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Two Beams Of Purple Light Shooting Into The Exploding Rig: VIDEO

Unreal.  Any thoughts please post below!! Tony.


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  1. Beth says:

    Rama asked Bernie Sanders to please explain the purple beams of light. Bernie Sanders said: I cannot elaborate on that. Rama knows they are beams from the StarShips mitigating the disaster.

    Peace and Love,

    • Vertical smearing is a commonly found artifact in video footage recorded using CCD sensors. See here for some examples : and

      One can also clearly see, by looking at the “purple beam” in the lower part of the frame, that it is not in any way distorted by the water, making it plainly obvious that this is an optical artifact produced by the camera. If it was a real light source it’s reflection would have appeared rippled and distorted in the water.


      I just received this strong–and video–confirmation of something that I had psychically/telepathically had felt/picked up on from the moment that the oil rig had exploded–or rather, actually–as in the other well known “false flag” known as 9-11, that a Federation Merkabah Light Ship had been hovering in the Higher dimensions above the New York Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001, and had literally beamed up the majority of those inside the towers just seconds before they were brought down by the cabal. Well, as I stated, I had sensed and felt that there had been a Federation Merkabah Light Ship also hovering just above the oil platform moments before it had exploded–and I had wondered alittle later when I had heard through the corporate-cabal-controlled mainstream media, that some of those men who had been on the oil rig had “died”–and I had wondered if the earth officials had or had not actually found their bodies? For as in the case of 9-11, where the Higher Forces had physically beamed up most of the people in the World Trade buildings–had a similar thing occurred, of a much, much smaller case of Divine Intervention, of these men–or some of them, had they–either their physical bodies–or at least their souls & spirits, been beamed up out of the oil rig a split second before the explosion? And I do remember thinking, just briefly in passing, would I later receive any kind of “confirmation”, either/or information or photographic or on film, that would somehow confirm that this may have occurred–which could be a “symbolic precursor” for a much larger form of Divine Intervention if things were as bad or dangerously critical as many geologists believe could occur, with a huge methane gas bubble “volcano” threatening at any time to burst, which without definite Divine Intervention, mullions of people would lose their lives, and all of Florida would be underwater from the tidal wave created by this bursting methane bubble, and it would also destroy much of the coastal areas of many of the other gulf states. This could occur if we do not receive some “Cosmic Outside Help” from the Federation of Light.

      I had not thought about this earlier initial psychic or telepathic attunement, about the ship manifesting overhead and possibly beaming up some of or all of the men who had supposedly lost their lives, until today, when someone who is scheduled to experience one of my Transformational Channeled Readings, shared with me the fact that she had just recently seen this You Tube video that showed for a few seconds, the outline of what appears to be a Lightship hovering just above the exploding oil rig. When she happened to mention this to me, I was taken aback, because I had, as I stated, not thought about this for a few weeks since I had initially had felt or sensed that this had occurred, and had got distracted with so many other things going on in my life, like taking care of all the huge number of orders for my book, “Prepare For The Landings!” ( which I had been caught up in the drama of how the cabal had caused the final printing of this newly updated 2nd edition of the book to be delayed at the publishers for a number of weeks, and I was involved with attempting to get this book finally finished and published, and I had not, as I stated, thought about this initial–and now I realize–very accurate–attunement, that just as with other disasters such as 9-11, the Federation of Light had also known ahead of time that this horrible disaster was going to happen, and that they had positioned one of their Merkabah Light Ships just above the oil rig so that they could easily beam up the men who supposedly died–or at least their souls and spirits, if not their whole physical bodies, so they did not have to go through any of the normal trauma associated with this newer and more recent cabal planned and instigated “false flag” disaster event.

