months!’ Could turn out to be two weeks if you want to create it so, you know. There is nothing – We want to tell you right now if you’re not a believer on that – Start believing! There is nothing that you can’t do, Beloved Ones.  And if you choose to co-create healing with another who is gifted and who is wanting to utilize their gifts to effect that healing then by all means do so, it will only be more empowering for, guess who, both of you! How’s that?  There is nothing that you cannot accomplish that you set your intent for. What do you think all of these supportive energies are all about?  They’re here to perhaps shake you up a bit, we agree.  Some of you might feel that you have been bumped out of your comfort box, but look around you, Beloved Ones, how does it feel to breathe the air of freedom, to be unlimited?  That’s what this is all about.  Take off your limitations.

“Now we understand that for some of you this is a bit of a stretch, but for many of you you can go back in time if you wish, just for a second now, don’t stay there.  There are not very many of you on this planet who have not, at one time, worn the burka.  Do you know what that is? I t is a deliberate creation to bind your heads so tightly that you have a constant headache so that you won’t think about freedom, so that you won’t think about expressing yourself, so that you won’t dare go beyond the box that you have been placed in. Now get out of that box real fast, we don’t want anybody to get stuck there, and we know that none of you have had that experience in this lifetime, well there may be one or two of you who have tried one on.  The voice tried one on once and she can still remember how completely and suddenly she felt stifled.  The only reason we’re bringing this up is because we want you to understand that you’ve moved beyond that.  That was only a symbol for you, a little picture that you could picture for yourselves so that you would understand that you are free from all of that boxing in, from all of that restriction.  Oh goodie, the lid is off!  The sky is unlimited in its welcome for you.  The more of these changing energies that you accept, that is, these energies of change, and yes they do feel different don’t they?  Sometimes they can shake you up a bit.  Sometimes you may feel that your chakras are not all aligned and perfectly balanced, there may be one or more of them that seems to be a little out of alignment.

“Pay attention to yourselves, Beloved Ones.  Take stock, if you will, that’s a good old-fashioned expression.  Make a list! Check yourself out, give yourself a check-up! Self-directed, self-managed, self-sovereign.  And don’t just stop with your physicalities – go through your entire being, all of your energy fields, and ask questions. ‘How is my fabulous brain today, are we all synchronized? What can I do to facilitate synchronicity within all of the areas of my fabulous brain?’  You see?  Or you can say, ‘of you, fabulous brain, part of me the one we all are.’  How ever you want to do it, that’s up to you.  Design your own check-up list.  You can put on a white jacket if it makes you feel more official.  You can take a clipboard and make a list if you wish and then start addressing it.  You’ve got the power.  Or you can get a wand, or you can consult.

“By all means the practioners- let’s talk about the practioners of healing for a moment.  They’ve been getting a lot of upgrades.  For some of them, it’s taken years, and some of them are quite recent; they don’t even know what to do with all of it but they’re starting to get the picture, it’s starting to fall into line, into balance and harmony for them.  And they’re starting to reach out and connect and say, ‘Well I’m not sure why I can do this but all of a sudden I have this to offer to you,’ or, ‘You know, I just feel like we should get together and connect because there’s some service that I have to give to you that I feel as though you are asking me to provide.’  Oh yes and an exchange, of whatever.  Money is energy, you know.  It’s all energy, everybody’s energy.  You’re energy. S o you can exchange energy units, just exchange energy units and all is well and wondrous.

“Pretty soon there will be other forms of energy that will replace the dollars, but for now, dollars are good if they facilitate your passions, your dreams, your visions of how you, yourself, can give service to yourself and to anyone else you choose.  Precious metal dollars are better and are in use in various parts of the planet.  They’re coming soon to your country!  It’s already there but it’s being held in safe keeping, in some cases.  And pretty soon everything is going to be based in Love.  And Love will be the energy unit of exchange because you’re going to become, you’re going to really get in there and open and start using your gifts, your talents.  And as I say, if you want an orange – voilà, look in your hand and there it is.  So you won’t have anything that you need to purchase with dollar energy units.  If you want to look at it this way, you can see that first of all you’re going to have so many dollars coming your way, and backed by precious metals that are clean and pure, you might not even be able to spend it all, now how does that look?  And in the next moment everybody will have everything or will know that they can create anything they might not have in the moment, and there you have it. It’s going to be as simple and easy as that.

