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Grand Cross Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


[NOTE: This lunar eclipse will be followed two weeks later by a Solar Eclipse at 19+ degrees of Cancer on July 11. The intensity will continue.  Shifting tides of events will continue throughout the summer of 2010 and beyond. T]

June 24, 2010

Hang on to your jeweled crowns and remain strapped in… Solstice was just the beginning of our current e-ticket excursion. We immediately flow into a very rare astrological alignment, a Grand Cross, all amplified mega scale by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are tremendous energy accelerators and this one brings an even greater boost to this intense galactic configuration and start of a new cycle.

The heavenly bodies around our planet are lining up in a giant cross formation and many of the involved planets will be in dynamic tension. It all will shine a torch of light upon conflicting energies, opposition and competing priorities, already being played out in personal lives and on the world stage. Numerous astrologers say that this cosmic trigger will be a defining and most critical directional point for humanity and for the planet.

How we respond to the unfolding events, through individual choices and action, sets the anchor points for how we transition into our desired new realities. Each act of love and every experience of peace will mold and move this incoming energy into the highest potential for every living thing and atomic particle participating in this sacred Earth experience.

A Grand Cross alignment urges us to take action. In other words, the time for procrastination and complacency is over. For those awake and attuned, this crescendo of energy offers opportunity to receive renewed inspiration and highly creative solutions to our situations. As the break down of old structure continues, the aspects of community, alliances and the ability to work together will become one of our highest priorities.

Our ability to keep up with the quickening pace depends upon our ability to handle abrupt and unexpected change while not taking anything personal. May we be conscious of our every action and always, always remember that our perceptions and responses ripple out and imprint the collective consciousness field.

Take a deep breath. It’s going to be quite the ride, and it’s now underway. For those choosing to sit in the front seat, may we roll gracefully with change and assist wherever we can to ease and balance the effects of this next grand planetary alignment.

The actual Lunar Eclipse is in Cancer/Capricorn, 4 degrees 50 minutes, happens on Saturday June 26 at  7:30 AM EDT and 4:30 AM PDT.



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