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Media Blackout And Arrests Taking Place At The Gulf


June 7, 2010

“The media is not reporting 1/10 of what is going on out there.  The oil spill is much bigger than they want us to think.” James Fox, documentary filmmaker in Grand Isle, Louisiana

This is an interview conducted by Mel from The Veritas Show with James Fox. James is on the ground in Grand Isle, Louisiana [map below]. If after listening to this you don’t see something terribly wrong, nothing else will convince you:

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Spread it like wildfire! I ask you to please Start & Flag this thread so we can get the word out!!

P.S. This was conducted late last night (Monday – June 7)




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  1. Jackpotlady says:

    My heart bleeds every time I see the pictures of the wildlife! I put the link to this article on and people are horrified by it! Reading further I am seeing the connections between Haliburton, Cheney, Goldman Sachs and the rest of the dark cabal to this incident.

  2. John Grae says:

    Someone recently made a suggestion that the people of the world unite to solve the oil crisis in the gulf and locate the 2 technologies that can fix the problem. My main concern is the wild life, man can run off and have a shower to clean himself up where as the wild life caught up in this crap will die a horrible death. Instead of uniting to find this technology, someone knows where it is and the sooner they get it operational the better. It seems BP is sitting on its hands while the oil gushes out destroying everything in its path. I wonder how long this mess is going to continue before they get off their backside and fix it, after which the perpetrators need to be hung.

  3. Yeomanphill says:

    I am ashamed that these evil scum use my national identity in its name, in fact on behalf of the British people don’t refer to them as British Petroleum, use Bastard Petroleum instead.

    • alice says:

      Yes, This has been a horrible ordeal for the people who live in the gulf and for the animals. However, as one looks back and take a political global look I would not be surprised to find out down the road that this was no accident. And are you SURE BP is owned by Britain?

    • Baz says:

      It’s not called British Petroleum anymore as the majority shareholders are American

  4. Yeomanphill says:

    James Fox started talking of a Facebook page, can someone provide a link? and is he on Twitter too?

  5. Bradley Porter says:

    No worries Yeomanphill , Americans aren’t putting the blame on the British people, for a corrupt company containing a name, I like Bastard Petroleum as well!

  6. Mike says:

    BP changed their name to Better Petroleum a while ago so don’t worry about Britain’s reputation. Their name isn’t true anymore either but still you guys are clear. Also I have to say Fox news is garbage and they smudge facts. Not saying that they aren’t right this time cause I honestly didn’t read much of this, but they usually have terrible facts. Just saying.

  7. David says:

    It’s not that the media ISN’T reporting it, it’s that they CAN’T. Obama has restricted media access to the area. I would assume it’s to prevent bad press, although it gets worse when you hear that he’s actually doing that.

    Go ahead and look it up, the area above the oil spill has even been designated as a No-Fly zone by the FAA.

    • admin says:

      Understand that it is not Obama personally that is doing it. It may be coming from the FAA but it’s not by Obama’s hand. There are still some dark hats lurking around in the administration that need to do certain things to be flushed out. That’s just my thoughts on that.

      They have hired private security firms to watch the beaches (“They”, I believe, is BP).

      This video here:

      states that Wackenhut ( is the private security firm that’s patrolling a lot of the beaches and not allowing ANY media access. LL, Tony.

  8. DavidK says:

    admin,It’s not Obama personally doing it??? then who in hell is in charge of this country ???The people on the Gulf blame Obama but that is not getting reported either by our media because he is their man.. He is just now allowing international help months after it was offered..The slow response and total inaction makes Bush’s response to New Orleans seem fast and complete !!

  9. ColPri says:

    Look how well that animal soaks up the oil! Why are we wasting so much time with golf balls and garbage when there are animals to clean up the mess for us?

  10. Courtney says:

    It is in Obama’s hands. You’ll all see the bigger picture soon.

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