“We want to put out a little reminder here.  You know the old saying, you can’t take it with you?  To heaven?  Well you can’t take it with you to 5D either, the number of zeros in your bank account are just exactly that, zero in 5D. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a one or some other number in front of all those zeros.  You won’t need it and you’re not going to take it with you because you’re going to be in your light-bodies and you’re going to be light-body travelers from now on.  Oh yes, you can come aboard the beaming ships, made of special materials.  They will reflect back to you your own high vibrations.  How about that?  Does that give you a clue?  Zero point.  Think about that.

“You see, we have gone beyond, we have trekked to the far corners of the universe and we know about these things, these materials, if you want to call them that, that these ships are constructed of such that when you walk into a particular room or compartment, or whatever, guess what you are going to feel?  Your own high vibrations.  How does that sound?  How does it sound when you walk onto the bridge, you can call me Captain Kirk if you want to, but I am of course, Ashtar, and how does it feel when you walk onto the bridge and you add your energy to those of us who are already there?  Ooh, it’s going to be so great when you come aboard and add. Are you starting to feel how important you are in all of this?  We certainly hope so.

“We can’t tell you enough how much we love you, and we honor you for the great missions that you are doing.  And we have a biggie tonight.  Now, we know that you are looking out at the world as it appears in 3D.  We can see 3D too, you know. Just because we have what you might call an elevated presence, we have a perception which is perhaps different, it is not despairing, it is seeing the light everywhere.  But nevertheless we are cognizant of the challenges that are presenting themselves on planet Earth.

“We have compassion for you and for all of Mother Gaia and all of her kingdoms, but believe us when we tell you that the events that are happening now have a sacredness to them because they are serving to awaken.  They are a call to spirit.  They are a call to raising the consciousness, and most of all, it’s for all of us to always be mindful of the fact that all of those who are participating – plants, minerals, animals and humans, are in service and that they have each in their own way contracted to undergo this experience to further the ascension process, to counteract, or counterbalance what remains of the dark programs.

“And yes, these dark programs are visible for the world to see, and we hear the calls and we are in connection with you always.  And we are coming in behind the scenes as one of Mother Earth’s children, regardless of which kingdom the child belongs to, and this is true for all of Mother Earth’s children as they make their transitions to the light, as they leave their physical bodies, whatever form their bodies may have been in.  You can be assured that we are there, that we accompany them upon this journey to the freedom from these bodies.  The Masters, the Angels, and yes, the Ashtar command.

“And we stand ready with hugs and honors of every description to welcome them and to thank them from our hearts for the great mission that they have participated in.  And we promise you, Beloved Ones, that for those of you who are ascending with Mother Gaia you are seeing the last of the missions worldwide.

“I stand with my brother Sananda and we promise you in all sacred honor all that you see around the world in Africa with the war, the killings and the starvations, in South East Asia particularly with the exploitation of the children and the drugs, in Western Europe with all of the arguing and the fighting ready to break forth at any moment into violence, in South America with the young ones that have guns and are forced into hardship, deprivation, starvation and killing of others, in Australia where the exploitation of the country’s mineral wealth and all of its resources continues, and yes in North America with all of its intrigue and corruption, and indeed in the entire world and the entire planet, all of these things are taking place everywhere and it’s all at the eleventh hour.

And it is all about to come to a big and fabulous end. Why fabulous?  Because it will happen no more, in ascended Earth it’s gone.  And it will not be at the final moment of Ascension that peace will come to the planet, it is seen to come much sooner.  So lift up, Beloved Ones, this is what we are going to advance the timeline for, this peace, this joy coming to the planet, this celebration, this blinders off, this one heart, one mind is now.

“We are going to come together in an exercise and my brother shall come forward upon the stage. I, Ashtar, am Kumara. And while I have not embodied here upon Earth as I, Ashtar, I have been around the block, so to speak, a time or two.  I’ve experienced third-dimensional energies and I still do.  We are bonded, we are connected, Beloved Ones.

“I am Kumara, we are all brothers and sisters through our connections, through our bonding and through our acknowledgement that we are Family.  We shall stand together in a mighty and empowered exercise and we shall have our moment to include the entire planet, the Ashtar command, all of the angels, masters and guides.  All of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, and this is all what we are here to do tonight.  And as we do so our voices shall be heard around Planet Earth and we shall move the timeline for peace and abundance for all, and move celebrations forward even more.  So, when we say it is the eleventh hour we simply mean – this is it.