      In the case of 9-11. when I had first turned on the TV. on the day that 9-11 was occurring, and I had seen the [remote-controlled] planes crash into the Twin Towers, I was specifically telepathically told by Ashtar that I would later receive “photographic evidence” that would not only verify that the Federation of Light had indeed beamed up all those people out of the Twin Towers before they collapsed, but that everything that he (Ashtar) was sharing with me that day, was also accurate (that the cabal or power elite, along with the Bush Administration, had together been the ones–not Middle Eastern terrorists–who brought those buildings down, and how this was just another event staged and created by the power elite, just as the Nazi’s did back in the ‘30’s. to create a state of national emergency and more control over the population, etc.) And sure enough, about five weeks later, I came upon specific photographic evidence, which was picked up in the frames of a video taken of the World Trade buildings that clearly showed an image of a saucer shaped object as it was maneuvering in and around behind the world trade buildings. Ashtar explained to me that the ship that was picked up on the film was not the larger ship that had beamed up all those people from the building seconds before they were brought down by the cabal, but it was, never-the-less, a smaller Federation Light ship that had been there prior to the actual event of 9-11. Of course, as I also later found out, that there were also one or more stealth fighter aircraft, as well as a cabal anti-gravity Earth UFO craft also in the immediate area, and that the research of Dr. Judy Wood, was also accurate, that the Twin Towers were not just brought down with the use of explosives placed ahead of time in the towers, but an “exotic energy beam weapon” was used that caused the building to literally molecularly disintegrate (this is also apparent in many of the photos, that show what has been termed by 9-11 Truth researchers as a “swiss cheese affect” because actual holes are seen appearing in the building moments before it began to collapse). 9-11, by the way, was allowed by the Federation of Light to occur, as a gigantic or massive planetary Wake-up Call, and these plans by the cabal backfired on them, because this event caused them to be more fully exposed, and set the stage for an even larger and more massive planetary wake-up call that is occurring right now. But this time, their attempt to create still another “false flag” disaster event for more control over our lives will also backfire, and hopefully will, as stated in that recent Soltec channeling through the New Age scientist, like that “thief stuck in the air duct, who was attempting to get into the convenience store to rob it after it had closed, and is forced to ultimately call “9-11” on his cell phone because of becoming stuck there, and he is then arrested as a result because he had no other choice or stay stuck there forever.” So, too, this event will also backfire, and the cabal, will be forced to have to allow the Federation of Light to ultimately Divinely Intervene.

      This video does briefly show the outline of the Lightship just hovering above the exploding and burning oil rig. If it is somehow initially difficult for some of you to see it, play the video back a few times. But it becomes somewhat obvious that there is a lit up saucer shaped form briefly appearing or hovering just right above the explosion and fire erupting out of the oil rig.

      In my research it has become very clear about just how critical and dangerous that this whole situation is with the location where BP oil choose to drill, and how if we do not have much more overt Divine Intervention, especially in the next few months, that this “oil volcano” will most likely burst and would cause, as stated, many millions of lives being lost, and would then immediately cause the rest of the planet to become uninhabitable–This, I am sure, that the Higher Forces will not allow, but will allow whatever “spiritual lessons” that need to be learned from this until they do more overtly Intervene.

      And of course, one of the plans of the cabal, is to force the government evacuation of literally millions of people, of then being forced into FEMA camps, which could also be extremely life threatening to these people’s well being. So let’s also “Cosmically Petition”, as Ashtar asked us to do (see the recent Channeling-Transmission that I received from him a couple weeks ago, which is posted in the “Channeled Material” section of and is also added to the new E-Book version of the newly updated 2nd edition of “Prepare For The Landings!”) not only that the Federation of Light will not allow this geological disaster to occur and will ultimately step in to overtly Intervene and will clean up this mess, but also that the cabal will not be able to activate their mass displacement plan of martial law of forcing millions of people–or even just thousands or even hundreds into FEMA camps, which would also cause massive chaos and possible deaths of many as well.

      We do not want any of these so-called disaster scenarios to be able to occur. So as stated, lets all not only “Cosmically Petition” that none of these negative plans or outcomes will be allowed, but instead a great and miraculous outcome that restores and rejuvenates the entire gulf area, that all the officials and cabal members who are responsible (“directly or indirectly”) for this disaster are exposed and brought to justice, and that never again will the cabal be able to create another or similar disaster, and that the Federation of Light will be able to openly Intervene so that everyone on Earth will now know about the existence of the Federation of Light, who surrounds this planet in Guardian Action! Yes, let’s all officially “Cosmically Petition” for all these things to be so. This is our chance to “let our voice be Cosmically Heard on High” for the mutual benefit and behalf of all humanity” And so it is. Amen! Amen!

