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Disclosure: Setting History Free! [Our Best Video Yet!]

[Another fantastic video by David Wilcock that you should definitely watch! T]


May 27, 2010

In perhaps the best 90-minute presentation of scientific proof for an advanced ancient civilization ever filmed, David interviews Graham Hancock in this exclusive FREE new video!


Some people will reject anything and everything that suggests we are not alone until the moment it is finally announced.

Then, they may end up having inappropriately fearful reactions, because they haven’t properly prepared themselves for it psychologically.

However, I do think those numbers have now significantly reduced.

My video interview with Graham Hancock was released on the very same day the Telegraph wrote about Rep. McElroy’s groundbreaking video statement.

This is a war. Make no mistake. We are in a fight. And this video is a powerful new tool that can significantly improve our progress with those who are still sleeping.

In a single, 90-minute package, all condensed into one place thanks to our new YouTube Partner Account, this new video represents the most compelling collection of scientific proof for an advanced ancient civilization on Earth that has ever been put together in a single documentary.

In fact, if you are trying to help educate people who do not know anything about these subjects, your best bet may be to start them with this video, followed by 2012 Event Horizon.

Graham told me after we finished that this was the single best interview he’d ever had in his entire career. I was deeply honored!


I knew the content and impact of most of Hancock’s books, and carefully led him through an overview of the most amazing and influential talking points from each of them. As a result, it’s a power-packed journey!

Graham’s son Luke blew our minds by going way above and beyond the call of duty with post-production of photographs and motion graphics to really make it come alive. This is definitely the most advanced production I’ve ever appeared in to date.

An earlier version leaked online and was pulled because Graham’s wife Santha had many, many pictures that were significantly better than the ones Luke had found on his own.

In addition, I felt the piece needed a score, and I personally financed Larry to compose music for the video based on selections from our own products — Science of Peace and Wanderer Awakening.

So without further ado, watch and enjoy!



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