“The consciousness has been elevated already to such an extent that we have an opportunity here to move things along at warp speed.  That’s Ashtar command lingo for real fast.  So we know you’re up for it because we already checked all this out.  Everybody who needs to be here is here and we will be joined by our Family who are waiting to read the words of this or who are connecting in, even though they are not perhaps at their telephones, their hearts are with us, their spirits are with us.  So look around the room you’re in, the place that you’re in is full!  Standing room only, and some might, frankly, have to hang from the ceilings because there are so many of us here gathered.

“And this is entirely appropriate because we come in service because you are here! We come in service to support you in the service you are here to give.  And that, Beloved Ones, is a holy and sacred mission.

“So all of these situations are hereby transformed and transmuted into 5D, or Christ-consciousness energies.  And as we do this exercise we only ask that you hold out your hand and that you join together with us in reaffirmation of the bond that we already have between, among and within us.  That is our purpose – sacred and solemn.  And we ask that you open your hearts to receive, perhaps some of you for the first time will receive energies you have not felt before.  Perhaps a pain you have had somewhere in your physicality will diminish or dissolve, or maybe, you will have the inspiration to connect with someone whom you have some kind of an issue in your relationship.

“We will share an example or perhaps two.  We have full permission, it has been given.  We will share that the voice has had many experiences where she has thought of someone and perhaps had a little bit of guilt – ‘ooh I haven’t talked to this one in a while,’ or, ‘I forgot to do something,’ or whatever.  As she thinks the thought, she is learning to bring it up into a higher vibration so she can send love to whoever is involved. And she likes the ho’oponopono, too.  And then she either makes the call or whatever, and then a door opens and there is that very one and the hugs and the love are messaging to both of them that all is well, all is healed, and all is forgiven.  And there is really nothing to forgive because they have both accepted.

“She has had a joyful experience just now.  The other day, she was sort of out of it, and we gave her to understand that that which she has passion for, one of the things, which is the reunion with her unicorn, was happening.  When she came back she had a name and she had reason to ask today if this was really for real – Had she really ventured into the realm of that unicorn and had the unicorn really been there to meet her?  And furthermore there were some much-beloved doggies who were there with that unicorn the other day.  She instantly was reunited, had confirmation of the name, felt the loving energies of the unicorn and the doggies and was invited to ride on that unicorn whenever she wished.  Now, you may be already in knowledge that unicorns are not generally for riding upon, so this was a big thing for her today.

“You never know who you are going to meet and what the circumstances are going to be, but get out all of your passions and dust them off and take them out for a spin, as Mother Sekhmet would say, because they are there for you, your fulfillment of your desires.  Many of these are things which money cannot purchase so you can quickly see what we are talking about when we say there really isn’t any in the realms of Christ-consciousness.  But you don’t need it.  Just take yourselves there. How do you do that? Well, we’re going to take you on a step, but it is your intent, Beloved Ones, and again we say to you take yourselves there, give intent to do so.  Always ask your higher self or your guides, if you wish you can ask Mother/Father to take your hands, or hand, and accompany you on your journey.  It’s a good idea.  But you do it however you want to do it, and you can go there in your sleep-time, or you can do it in your meditations, or you can do it when you are sitting in your favorite place, or sitting in front of your altar.  Sometimes the connection is instantaneous, sometimes you really do need to get into a little bit more of a high-vibe connected state.  It makes no difference, you’ll discover what works for you, just get on it.

“This entire month that you call July is most powerful.  The energies which have already come have been welcomed by many, that is what is making it possible for us to go even higher in this gathering. Cherish these energies, accept them with intent for the highest and best, for you and for everyone that you are connected with, and that’s pretty much everyone – well it is.  So there you have it.  So we ask that you create sacred communion with us, a communion of hearts, a communion of spirits, a communion of your energies, your precious, precious energies, coming together in a high sacred space utilizing all of the gifts that we all have, it’s time, it is time to create this.  Another occasion of togetherness, yes, but also an occasion of advancement, evolvement and transcendence for the entire planet, we are here with you, we are ready to co-create with you, so please do enjoy these precious moments for this extreme, if you will, connecting and bonding. Remember we are all brothers and sisters, we are Ashtar Command, Ashtar Family, and by extension Kumara. And so it is, Salut!”

Transcribed by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, July 13, 2010. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.



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