  2. ChatsworthSharp420 says:

    so aliens? or some type of beam controlled from some bad guy blew up this oil rig?

  3. Adam says:

    Just light strangely reflected by the camera. As Craig stated, you can clearly see the beams in the lower part of the frame.

    I wish it was help from out of this world! It’s important to stay grounded though.

  4. Karen Kraemer says:

    Where is the video to watch?

    • admin says:


      The video is up at the top. If you can’t see it, you’ll need to try refreshing your browser or upgrading. It’s a YouTube vid so it should show up ok. Try downloading Firefox – I like that better than IE. LL, Tony.

  5. Alf says:

    There’s something wrong with the camera, because the purple lines sometimes goes all the way down in the foreground. The guys filming are also not commenting on the purple rays, as would have been a natural thing to do.

  6. Linda Burman says:

    Please keep in mind–Our Galactic brothers and sisters are not from 3D—they are much in higher realm–what we cannot see doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

  7. adrian says:

    We keep grasping at straws, don’t we? This grasping happens when we see no real evidence of the things we have been promised for so long actually happening. So we try to make every bit of lens flare (or whatever) into something of portent. Wait wait wait. Soon soon soon.

    • admin says:

      Ah, but Adrian… how do we not know that this video is evidence of things we have been promised (even as simple as ET intervention)?

      • RANDY says:

        Linda, I agree with you, this is something that couldn’t be seen at the time, the rays are a technology that we do not understand [higher dimensional]. If this was an optical effect the light beams would have jumped around more, but they are LOCKED, one ray each right on the two main explosions, and they remain there, unmoved. The color of the beams is also a foreign color to any lighting that is in the explosion environment, it is a violet ray, any lense flare would be close to the colors of the explosion but they are not, they are coming from a seperate source. The rays also do jog around at the bottom in the water while they stay completely straight at the top, so then what affects them at the bottom that does not at the top? I am not saying for sure that this is definetely from a starship but I am also unconvinced of the CCD theory. Now what are the chances of two beams [violet] staying locked on two main explosions at a major disaster. The beams are to precise to be chance in my opinion. If anybody can duplicate this optical effect please show me an example, my opinion still remains open.


      • adrian says:

        Why do we need to keep it all as such a secret mystery any more?

        As to video evidence, of course, I don’t know that it isn’t any more than I don’t know that it is. How’s that for not knowing?! Haha.

        Don’t we all have an idea of what we mean when we say “real” evidence? They know of our limited 3D senses. Why make us guess so much?

        Anyway, I will stick with the video artifact explanation on this one, even though it is not as much fun as god beams!

      • adrian says:

        Forgot to mention. Matthew Ward’s June 2 message nicely addresses some of these issue. I have always felt a strong resonance with his messages.

  8. RANDY says:

    Look at the video full screen at 01:09 into the video the camera completely pans up into the air into the darkness but the rays are still present.

  9. Ed Brown says:

    I don’t have an answer but I do have a question. Would a spectograph be able to determine the content of the gas that may be evidenced by the color of the two shafts of light and also the area of the flames. You scientists with this knowledge can perhaps answer my question. Just what material is burning in those flames?

  10. Charles Seemore says:

    I don’t understand why this is even important. Real or fake. It has never been about some alien force comming and protecting us. It’s about working hand and hand with mother earth and empowering ourselves enough so that we’re on their level. If aliens were helping out directly that would defeat the purpose. At the end of the day we’re waiting on ourselves to show up and save the day. This is a waste of time. Wake up already. Quit waiting around. LOVE IS REAL. You can feel it… it’s everywhere… it’s never been a question of what, where, when, why or how.

    It’s now. Be real. Don’t wish. Know. Recognize that you’ are love. Don’t be a lightworker. Be yourself. There’s an eternal point between nothing an infiniti… we are that point.

  11. John Grae says:

    It appears the purple beams are a reflection on the lens of the camera as they can be seen below the rig in the water near the boat that took the video. It could have been generated by the curvature of the lens on the camera.

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